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  • SPOILERS SPOILERS (Classic and Reloaded) Metaplot and lore SPOILERS SPOILERS

    Dear fellow gamers.

    I've not been so lucky that I've ever ran a full Deadlands campaign, so I just read the supplements and rulebooks for the plot and the lore. I'm getting slightly confused, however. I've bought Stone and a Hard Place, and as far as I can there are now multiple timelines in Deadlands;

    1: The Reckoners lost. The heroes continue to fight evil, till around the 21st century the Reckoners are defeated.

    2: The Reckoners cheat by sending Stone back in time, and killing off the heroes of the Weird West. World War 3 occurs in the late 21st century, and turns Earth into a Deadland.

    3: Old Stone gets defeated in Stone and a Hard Place, Young Stone keeps serving the Reckoners but Hell on Earth maybe doesn't happen? Does Deadlands Noir occur in this timeline?

    One of my other questions: what's essential for me to understand the current Deadlands Lore? All the Plotpoint Campaign books? Some of the other Reloaded adventures? I own pretty much everthing released in the Classic Weird West line, and all of Hell on Earth + Lost Colony.

    Sorry for the big load of questions, and thanks for your time and help in advance!

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    I’ll let far more capable posters (with their books far closer to hand) field most of your questions, but I can say this: There is only one timeline in Deadlands. Changes did not create branches, they overwrote the original.

    As to whether Hell On Earth happens, officially it does. It has to. But in individual Weird West campaigns, it has always been up to the Marshal to decide whether their group can avert it.


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      Nope, there is only one timeline. (Arguably a second, but it doesn't exist, so no worries.)

      The original timeline was #1 and it stopped existing as soon as the Reckoners forged the Path of Stone. A trick they could only do once.
      The timeline all the books and adventures are set in is #2.
      #3 is part of #2. Because of the nature of time travel in the setting, including that future history books disagree (when the War Between the States ended, who won, how the Great Rail Wars ended, and various other major events between 1876 and 2081), you can't use future knowledge to perfectly shape the past - the future knowledge is fundamentally flawed. All the HoE books only have one Stone running around, but none of them explained why there was only one Deadly Drifter despite what the Devil's Tower trilogy told us.

      Basically, all the lore fits together into one whole. It's not very clear and some of the sources are misinformed, lying, or wrong, (the interviews that open HoE books, the news stories that open most Weird West books, etc.) but it all fits together into one complete story.

      I hope that helps, and welcome to the forums! Good luck getting a table together to actually run a full campaign.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Great summary!

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      Thank you very much! Another question (I'll stop when it becomes to annoying folks, don't worry ) was the story hook regarding Wild Bill Hickok ever resolved? Did he hunt down Jack McCall, did he lose Dominion or did he stay 'heroic'?

      Thanks for the warm welcome!


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        Not sure. He did eventually lose control, but I think the rest was left dangling.

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      Again, not near my books, but there’s a Savage Tale in The Last Sons concerning Hickok’s return ... I believe he came back with the manitou in control and is assumed to have been finished off by the player characters.