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[Classic] New browser spirits for junkers

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  • [Classic] New browser spirits for junkers

    In Junkman Cometh, junkers are given five types of browser spirits, the tech-spirit equivalents of mentor spirits that spiritworkers can follow, or Templar saints, or whatnot. They were building spirits, appliance spirits, car spirits, computer spirits, and tool spirits.

    But that doesn't seem to cover all the possible species of tech spirit, does it? I wrote up one new type of browser on my blog recently ~ who better to help you fight back the forces of the Reckoner than a tech spirit that has brought giggles, joy, and most importantly hope to thousands of children of all ages. That's right: I wrote up toy browsers! You can read my writeup at https://luciferssubcreations.blogspo...s-hell-on.html ~ I'm curious what folk think of it.

    But, more importantly, what other kinds of tech spirits do you think are out there, not covered by these six?