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  • ghost rock tattoos

    could we have spells, already done up with their own 'power points', made of ghost rock ready to be ah, (tapped)... to be used as needed...

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    ... That would imply a stability of magic completely without precedent.
    You'd also have to have a symbol-based type of magic. Not belief based, but reliant entirely upon visual symbols.
    The artist applying the marks would need to be highly skilled and very careful. Because poor application can cause a magical detonation that maims or kills your customer.
    And you'd need to consider the consequences of storing magically charged ghost rock inside a human body. Generally that leads to combustion and transformation into a horrific undead cannibal monster.

    But if all that was dealt with, they hypothetically "yes".
    Sounds like it would be an Arcane Device.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Sounds to me like cool Trappings for Junkers (or others with enough imagination), either permanent on himself (New Powers), or temporary on others (Artificer if using SWADE)

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        Maybe take a look at the Hexslinger AB


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          if you have watched 'Naruto' example I know. I do use some of the ideas from anime as examples. one of the ladies has tattoos on her head and body, as does the 'Air Bender' of Avatar. The boys from Full metal Jacket used both glyphs in their work, sure blood, not ghost rock, but they also clapped their hands forming arcane focuses or circles. (power point amplifiers) A circle with a triangle with a hexagon inside a square with a specific or several glyphs around it, is a spell. not all spells are spoken. Common knowledge isn't just from literature but also from anime, movies, and comics. the Dr. Strange movie, he has a specific set of glowing 'wards' if you will for a lack of a better wording facing Doormamu. that could be considered a spell. any symbol or set of interlocking symbols could be considered a 'spell'. it isn't definite as a belief system, exactly. it is not a belief system, magic is not constrained to one person's ideal's or culture. Magic is not limited to one specific set of this way and only this way.


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            I'm guessing you meant Fullmetal Alchemist. :P