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    Seems like the Colonial Ranger should have a wage of some kind since the Edge also represents having a job. It could also be useful if there was some guidance as to using the Wealth rules if desired. Maybe being a ranger rates a d6, drifters/typical adventurers rate a d4 as they pick up odd jobs between adventures, etc.
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      they do get their basic equipment/ammo etc replaced for free. I'd be minded to say they can claim any bounties/rewards as normal but don't get a wage per se. Makes it a bit easier to keep the cash rewards for the party the same.

      (I'd count be able to be issued a vehicle as a benefit to the party rather than the individual)

    • wmarshal
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      @steelbrok: I’d see the colonial ranger edge not as a party edge, but a character edge for those that take it. That character is the one with the badge, the authority and equipment/vehicle from headquarters. The ranger still has to take orders from the HQ, and the replacement of equipment used up as part of the job. He still needs food and shelter. Maybe not a lot, but at least something like a basic per diem that allows the ranger to keep himself in beans, cheap beer and a cot. Government workers throughout history tend to start turning to taking from the locals if not provided at least the basics, and Banshee does have a government even if it is minimal. Not paying the government workers can also leave them dependent on the “kindness”/bribes of the local elite. Perhaps a huge deal for a Lost Colony campaign, but if one is working for the government I think one expects to get paid something.

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    Page 6: The text says that Banshee is a Wild West with miniguns instead of six shooters, yet there are no actual miniguns in the Gear section
    Page 13: There is a mention of a Mass Driver but Gears section is silent on it, is it no longer used in Faraway?
    Page 43 and further: some (Anouk?) gear items have asterisk (*) next to the Availability but it's not explained anywhere.
    Page 43: Laser sight and Suppressor have no notes regarding their effect in the rules (the former is explained on page 47 but I think it should have a dedicated entry).
    Page 44: the image is clearly flipped-vertically and looks odd, as the nametag on the vest is mirrored .
    Page 45: According to the description Aknouk armour is made of bone (sternum), the Tannis Bond Edge claims it is made of Tannis.
    Page 54: Vehicles section points to page 43 for the Batteries rules, it should be page 42. There is also no mention about the size of the required batteries (Large ones, I guess).
    Page 55: Gorgon APC description lists dual M2HB, illustration shows quad linked
    Page 55: M-12 Stuart's third laser cannon is both turret and pintle mount. First is fixed which seems strange. There is no indication how 125mm cannon is deployed (turret?). With all this it's hard for me to imagine how does this vehicle look...
    Page 56: Both spaceship and vehicle modifications have no Availability (I think they should)
    Page 57: Some EXFOR ships are described but HI ones are absent. It's a bit odd as only the latter faction appears in the plot point campaign.
    Page 58: Destroyer: why would anyone fix the main weapon to fire only forward?
    Page 58: Destroyer: the crew stat doesn't allow any passengers, is there no room for soldiers?
    Page 58: Dropship's description mentions laser cannons which do not appear in the stats.
    Page 60: No ship has information whether they have the gravity drive (shuttle surely doesn't), I think it's worth adding.
    Page 60: I find it a bit odd that the Stallion (scout, closest thing to a fighter craft) is as fast as light freighter and slower than the Destroyer...
    Page 61: Fixed weapons reference SWD Chase rules.
    Page 61: Linked weapons have unnecessary (IMHO) mention about triple linking.
    Page 61: Isn't gravity drive a modification worth including?
    Page 69: Anouk shamans: Requirements say nothing about the race, can a human become a shaman?
    Page 70: Azuli: Guardians don't have to be Banshee Born and are connected with the planet, shouldn't they also be able to use Azuli?
    Page 73: Breakdown: when targeting e.g. a weapon do normal Called Shots modifiers apply? If no, I think it may be overpowered (very easy Disarm) also each time a creature is affected it'd allow attacking vital organs for free...
    Page 73: How does Breakdown's Area Effect works? Does it affect each and every item in the area? That seems crazy powerful (very Furious) and completely non-Fast (given the amount of equipment/clothing opponents may have)... Alternatives I see is that it affects each item of a specific kind in the area (if yes, how specific it is, "each weapon" or "each Atax"?) or works just like a more powerful Blast, please make it clear in the description
    Page 73: Consider reworking Breakdown so it affects only items, lose the Area Effect modifier and just give Breakers Bolt and Burst (and Smite)...
    Page 77: Is Dominion expressed in dice or in numbers? E.g. Harrowed with Spirit d6 has Dominion d6 (two levels to lose) or 6? I'm also on the fence with the fact that player is completely in control when it comes to losing Dominion, I'd let the manitou tempt the Harrowed sometimes to let it out (maybe offering +1d8 or +2d4 bonus )...
    Page 99: I don't like the fact that the Breaker can get his Transmute skill permanently lowered. How about making it until scene ends or tying it with Fatigue?
    Page 103: In the Dominion table result 4 - Mischief is before 3 - Misfortune
    Page 123: In the stats of The Reckless minus sign next to Handling got squared
    Page 165: One personality I miss is general Warfield.
    Page 169: Can War's equipment (armour, weapons) be destroyed by Breakdown power? If yes, what's their Hardness?
    Page 169: War's Weakness looks like a cheat. Banshee was supposed to weaken the Reckoners to the point of making them "mortal", but it requires an artifact which seems impossible to retrieve as it was rather not brought to this planet (unless it's somewhere in the Hunting Grounds but again the rulebook doesn't say how to go there).
    Page 174: Pirate ship sidebar has square instead of a minus in Handling modifier

    Lore-wise remarks:
    - according to the timeline the tunnel collapsed 16 years before "now". This would make the youngest ex-Legion Sykers to be at least in their late thirties, I find it a bit limiting from the character creation point of view. Given that the Sykers are so powerful (crucial for figthing Skinnies) and that they can be trained I'd find it surprising if EXFOR and BDF wouldn't try to replenish their ranks by creating their own training programs.
    - I wish there was more information about Banshee like the biology of its creatures (where do little Anouks come from? ), about the Anouk culture, beliefs.
    - Ghost rock seems neglected. It's mentioned in the background information but doesn't appear much in gear descriptions (e.g. fuel), there is not much the PCs can do with it (only sell it).
    - The setting is surprisingly devoid of robots. Even in XIX century there were Hellstromme's automatons, AFAIR HoE had also some more conventional bots.


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      Originally posted by zgreg View Post
      - I wish there was more information about Banshee like the biology of its creatures (where do little Anouks come from? ), about the Anouk culture, beliefs.
      I'm with you here : my GF wants to play an Anouk salvager, and her first question was : "what is Banshee's name according to the Anouk ?". I may have missed it, but I don't remember reading the answer.

      p.72 : "A breaker’s nanobots break matter down to create something new from it." It creates a powder, but what then ? Can this powder be refined for something latter ? Does it have some monetary value ? Can the Reduction abilty be used to make a weapon from a metal sheet, by reducing the edges until you get a blade, or is it more like a fire that consumes said metal sheet ?
      p.75 : under "Leaving Home", it says that Guardians lose their benefits when they leave Banshee. Where does this apply ? Leaving the atmosphere, or just being a some altitude above ground ? Also, is it permanent or temporary ? I'd say temporary, otherwise it makes playing a Guardian really moot when the scenario includes space trips.

      Edit : I don't recall seeing somewhere that Wild Cards are identified with little guns instead of marshall badges, in the Bestiary section ?
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        As near as I can tell, the Breaker's nanobots just break things now. It used to be what they used to Transmute, but since that's off the table, it just makes worthless dust.

      • Meister
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        The way I understand it is, Transmuters were able to destroy and reconstruct in the same action (break a table into "wood matter", then use this to make a rocking chair).
        Now, Breakers can't do reconstruction part (their data port is broken so they can't use blueprints), but the rules clearly say that they still create some powder. There's some ambiguity here.

      • ValhallaGH
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        Transmutation took time. Most of their powers worked over the course of minutes, turning raw materials into factory-fresh goods. This works like a Junker, turning Components into items, using nanotech instead of tech spirits. It took 15 minutes per Strain of the creation, generally 1 to 6.
        You can read all the details in the classic Deadlands: Lost Colony book, available here.
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      A question is the True Grit edge supposed to build off of Grit or Guts (guts is listed).

      Also does Grit reduce Fear table penalty by 2 like Brave and True Grit?

      Grit seems slightly weak when compared to Brave (removing penalties is less then adding bonuses, it also does not explicitly say it helps with the Fear table, and is Veteran. I understand they can stack which is great and probably needed, but the better is lower buy in (Sp 6 instead of Sp 8, and Rank, Novice for Brave) so it seems weak.


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        p.163 : Railen becomes Railin , just before the little red line of text.
        p.168 : This is the only mention of Nikolai's Bunker. There's no clue to its whereabout.


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          p.80 : History, 1st paragraph, 3rd line from bottom, a "now" that should be a "how".
          p.88 : Under the Living Planet, when it details the other settings, I'm not sure the part between brackets should be in italics? Maybe it's just some writing conventions between France and US, but I find it odd ?
          p.169 : War's Coup is not clear. It says it's too much to handle, but there's no mention what happens if only one person tries to count it. Is it like Famine's Coup in "Return to Manitou Bluff" and the deader gets "supplanted", or what ? If that's the case, is there a number at which it doesn't happen ?
          p.177 : First line of the Barka entry, it says Barkas where it should be Barka's.
          p.185 : Locking Mandible, a ) is missing.
          p.185 : Qui'tok has no actual description, only some size chart.


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            At several points in the plot point campaign The Demon You Know the party can negotiate for $100,000 of repair work to be done to the Reckless. This possibility occurs three times. In describing the final opportunity to have Hellstromme Industres perform the repairs it is mentioned that if the ship has already undergone repairs that the Reckless will no longer suffer malfunctions as a recycled piece of gear. It is not clear whether the recycled condition is resolved after just $100,000 worth of repairs, or if it takes $200,000.


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              Originally posted by Crimson View Post
              Also does Grit reduce Fear table penalty by 2 like Brave and True Grit?
              I can cover this part. Grit reduces penalties by 2. Rolling on the Fear Table is modified by adding "the monster’s Fear penalty."

              Since Grit reduces the penalty it also reduces any bonus added to the roll from the Monster.

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                Here's a minor typo I don't think anyone has mentioned yet.
                pg 36: Arcane Background (Shaman) states: "The most famous shaman on Banshee is Kreeh..." which should be Kreech as elsewhere in the book.


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                  p.42 : in Recycled Goods, when dealing with the Rarity, it says that Rare should be treated as Uncommon, but the table on the left says that there is "Scarce" between Rare and Uncommon.
                  p.67: System Travel. Something strikes as odd. If we use the die type from the lower value orbit, why is there a die for Charon, since it's the furthest planet ? Its 3d12 won't be used, or did I miss something ?
                  p.108 : In the objective table, line 5, it says Pirate's horde. I'm not sure here, but shouldn't it be "hoard" ?
                  p.159 : Left column, last paragraph, first line. Beck, the antagonist of the Savage Tales, is named Black here.


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                    Two bits of feedback:

                    Don't Get 'Im Riled!
                    Rather than adding Wound penalties, you might consider adding Wounds instead? Adding Wound penalties means this has a negative synergy with Nerves of Steel—if your Wound penalties are negated, then you don't get that melee damage bonus.

                    More design feedback than anything; I'm not sure what the thematic difference is supposed to be between Brave and Guts. Mechanically, they have the same requirements and are both geared towards characters who deal with Fear better then normal—except Brave is flat out better. d6+2 succeeds 97% of the time without penalties (vs the reroll's 94%) and with penalties factored in the Brave character succeeds more often than the Guts character (75% vs 53% at –2). On top of that, Brave also reduces your result on the Fear Table.

                    So, Guts is a mechanically inferior alternative to Brave that covers the same thematic space. It feels like there are other design avenues to explore to greater distinguish between the two—from a thematic standpoint if my character simply had "guts" but wasn't brave I feel like just increasing their Spirit would represent that quite well, but if I was going for optimization Brave is the clear choice between the two.

                    As an aside, I thoroughly enjoy the new Quick Draw, better than the Rifts version of the Edge I think.
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                      While making a Guardian character, a question occured, regarding the Ballad of Life edge.

                      How long does the song have to be ? How many times per day is it usable ?

                      Can the Guardian sing every ten minutes for ten minutes all day and heal everyone around him, or is there some limit ?


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                        Originally posted by Meister View Post
                        While making a Guardian character, a question occured, regarding the Ballad of Life edge.

                        How long does the song have to be ? How many times per day is it usable ?

                        Can the Guardian sing every ten minutes for ten minutes all day and heal everyone around him, or is there some limit ?
                        The song is "long". Given that it's a ballad, and it's "long", you're looking at about 10 minutes of singing.
                        The only restrictions on the Edge are time to sing and having a Benny to spend.
                        On completion of the song, the Guardian spends a Benny that allows herself and all other anouks, Guardians, or humans with the Banshee Born Edge to make a natural healing roll.
                        Once you finish the song, you can spend a Benny to activate the Edge. When the Edge is activated, all applicable characters get to immediately make a natural healing roll.
                        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


                        • Meister
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                          The song length isn't really what matters, it's the use number.

                          My point was/is, this Edge allows the Guardian to heal his team, however huge it is, all day long, granted she has time and bennies.

                          I find it a bit overpowered, it means that every break in the action that lasts more than 30mn, the posse goes back to full health if the Guardian's player stocks the bennies just for this use.

                          Let's say that the posse is trapped in a mine, the EXFOR have surrounded and wounded them but they hold their attacks until reinforcement arrives. When they finally arrive 45mn later, the posse is back at full health. It makes them a really tough bunch of heroes, just at Veteran Rank...

                          Maybe adding a limit like once or twice per day would balance it a bit ?
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                          Meister That would have been valuable feedback. If your post explicitly stated that then it would have been great feedback.
                          As written, it reads like you were asking a bunch of questions based on poor reading comprehension.

                        • Meister
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                          Yup, that's why I shouldn't write in English when I'm tired, it makes some weird mixup sometimes with French and it totally ruins my point.
                          That, and the inherent lack of tone when writing.

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                        A few items that I noticed or about which I had questions:

                        p36 - Should Breaker and Syker ABs require Race(Human) as a requirement?
                        (Note: I figure the race requirement for Shaman's is covered by the required Tannis Touch edge)
                        p36 and p37 - The Breaker AB should refer to page 71 vice 97 (which was previously mentioned) and the Syker AB should refer to page 80 vice 104 (which I don't believe has been mentioned).
                        p36 - Syker AB requires Psionics d6+, but on p. 80 it only requires a d4+.
                        p41 - The AVAILABILITY Section does not mention the asterisks for Anouk gear in the Gear tables that follow or what this signifies with regards to the rules.
                        p74 - With regards to becoming Guardian, why do Anouk's not get a benefit from being Heroic or Loyal like Banshee Born humans?
                        p78 - Why list Coup as an ability of Harrowed on this page, when p100 clearly indicates that all characters can gain Coup powers on Banshee?
                        p90 - Under the BANSHEE FALLS section, it is mentioned "in the same way that caused the Reckoners' such concern." However, although the Reckoners were introduced on p88, they are not established as arriving on Banshee until the later The Unity section. This makes the quote above an anachronism as regards to the narrative.
                        p91 - Consider removing the word "in" in the sentance that starts "Darius and his wife were together for the first time in since she'd...."


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                          Do Harrowed no longer get a free Harrowed Edge?