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  • SWADE Conversion?

    Anybody spent anytime running HoE in SWADE? Anybody have any conversion material or tips/pointers on doing so? Do things translate pretty seamlessly or is there a lot of work to do? Wanted to run a couple one shots in SWADE using HoE but thinking i might be better off not due to conversion. Thoughts?

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    Do you have Reloaded? If so the amount of conversion is pretty small. The same as converting Deadlands Reloaded to SWADE.
    I'd suggest prepping your scenario as normal (for me that's read it, take notes, adjust anything that doesn't work anymore) and go for it.

    The other option is wait for the Hell on Earth Kickstarter that is bound to appear at some point (I'm basing this guess on the fact that Lost Colony and Deadlands both now have SWADE editions and I think they've said they are doing all of the settings, but don't quote me on this).
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      We play HoE Reloaded in SWADE, it takes a really small amount of work to convert it, you won't even notice it.

      The hardest part is deciding wich AB should have some of the new powers, but you can roll with only those in the HoE Reloaded and be perfectly fine.


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        Sounds good thanks folks for responding. I'll try it out, thanks!