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Having fun with Harrowed (Inspiration/Ideas thread)

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  • Having fun with Harrowed (Inspiration/Ideas thread)

    Since I always have a hard time coming up with what to do with the Manitou of the Harrowed, I create this thread to share inspirations or ideas, what you can do with the Manitou of a Harrowed. I will update the first post to make sure all infos are up front.
    1. Scapegoating - The manitou commits atrocities and pin it on unsuspecting innocent people. Maybe not members of the Posse, because there will be a connection to the manitou, but high society members which will make the press are fair game
    2. Serial Killer - The manitou acts as a Serial Killer, killing off innocents. The MO is up to the Marshal of course
    3. Crime Overlord - The manitou is creating some sort of organization or cult to spread havoc on a bigger scheme (think Fight Club)
    4. The Influencer - The manitou seeks out people which are easy to influence and persuades them to commit atrocities
    Do you have some ideas as well? I am thrilled to hear them.