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    So most Rpg games involve finding things such as money weapons elixers etc. and sometims items found have a +1 or aome other type of effect. Characters sell their findings in order to be able to buy better weapons, equipment, supplies or services.

    I’m not seeming to find anything like that as I’m learning the game. I found a trasure generator for fantasy, but nothing for Deadlands. Am I missing something? I guess I’m not sure what is driving the economy in deadlands

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    The Deadlands economy is driven by most of the same forces as real world economies. Status, necessities, personal wealth, bribe money, etc.

    There is no reason a character has to stop using their original weapon over the course of a campaign. A single action peacemaker revolver is a fine weapon, easily able to kill most foes with a shot or two.

    There are lots of things for player characters to spend their reward money on.
    Alcohol, prostitutes, bullets, transportation, and other consumables will eat up much of their found wealth. Replacement gear, such as weapons, explosives, or mounts, will need to be purchased from time to tome; because a monster ate it or a bandit shot it. New Science gadgets, such as the "impermeable vest" or mechanized vehicles (steam wagons, ornithopters, zeppelins, and steam boats) or steam augments (basically cybernetics) can also consume great wealth while providing ongoing benefits. Players may want to invest their characters' money into businesses and other ventures.

    Did that help?
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Yes it helps some. You wrote “spend their reward money on” what reward money? I guess that’s my question. If there is no “treasure” as in a D&D type system, how do characters make money as they are chasing adventure for a more month or more.

      Part of human nature is that people don’t voluntarily risk their lives and commit to pursuing some adventure without some type of incentive
      or motivation. I’m not seeing any reward system built into the rules, except the the player incentive to level up.


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        Well, the standard is kind of, a rancher needs someone to figure out what keeps killing his cattle, and pays the possie to deal with the problem. Hiring on as guards for wagon trains is another mundane job opportunity.

        Bounty hunting is another common job in my games, bring in Six Gun Sally for $500. When the possie gets more experienced and their legend/renown starts to grow, maybe the Agency or Texas Rangers hire them in to deal with problems. Maybe they join the Explorers League or Lady Luck Society and get paid a stipend to fight the Reckoners by the "good guys".

        Also, most non monster enemies will have cash on them, and gear to sell or supplement their own supplies. An evil robber baron, claim jumper or successful gunslinger could have thousands stashed away for the possie to claim as a reward.

        Gambling is a valid profession, a good Huxter can easily win enough cash to support the day to day needs of the possie everytime they hit town.

        Money is very much an afterthought unless the Marshal is trying to make a point, there's an edge that gives a player a steady income, for a couple of points they'll never have to worry about cash unless they're living the high life.
        It's not like they're going to need to buy magic gear every other level like DnD, they just aren't part of the game economy. Relics should pretty much only be found as major rewards for defeating major evil. My last possie played for three years and only ended up with four relics.
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          There is even an edge to turn an existing weapon into a relic.

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        Thanks - good advise.