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  • Dempsey islands follow up

    What were the plans for the Killer Clowns followup? I’m planning to run the original in a couple of days and it got me to a wondering!


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    As far as I know, there's nothing on Dempsey Islands for now.

    I'm trying to send my players in this corner of Texas, so I'm preparing some kind of Plot Point to get rid of whatever lurks in it, but for now it's till mostly scribbles on a sheet.


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      It's one of those big teases left dangling. The hooks are enough for a campaign's worth of adventures, but that's all we ever got.
      Previous related thread:
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        My posse doesn't seem inclined on going to Texas for now, they prefer roaming around Tulsa after they freed it from a Fate Eater. I don't want to force them, but neither do I want have started to think about Dempsey Islands for nothing, I'll put here what I've come up with for now (does this sentence has any kind of meaning ?).

        At the end of Killer Clowns, Dempsey's Head is dead, Magic Island is sealed off from land, but otherwise the park is left as it was before the adventure.

        The main computer, the one that monitored everything with Dempsey's Head "help", is still running.

        One day, it realizes that some things don't go as planned : the park is almost in ruins and there are no tourists in it. The program isn't not fully aware so it doesn't notice that the automatons are now gone wild and murderous.

        It starts by trying to use them to repair the infrastructures and attract new customers, but it doesn't work really well for obvious reasons.

        It then switch to trying to reach outside help - with commercials for the amusement and some "recruitment ads".

        It broadcasts them on everything it can, be it radio, video, maybe even ComSat ?

        The ads are from Pre-war times, and contain a hypnotic message in them inciting kids to bother their parents until they go to the resort. Thanks to the Reckoning, this hypnotic part is now much more powerful and affects kids and adults alike (not all of them, still).

        This results in towns being emptied either totally or partially when the ads reach them. Those victims try to go Dempsey Islands but are not drones, they just are compelled to do it : they go prepared, armed, so settlements are left without anything useful - or fight break out when victims try to take everything from their neighbours who didn't see/hear the ads.

        Some of those victims get killed on the way (the Wasted West doesn't care who controls you), but most of them make it to the park and start rebuilding it, with the aid of the Clowns (when these don't just kill one or two for fun).

        Needing for more materials, the now Employees raid the southeast Texas in search of everything of use, and new tourists to bring back for "amusement time". Some of them build new antennas to transmit the ads further.

        The Posse can be drawn into this a number of ways :

        - they see a victim convoy (or an Employee raid) and are intrigued by their fascination for Dempsey Island.

        - they hear of the exodes and the trails of looting that occur when they want to resupply on the way

        - they investigate the disappearance of settlements, or the strange raiding parties in southeastern Texas

        - they witness first hand the effect of the ads (maybe fall for it, too ?).

        When near the Park, they see it is visibly occupied and in repair, with lights and music everywhere. But it's still a Deadland. Employees and Clowns wander, and victims are used in the rides.

        How to settle the problem ?
        - Turn the generators off. It involves going in the maintenance area, fighting hordes of clowns and mind-controlled employees and automated defences (and worse ?). The most brutal and straightforward solution.

        -Reboot the system to a "factory setting". For this, the Posse will have to find a copy of said factory setting. The automatons being HI made, maybe it means going to Junkyard or Denver ? Or Seattle, where some of Macrosoft Corporate slugs still lie in a hangar somewhere ? Maybe ComSat has one in its databanks ?I haven't really though about this for now. Once with the needed slug, you just have to plug it in a working computer and it'll install itself.

        -Nuke it. This would work very well, but only if the Posse has access to a nuke and the will to use it on hundreds of innocent victims of mind-control.

        Regarding the resort, it has 6 islands. Magic Island is where the action takes place in Killer Clowns, so I'll pass it.

        Considering that players will want to go to the Old West Island to play a bit Deadlands, I was thinking about having it fall underwater and thus being unreachable. It just serves as an entry point for Croakers that wander some part of the nearby Islands.
        Again, I haven't really though this one out, so it could be another Island, depending on the number of uses their settings have (Cretaceous Park and its dinosaurs, West World for an Old West feel, Banshee Screams for those that want to try a space trip, Movietown if you want to star in famous movies, and Pleasure Island for more mature content).
        That's it for now, I'll be adding more when ideas come.

        If you have some too, feel free to add !
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