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    Sooooooo the first evening is over.

    1. They managed to completely avoid the fight I had in mind
    2. I really need a NPC generator. They were always asking neighbors and it was kinda tough to find something that fit.
    3. One of them used an adventure Card and he will gain a magic item. I want it to be really really flawed (Smith and Robards). But I have no Idea what to give him. It shouldn't be too expensive so he gets suspicious.
    4. I don't want to make the bountys too high so they don't swim in money too soon.


    • ValhallaGH
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      3) What archetype is the character? Did he specify a type of magic item? Because there are a ton of Relics that are powerful enough to use but cursed enough to make for some great stories. Just need a few pointers to make some suggestions.

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      He is a big strong guy. He is a smith but his smith burnt down so he needs to get some money. It shouldnt be too powerful and too cursed I think. Where can I find those relics?

    • Bobble
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      For NPCs, you might check out Rel's Den The Guns of Megiddo: It's a Western setting town so it should be appropriate and he's laid out 52 interesting NPCs in card format so you can easily choose one.

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    1. Yeah, they do that some times. Just like they'll pick fights you weren't planning to have. Good luck rolling with their shenanigans.
    2. I recommend this one for "normal" names. If I need colorful nicknames, I like this one, but I can work with this other one.
    3. Relics are in the Marshal's section of pretty much every book, and one day they'll release the Relics book. If you have access to Classic then you can adapt many of those relics to Reloaded. I might go with Bowie's Last Knife (Str +2d4+1, AP 1, +d6 against Mexican foes; Taint: Must try to kill any Mexican soldier he sees) or John Henry's Hammer (Str+d10, magical weapon, +1 to any task related to building rail roads; Taint: Night Terrors hindrance, as the character regularly dreams of John Henry's epic and fatal struggle against a (ghost rock) steam drill). If you want something less combative, maybe he finds a Dreamcatcher (+1 to Natural Healing in a warded room, +1 to resist bad dreams; Taint: none) or an Earp's Badge (-4 to attacks against character; Taint: everyone treats the character as Heroic - they come to him to solve problems, deal with trouble, and fight monsters). You can also make up your own reasons.
    4. One tricky trick is to make doing the job really expensive. Buying ammo, dynamite, replacing horses, paying fines or compensation for damages caused, etc. Also, don't neglect basic living expenses - remember to charge them for rooms, food, booze, 'pleasant company', stabling, and all those other tasks that normal folks make a living providing. Ultimately, don't worry too much about this - they'll probably keep adventuring for the same reasons they started adventuring, but being wealthy means they can turn down some jobs if they don't have other compelling reasons to pursue those.

    Good luck!
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Thanks gain ValhallaGH

      Well it was the first round so it was tough in any way. I'm not creative enough to make something up at the spot. They also were in town the whole time.

      I thought a bout a npc generator with age, job and things they might know or something. I'm learning programming soon so I might could make it if i get enough info about what it would need and the possibilites.

      I thinkt the knife could lead to some fun happenings. But I don't quite understand which books you mean now. The marshalls handbook?

      Hmm yeah i forgot about other expenses. I let them pay quite a lot in the saloon for whiskey and a whore. Btw. I need a good table for normal things to buy all in one. Whores (ugly, normal and good looking), whiskey, different quality and so on. The ones in the books really suck...


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        'Round here we call'em 'Strumples'

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        "No! I said, Gimme a shot o' whiskey and a horse."