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Deadlands: Lost Colony question about Medboard equipment

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  • Deadlands: Lost Colony question about Medboard equipment

    My players are looking to upgrade the infirmary aboard their ship and have been looking at the medical equipment available. We don't really understand what the benefit of the Medboard is, but it seems like it should offer something seeing that it costs $1500 and is very rare. Does it only offer a benefit for people with a medichip installed? What are we missing here?

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    After a bit of searching, I can't find anything explaining what a medboard does.

    If I just take it as written, it's a mediscanner but in stretcher "form", so probably designed for people heavily injured that have to me moved with a stretcher.

    It looks like something was meant to be there, but forgotten, like a bonus to Healing, or a Healing value for the stretcher to do the work all by itself.

    As is, it's not really interesting, given how Wounds are treated (never really had to bother with a stretcher in a game thus far)...


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      All that the setting book has to say:
      Notes: A portable stretcher with built-in sensors and medichip scanner. It can operate for one hour on a medium battery (six 10-minute Healing rolls).
      So using it would grant the +2 Healing for patients with medichips. Really useful for a medic in an ExFor casualty collection zone. Generally fantastic when treating with wounded Extras.

      In the Classic rules, mediboards did this:
      This is metal stretcher with built-in sensors, auto-injector system, and a number of video displays. It can read the basic vital signs of anyone lying on the board. If the patient also has a medchip, the board can scan this and provide even more detailed information for the medic. This grants a +2 modifier to any medicine rolls made to treat patients without medchips and a +4 modifier when treating patients with a chip.
      The auto-injector system can hold up to 30 doses of various drugs. The system can be voice activated, leaving the medics hands free to treat her patient.
      So, I'd suggest granting a +1 to Healing checks for patients on the board, increased to +2 for the medichip - the built-in sensors provide a lesser version of the benefits of a medichip.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        I looked for medboard, and not mediboard.