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Some questions and feedback (minor spoilers)

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  • Some questions and feedback (minor spoilers)

    Hello all,

    I've got a few questions, and some feedback (i know it's a bit late, but it could still be useful).

    1- Anouks have elbow spikes protuding from their elbows (See the GM Screen, and it's mentionned in Banshee Screams). Do they have any effect in combat ? I'd allow a +1 to Fighting and Damage rolls.

    2- After the Nemesis Shower, the posse fought the Voracipede and Prowlers attack on the settlement. But they had the idea to bring a body back to sell to someone. How much would you say a 1m50 long chunk of Voracipede is worth ? I came up with : the Rangers don't have money so they shouldn't pay more than a hundred bucks ; HI could pony up to 1000, or 10K in repairs in the docks at Tunnel Station ; a xenobiologist would pay more but finding one is pretty hard. Do these prices look good ?

    3- What is Banshee's "real" name ?

    4- What does Tunnel Station look like ? I don't remember an actual description, so I went with huge spacestation a few miles from a giant stargate (like the one Hellstromme used for his first trip to Hell).

    ​​​​​​5- On the system travel table, there's a dice value for Charon, but the rules say to use the dice for the "closest" planet, : Charon being the furthest in Faraway, I don't understand why it has this line ?

    6- page 5, it says 'The Friendof my Enemy", instead of 'The Friend of my Enemy".
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