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Weapon weights - Commando vs. M-21 oddness

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  • Weapon weights - Commando vs. M-21 oddness

    I was looking over Lost Colony gear while thinking about how to update HoE characters to Adventure Edition when I noticed this... the M-21 assault rifle weights 6 lbs while the Commando SMG, a weapon in the same line using the same ammo, weighs 11 lbs. Kind of odd that a smaller gun with fewer features is nearly twice as heavy.

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    I agree that it does look odd. If I were pressed to give an explanation I'd say that maybe M-21 uses advanced, state-of-the-art materials while the Commando is an older design. But it's likely that it's just an error (though to be honest I can live with that ).


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      Original edition Savage Worlds Deadlands had weight as a major balancing factor and equipment weights were, presumably, made not for realism but for balance. You can hit your encumbrance fast with just a box of ammo on top of your pistol and armor.

      A .38 snub nose pistol in in HOE Reloaded for 3 lbs (real weight less than one), a Commando SMG is 11 while an M4 carbine is six pounds in both real life and Lost Colony (figuring that the M4 is close to what the M-21 is).