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  • Widowmaker feedback

    Few words about Widowmaker adventure (I hope I'm not too late :/).

    I think it's a pity that both adventures we get for DL:LC (this and A Billion Miles From Home) happen in the Dark, not on the surface of Banshee. I'm looking forward to some planet-side action. That said, I'm very positively surprised about the fact that Widowmaker is not only an adventure, but also a short compendium on this and other Belt settlements. That's great!

    Some feedback:
    p8 Widowmaker uses gravity drives. Shouldn't it have "no gravity drives in the vicinity" policy, like Tunnel Station?
    p10 Contrary to what is written rental period and oxygen tax do line up in duration. Mining seems to be more profitable than described, according to my calculations miner with average "scrape" has about 800$ of profit after paying for permit, air and rent.
    p13 Space port says about spaceships of Medium size, which is taken from SF Companion and don't exist in SWADE (used by main LC book).

    Some things are already described in the main DL:LC book and repeated here:
    p17 Blackline
    p28 Blackliner
    p29 Stunner
    p30 Braincrawler
    I guess this is to make those adventures self-sufficient (useful for people who do not own main LC book) but please verify if the stats match after potential changes in the main book;

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    Problem with storyline for "Not One of Us". The story seems to indicate that the only way for PCs to determine that a person is infected is if they are able to check a person's neck for a braincrawler. Yet all the write-ups for the creepy crawlies say they turn people's eyes totally black. That is a huge plot hole.

    In 3:10 to Goliath's Belt It seems as if Marshall Winslow gets killed during the part "helping hand". However, It seems she is the only person on Widowmaker to stand up for the PCs in the aftermath of the story in "Town Council".


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      As a side note: Widowmaker can nicely supplement the plot point campaign from the main book (SPOILERS ahead). I'm a bit disappointed with some parts of it, one of such moments is a scene where Nicolai serves the PCs exact location of the asteroid with the soul amulet on a plate. Widowmaker presents us with perfect solution for that problem - Friedman, or rather his algorithm. Search for the scientist, probably concluded with "3:10 to Goliath's Belt" may be more satisfying for the players than just being spoon-fed information. Instead of giving exact location Nicolai could just say that Nemesis, the asteroid from Armageddon, was located on the planet close to the place of hiding of the amulet, this could serve as input data for the Friedman's algorithm.


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        I sent this directly to Pinnacle, but decided to track down the Widowmaker feedback, so it's publicly available as well.

        There's a layer error in the Widowmaker PDF.

        Pages 17, 18, and 25 have the adventure text on the Background layer. So if you de-activate the background layer, the actual adventure text disappears.


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          New version of Widowmaker can be downloaded fro PEG site, I can see that the file is bigger but has anyone noticed any changes? There definitely should be at least one, Braincrawler still has the overpowered Numbing Effect ability which has been removed in its description in the core book.


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            Okay, I ran into an issue with the Walkin' Dead in Lost Colony...
            • Undead: +2 Toughness;
              +2 to recover from being Shaken; no additional damage from Called Shots; ignores 1 point of Wound penalties; doesn’t breathe; immune to disease and poison.

            The Walkin' Dead aren't Wildcards. So I suspect that instead I should treat them as if they were Hardy? But if so, why phrase it this way?

            Please note in Deadlands, the weird west PR2:
            • Undead: +2 Toughness; +2 to recover from Shaken; Called Shots do no extra damage; doesn’t breathe; immune to disease and poison.

            There isn't any mention of the "Ignores 1 point of Wound Penalties...".

            So was this a copy'n paste mistake?


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              Walkin' Dead are a kind of Undead.
              Undead ignore 1 point of Wound penalties.
              Maybe they're Resilient, maybe they're Large or bigger, maybe they're Wild Cards. Maybe they're Extras and that feature is mostly irrelevant. Whatever the case, the critter can ignore 1 point of Wound penalty.

              In the case of generic Walkin' Dead, they are Extras with no ability to take Wounds. If they somehow gain the ability to operate with a Wound then they ignore one point of penalty.
              One possibility is the Marshal decides that this pack of walkin' dead are tougher than usual, giving them Resilient.
              I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.