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All the known info about the new Lost Colony Reloaded

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  • All the known info about the new Lost Colony Reloaded

    As a great, great fan of this setting, I just wanted to post all the references about the ongoing production of Lost Colony Reloaded. The data has been extracted from a thread from the old forum.

    A question by me, answered by Jodi Black (old forums, Aug 09, 2016):

    John M Goff‏ in twitter @JmgoffM
    Mar 12, 2016
    Beginning the art review for Deadlands Lost Colony. Good stuff! #deadlands

    Aug 23, 2016
    Going back after a long break to make final revisions on #Deadlands Lost Colony has more excited for the setting than when I was writing it.

    PEG site newsfeed
    Aug 30, 2016 ... kstarters/
    Deadlands continued under the Savage Worlds system as Deadlands Reloaded, Hell on Earth Reloaded, Deadlands Noir, and the upcoming Lost Colony Reloaded.

    Jodi Black answering a comment during the Deadlands Classic Kickstarter (Sep 23, 2016): ... t-14477371
    @Alan The "classic" 1880s time period continues to be our best-selling line, but we're not ignoring the Wasted West one bit! Lost Colony (part of Hell on Earth's timeline) is in production, as well as another book for HoE. We have lots coming up to keep your heroes in trouble.
    --Jodi for PEG

    "Savage Worlds in ’16: the Year in Review" (Dec 15, 2016)
    We also have RPG product developing for Deadlands: Lost Colony, Lankhmar, The Last Parsec, East Texas University, Weird Wars, Savage Rifts®, and much more we can’t announce yet. We have big plans for non-RPG product as well.

    So, unless our friends at PEG want to please us with any more information, I believe this is all

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    I'm ready to spend money on HOE:RL and LC:RL -- and since HOE:RL already has some books out, I think LC:RL needs some! PEG, lemme send you some money for LC:RL!


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      And thanks Khulmani for compiling this list.


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        Nice! Looking forward to it.


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          I guess I've learned how to wait on PEG products. I remember buying The Flood in 2009...and waiting until the kickstarters in 2016-17 for the final chapters of the DL:R plot point books. They just take a while, and that's okay. Heck, I remember Shane talking up the Flood on Fear the Boot in 2007, so...give it another couple of years, I guess. Looking forward to it.