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    I initially figured, since you with poverty you half your cash each week, that you'd have around an adventure a week.
    But then I thought, wait, if young et 2-3 Xp per session, that means 1 advancement on average every 2 sessions.
    So 20 XP (one rank) in 8 weeks. So Novice to legendary in 32 weeks.
    That seems a bit fast.

    What sort of pacing have other Noir GMs used?

    I suppose is you spend most of your cash, it might not be that big of a deal to have a few weeks go by with no adventures, particularly if PCs need to heal.

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    I feel that as correct, as "standard" S.W. pacing. Indeed, me too let my players to gain an Advancement in about 2 (long) sessions. And yeah, no problem if you reach Legendary in 32 weeks. From there, you should (I don't) halve the Advancement pacing. So if you reach 64 weeks you should have characters with 36 Advancements (ie. 160 XPs). Savage Worlds shouldn't break with those characters in play. I had truly epic characters with 200 - 300 XPs (and a lot of custom edges), and still rocking.
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      I could always, if need be, hand-wave "a month goes by, you do dome jobs but nothing special" and assume they more or less break even. Or maybe even fudge some die rolls.
      one advantage of have an adventrue per (game) week is that we plan on meeting once per calendar week; we could almost be in sync

      it was more about "zero to hero in less than a year". I mean, I'm fine with going to Legendary and beyond.


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        This could probably be directed at almost any campaign. In Deadlands Reloaded, for example, you could get by on as little as $20 a week; if you stick to cheap hotels and even cheaper meals. But consider that, during the California gold rush in '49, a typical wage could be as low as $11 a month. Realistically, players aren't able to keep a roof over their head with handwavium alone. They might be able to work and scrounge up enough to cover meals, but not their lodgings.

        Provide too much downtime between sessions, and you could see players running through cash pretty quickly. A mad scientist with an itch to make their own bullet-proof vest is going to need 18 days worth of food and space to work on top of the $900 they need to make their invention.

        I don't really have the same pacing problem in my games, but our sessions are usually 2-2.5 hours long. Handing out 2 xp is a big deal.


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          With Noir, is the default of Poverty, cut your cash in 1/2 every week thing that makes time-keeping more of a thing. i typically assume PCs have a job that pays living expenses and leave it at that. But in Noir, they explicitly, in the Setting As Written, do not


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            For that matter, I'm not sure how much I should pay them. One of the Savage Tales specifically said $100 each; that seems about right on average.


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              Originally posted by ogbendog View Post
              For that matter, I'm not sure how much I should pay them. One of the Savage Tales specifically said $100 each; that seems about right on average.
              That was something I was wondering about too. Don't want to give them too much, it being the Great Depression and all.


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                Poverty helps significantly with that. They use it or lose half of it each "week" (generally a new adventure).

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                Good point! That is true.