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Boise Horror, Templars and Martyrs questions

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  • Boise Horror, Templars and Martyrs questions

    Hi all,

    We're currently playing the Boise Horror adventure, and I have some questions pertaining to both the adventure and the Templars.

    Some spoilers ahead, with a 20 years delay.

    First one : who is Granny Buttersworth ? I don't remember her from another book ?

    Second one : At some point, a Combine Infiltrator assumes the role of a Templar. My GF's Templar became suspicious and attacked the impostor. She thought (rightfully) that her fellow Templar had been replaced, but wasn't entirely sure. Can this earn her the Blessing of Laquitia, Saint of Rage (the one that blesses Templar that kill their comrades should they be on the wrong side) ? It lacks the "Rage" part associated with Laquitia, but it still was a fight with a turned-traitor fellow companion...

    That leads me to the third question : Are players supposed to know the Deeds and Vexations of the Martyrs ? The Posse part of "Last Crusaders" says no, but the No Man's Land says that players may read everything concerning the Martyrs. I like the idea of a bit of mystery and having the players trying to figure out why their Martyrs have withdrawn the Blessing, but on the other hand I don't see why a Martyr wouldn't say what angers her enough to stop helping.

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    1. Not sure. Probably a Mrs. Butterworth reference.
    2. Probably not, since he wasn't actually a Templar. But if you want to allow it then go ahead.
    3. Know them? No. Have an idea? Yes. Templars are people and people gossip. Templars blessed by a Martyr are going to talk, and speculate, about the blessing. They may not know why they were chosen but when has the lack of knowledge stopped people from talking about what causes it.
    Good luck!
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.