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Pistols Pricing in Deadlands Noir

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  • Pistols Pricing in Deadlands Noir

    I'm wondering about the pricing of the pistols in the gear section. Most notably the S&W DA just seems like a really bad choice compared to the Mauser, so much so that I'm wondering if some sort of pricing error happened here? The Mauser can hold more shots, has a bigger range (or a MUCH bigger range in alternative mode) and has AP 1. The only feature of the S&W is the inability to equip a silencer.
    From a semi-historical setting point of view, I am curious of how readily the mauser and the Luger were available. I'd assume they were rarer, since they are german firearms, but in that case they would be more expensive.
    Since the Companion doesn't have any additional gear, I'm wondering what other weapons or items would make a good addition for the game, and if/how items should be adjusted for different decades.

    One addition I'll include will be the classic snub nose revolver:
    Colt Detective Special (.38) Range: 10/20/40 Damage: 2d6 ROF: 1 Price: $25 Weight: 2 Shots: 6

    Notes: Revolver, –1 to be Noticed if hidden

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