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  • Doomsayer power questions

    I have few questions about Doomsayer powers from classic Hell on Earth settings:
    Let's start with Aegis power

    "Aegis forms a bright-green, slightly translucent wall of pure radiation energy. Once cast, the wall remains in place for the duration of the miracle.
    The aegis functions just as a physical wall. It has an Armor value equal to 3, plus 1 for every raise the Doomsayer gets on his faith roll.
    Because the caster must concentrate so heavily on the carefully constructed matrix of particulates, the wall collapses if he is stunned.
    A Doomsayer can form an aegis into practically any shape, such as a round barrier to encompass the priest and his companions. It is only limited by its size. The wall’s length and width can be no larger than the Doomsayer’s faith level in yards. A Doomsayer with a faith of 4, for example, can create an aegis wall 4 yards long and 4 yards high. The Doomsayer may adjust these values below the maximums as much as he wishes, though smaller dimensions do not give it “thickness” or increase its protective value. "

    So the questions are here:
    1) What happen to this radiation energy if someone tried to attack it with a melee attack with some weapon?
    2) What happens if I tried to use it as footbridge over the precipice and few people tried to walk over it
    3) What happen if someone drives some car into this wall?
    4) Does it have something like durability?

    Maybe someone already thinks about such problems

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    Welcome to the forum!

    As a bit of self-help, if you're not talking about the current Savage Worlds rules then it is a really good idea to put the relevant rule system in the title. So "Doomsayer power questions [Classic]" for this thread. That ensures people don't show up and start talking about the Savage Worlds barrier power instead of the Classic Aegis power.
    1. The same thing that happens to a brick wall if someone hit it with a melee weapon. The durability of a section of the wall is determined, Durability damage is calculated, that damage is subtracted from the wall's Durability, and if that's enough then a section of the wall is destroyed.
    2. Then people would walk along it. It's a physical wall, so it's like you summoned a wall of stone ... that was horizontal ... and spanned a gap. It's possible the wall would collapse under the stress of being used as a bridge (Marshal's call, highly situational), since it is not designed to handle those stresses, but it could work as desired.
    3. The same thing that happens if you drive a car into a brick wall.
    4. Yes. It's a physical wall. The Marshal needs to determine the Durability. Given that a brick wall also grants Armor 3, it's a good analogue. A 2x2 foot area of brick wall has Durability 12 (Waste Warriors, page 44). The increased armor of a really good casting reduces damage, so that should be sufficient to reflect the Aegis's improved durability.
    I hope that helps, and welcome to the community.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Hi ValhallaGH,
      Thanks a lot for those answers - I was looking for such table but I missed that book
      I cannot fix name for this topic, but I will remember for futher