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A billion miles from home question [Spoilers]

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  • A billion miles from home question [Spoilers]


    my players went to Johnson Folly, visited the Bosphorus, met the Devourer... and went back after fleeing to grab the haunted ship and tow it back to HI, to get a raise on their pay.

    They didn't fight the Devourer, they outsmarted it : after jettisoning their own distress beacon to lure it on the other side of the planet, they went as fast as they could back to the Bosphorus to harpoon it and tow it away like a weird carjacking involving a space towtruck. One of them went inside the ship to disable the beacon, hoping the Devourer would lose their tracks.

    I already plan on it following them back to the closest space-station, but my question is regarding the Bosphorus : Classic Lost Colony mentions that you could despook your ship by shutting the GD every so often (p.162), but I don't want it to be that simple. This the Event Horizon in Lost Colony we're talking about, it won't go down nicely.

    Due to them using their GD with the ship in tow, ghosts will start to wander in their own ship during the trip and attack them, but I have no real good idea on what to do and how to despook the Bosphorus enough to be mostly harmless for the 2 weeks trip back to Tunnel.

    Any advice ?

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    Here is one thing I added when I ran it. Make the Bosphorus' AI Capt Cori Johnson's Mother (Original Capt Johnson's wife). At the end of mine I had a the original Capt Johnson reanimate. That could set up an interesting conflicts.

    Not sure that exactly helps, but the crew now has time to figure that out with the time it takes to more civilized areas.
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      Due to OOG stuff, I didn't use the part with Capt Johnson's body reanimating, but the idea was interesting.

      Here's why I did :

      Before the game

      I made 4 ghosts with "goals" and a chart to roll on (I wanted to be surprised myself and didn't want to write all the events in advance). The ghosts were

      - a techie, wanting to repair the ghost ship and stealing parts for this

      - a medic who died of hunger, who steal all the food it can

      - a security officer trying to get her crew in the PC's bodies

      - a scientist (archaelogist) whose soul is trapped and wants to kill everyone because they are free to go as they want.

      During the game

      After escaping with the ghost ship in tow, they stopped to make so repairs. They soon noticed things were weird, when food and tools kept disapearing from their ship.

      They had the idea to build a makeshift Ouija board to communicate with the ghosts, rolled and got the scientist "on the phone". Having played Phasmophobia, I had fun with the message he send them (for those not having played this game, ghosts can communicate with you and some of them are not really friendly). They got scared real quick and decided to get the Hell out of Dodge to find someone that could help them.

      Dice being little demons, the PC mostly had to deal with the two ghosts that want to kill them.

      Ghosts sent them nightmares, that helped the PC to piece some things together.

      The players decided to try and go straight to Tunnel Station, to no put any station in danger with their killer ghosts.

      Session ended with pirates attacking after having detected the ships. I'll try to damage their ship enough to force them to stop at a station, leaving time for the Devourer to arrive.