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Battle of Camp Freedom

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  • Battle of Camp Freedom

    We're playing the Unity, and we were at the part where the PC are supposed to deliver some explosives to the Resistance, that will be used for attacking Camp Freedom (in the book it's the ammo factory, but I put it inside the heavily guarded perimeter of the Factory so I changed it to an opportunity to be a slave-saving bunch of heroes).

    Since the book doesn't consider that the players would want to participate in a high stakes black-ops, I had to come with something myself, that would both convey the feeling of attacking a concentration camp, and be fun to play. Maybe there already is an example of this kind of scene, but I didn't really look, so...

    I thought I'd share what I "homebrewed" with other people, maybe it'll become handy for someone.

    What I did :

    I ran this like some sort of Mass Battle, or Dramatic Task. Each round was 2 minutes long.

    I used a map where I put some watchtowers, a fence and an entrance. Camp Freedom is surrounded by a no-mans-land, so they all had to make 3 successful Stealth tests VS the watchtowers guards.

    The Resistance was pretty clear that it was fast attack : blast the fence, fight and rescue as many people as possible in a really short time and get the hell out of there (Combine reinforcements would come pretty quick and hard, fighting was not a good idea).

    For the first 3 "turns", it would only be the Black Hats near the breach in the fence, then some others guards would come from other parts of the camp. At the 5th rounds, Raptors would swoop in from above, and for the 8th turn there would be a special delivery of Automatons, by truck. Of course, I didn't tell the players that.

    Each turn, the slaves would flee after all the PC's actions have been dealt with. 20 slaves by turn, plus 5 per success and raise on an Athletics roll (I gave them d6 to account for their malnourished and bruised bodies).

    At the same times, the Black Hats would fire (D10 in Shooting, because they're no slouches) on the crowd, killing 5 slaves per succes and raise. Raptors would kill 10, and Automatons 15 per success and raise.

    This seems stacked against the Resistance and the slaves, and with good reason (or else it wouldn't be a "good" slave camp), but the PC's actions helped even the odds.

    Killing the patrols in the camp decreased the Shooting roll at the end of the round, destroying a watchtower would get less slaves killed. Widening the breach would increase the number of slaves fleeing, whereas helping them flee (like using some magics to make them run faster) would grant bonus to their Athletics roll. If the PC managed to find a way to enter directly in the camp (using the sewers for example), they'd have an extra turn before reinforcements would arrive.

    To convey the frantic feeling of a fight right in the Combine's backyard, I had all the PC draw a card each turn, on a Joker they got hit by a stray bullet.

    My players being heroes, they stayed until they saw Raptors taking off from the Factory, and managed to save 170 slaves, that will join the fight against the Combine later.

    What I will change next time I run something like this :

    Instead of giving a fixed number of kills for the Black Hats, their Shooting die will be the number of casualties. Easier to track of, less "abstract" that killing by groups of 5 each time, and the heroic deeds of the PC have more impact (each BH killed is a slave saved). Same for the slaves, the Athletics roll would indicate how many "extra" people got through the breach.
    Destroying a watchtower would lower the Shooting die used by the guards.

    For the first 3 turns, only a Joker would indicate a hit by a stray bullet, and as reinforcement arrive, Ace, King, then Queen and so on, would count too. Staying would be a losing battle faster.

    Edit : added a comment on the watchtowers.
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