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[Hell on Earth] Lose of CSA

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  • [Hell on Earth] Lose of CSA

    With the change that the Civil War actually ended with a Union victory in DDWW, has anyone heard how that canon change to lore effects the story of the Hell on Earth story line?

    Certainly with everything going on today, it is easy for me to come up with my own version of the history, but I am curious if there has been any murmurings of the "official" line of change.

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    I've not seen anything official* but I suspect we will when the HoE Kickstarter happens.

    *It could be covered in Lost Colony, but (despite being one of the first to receive the physical box) I've not got around to reading it
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      My guess is the Last War was fought over Earth's diminishing supply of ghost rock.


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        My guess, time travel shenanigans and alternate realities. Without going into too much spoilers, it was my understanding Hell on Earth wasn't the future of Deadlands, only one possible future.


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          It is the official future, but there was enough wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey stuff to let a Marshal change what they wanted / needed to change.

          Lost Colony blames ghost rock based resource wars.