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Having fun with Harrowed (Inspiration/Ideas thread)

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  • Erolat
    And sometimes situational gives you your best ideas. Had one player who had been arrested and was sitting in jail. He said he was going to try the "wet shirt not break" thing. I called for a check and the manitou decided not to take off the shirt prior to wetting it. As a result the character dropped to the floor and peed strait up. Obviously, more than the shirt got wet.

    Just to make things more fun after getting the bars bent some and staring to sneak out I called for another check. This time the manitou stopped the escape with the character's shoulders and ribs out of the cell and the rest in the cell. It took the shirt off the bars and tossed it back in the cell. This caused the bars to clamp down on his guts making him more than a little stuck. The manitou then screamed about a jail brake and left. When the marshal came in to see what was going on he asked "What the hell?" and had to cut one of the bars to get the character loose. This of course was added to the fine he ended up paying.

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  • zero mostel
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  • zero mostel
    Stone and a hard place page 50

    1–4 Object o’ Ridicule: The manitou
    gets up to something that, while
    not necessarily illegal, is definitely
    embarrassing for the Harrowed. Most
    demons have a depraved sense of
    5–6 Brawlin’: The Harrowed heads to the
    nearest saloon or other gathering and
    sparks a fist fight. Accidental injuries
    or deaths aren’t out of the question.
    7–8 Vandalism: Spurred by the worm, the
    Harrowed goes on a spree—shooting
    up private property, killing (and
    eating) livestock, and leaving obscene
    graffiti in his wake.
    9–12 Minor Theft: The demon drives the
    Harrowed to steal items or goods
    worth roughly $300 or less. This may
    involve breaking and entering.
    13–16 Secret Task: The demon receives
    orders from a local Fearmonger via
    the Hunting Grounds.
    17–18 Grand Larceny: The manitou commits
    a major act of larceny: horse theft,
    cattle rustling, or a bank, stagecoach,
    or train robbery. Loss of life is highly
    19–20 Evil Deeds: The demon thirsts for
    innocent blood...and fear. Arson,
    murder, and similarly heinous
    offenses are the manitou’s priority.
    21+ Wolf in the Henhouse: The manitou
    takes steps to commit cold-blooded
    murder—primarily targeting the
    Harrowed’s immediate allies. It
    shows no mercy whatsoever.

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  • zero mostel
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  • zero mostel

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  • screenmonkey
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  • screenmonkey
    Have you reviewed the Manitou Mischief side bar on SAAHP50?

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  • Razortide
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  • Having fun with Harrowed (Inspiration/Ideas thread)

    Since I always have a hard time coming up with what to do with the Manitou of the Harrowed, I create this thread to share inspirations or ideas, what you can do with the Manitou of a Harrowed. I will update the first post to make sure all infos are up front.
    1. Scapegoating - The manitou commits atrocities and pin it on unsuspecting innocent people. Maybe not members of the Posse, because there will be a connection to the manitou, but high society members which will make the press are fair game
    2. Serial Killer - The manitou acts as a Serial Killer, killing off innocents. The MO is up to the Marshal of course
    3. Crime Overlord - The manitou is creating some sort of organization or cult to spread havoc on a bigger scheme (think Fight Club)
    4. The Influencer - The manitou seeks out people which are easy to influence and persuades them to commit atrocities
    Do you have some ideas as well? I am thrilled to hear them.