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Being Scooped: How Does The Hand Get A Handle On Pesky Reporters?

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  • Being Scooped: How Does The Hand Get A Handle On Pesky Reporters?

    ** Possible Spoilers for the Red Harvest campaign in the main Deadland's Noir book. **

    Recently, my shamuses managed to rescue Emma Ross in the Red Harvest campaign. And much to my surprise, the clever gumshoes managed to do so without a drop of blood being spilled or a bullet being shot (though a couple thugs got a knuckle sandwich).

    But before it was all said and done, one of the shamuses, a reporter, had managed to take a photo of the mobsters at the scene of the crime (where they had Emma held hostage). And he wants to sell the photo (as well as the story) to the press.

    This brings two questions to mind:
    1. How much would a newspaper pay for the story?
    2. How would the Hand respond?
    For the latter, I figure the Hand has their fingers in just about every pie. So they can easily bribe/coerce the papers not too publish. And frankly, even in the story does get published. It would probably be a minor slap in the face for this mafia.

    But it is a slap in the face, so how would the Hand respond to the meddling shamuses posting their business all over place? I figure killing the gumshoes is a bit much, especially since I don't want them being killed barely two or three points into the campaign. But I figure some sort of payback is due. Any thoughts on what they do? Or is the encounter with the Hand in a "A Chance on Hellstromme" a reasonable response?

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    You will have to decide the payment based on the economy of your game. I would recommend "not a lot" as it is the middle of the depression. Perhaps $50 if it is a major paper, or $15 if it is just some rag.

    As for how the Hand responds that is easy: he does not. You see, whatever paper the photo gets sold to the editor is in debt to the Hand for something. As a result he quashes the story before it ever sees the light of day. Maybe even firing said reporter for some trumped up reason. "You even think about writing that story and you will never work in this town again!"
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