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Starting "The Worm's Turn" [SPOILERS]

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  • Starting "The Worm's Turn" [SPOILERS]

    Hi all,

    My posse and I will be starting The Worm's Turn in a few days, and I got some questions concerning the Deacon and her religion.

    In City o' Sin, we're told that Megan Holst, First Saint of the Cult of Doom, lives in Carson City, and is the Deacon of the Fellowship of MIRV.

    Silas razed Virginia City when he thought that Holst could be there, and he killed Avatar for his treasonous religion.

    Considering all this, it's weird that we don't know what happened to Holst when the Cult took Carson City. She may be the only person he fears at least equal to Hellstromme, and she's building the polar opposite of his Cult, so if he ever gets his mutated hands on her, she would be as dead as the Grandmaster Simon. I totally may have missed something, but I don't find any clue to her fate ?

    Now, other question : in Classic, she is a Blessed, rules-wise. Does this apply to the others MIRVers ? I think one of my players would be interested in playing a priest of some kind, it would tie his PC in the story for the go.

    And a side note : in City o' Sin, MIRV is a Confederate warhead, whereas in the Worm's Turn, it's a Northern Alliance's one. It's not really a problem (I'm not even sure my players get all the countries right), but it's odd.

    Thanks for any input !