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my jackalope encounter

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  • my jackalope encounter

    As I was waiting for my trash spirit to arise from the heap of metal pieces I had an encounter with a jackalope. being a 'Blackfoot' my tribe had a different view on jackalopes, we considered them 'sages of the west'. I pulled out a cup and poured spirit water into it and then placed a piece of jerky beside it. I just waited. it came forward hesitantly and supped beside me. I paid no attention to it as it drank and ate and then I being a shaman felt its rad level. "Sage of the West, I can feel your radiation level. Please allow me to heal you and restore you to proper health. I am a Blackfoot Shaman, Sage of the West. It is my duty, I am charged by my ancestors, Sage to heal you since you are the symbol of my house."
    It nodded. As I placed a hand on it, I realized it was shedding. I healed it and then pulled out a brush and brushed it carefully. then I spoke solemnly and informed it, I would heal the others of its family. I would only charge the hair I got from grooming it. They came forward and I healed them and the manitou emerged, it was a drone style spirit. flying roughly the length of a skateboard, the depth was as deep as a skateboard, if you counted the wheels, it had folding solar panels and a g-ray collector. pistol, arc welder, and a single claw. multiple legs adorned it. I thanked the Jackalopes for blessing me, and left them some grain. They are a great warning animal when treated with respect.
    The nature spirits came up in the session and I made a comment, possibly a nature spirit was just an off-spring with a shaman in shape change form and an animal. accounts for their 'use of magical abilities'.


    The Blackfoot believe the technology isn't evil. That one needs to respect and learn its ways. that well half the places around its lands is only accessible by horse or helicopter. That the Three aspects of life must be in balance to survive. Magic, Science, and Nature. Only when all three are in harmony, a triangle can one achieve greatness. past, present, future. the circle with the star of David and the cross within. some would think it is the Cross-in-the-Sun motif as a formal order. many different ways to explain this symbol. each could be correct.