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Good sources for Voodoo research

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  • Good sources for Voodoo research

    In a few weeks I'll be running a Noir game for my friends, which will be the first historical setting I've done.

    Has anyone found good sources to research the setting of Noir, outside of the material provided in the books? In particular I'm looking into voodoo both as a religion and a culture, as that part of the setting seems to have grabbed my players interest the most.

    I did find a list of common and uncommon Loa, with brief descriptions, which was a fascinating read:

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    1st thing that comes to my mind is the excellent 1993 point-and-click adventure from Sierra: "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers". Thoroughly researched and really good game IMHO.

    2nd in line: [Classic] Deadlands - River o' Blood (Boxed Set). Rules and fluff for all voodoo related stuff.

    3rd: [Classic] Deadlands - Hexarcana.

    Can't remember if River o' Blood and Hexarcana supplement each other, or if the latter supersedes RoB, but for background material probably doesn't matter...
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      I run Deadlands Reloaded. One of my players writes an incharacter blog here -->


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        Serpent and the Rainbow. The book is by far more in depth look at modern voodoo, but the movie's not bad.