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Veteran of the Wasted West?

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  • Veteran of the Wasted West?

    I've tried to put my own spin on it. we all know it has to be unique, in it is a background story. I figured my character was a southerner who was a unionist. Andy Jackson was a unionist, so was Sam Houston. Men in Texas might have not liked it but by god they respected his right, and stayed out of the war between the states while he lived, at least until 1861 when he died. then the Union tried to break the south in two splitting the Mississippi and cleaving Texas on its own. at least that much didn't change. when the war after Judgement Day ended I returned home only to be arrested and sent to the mines in Southern California and sentenced to five years hard labor, I escaped after 9 years. I am still wanted for escaping my sentence in the mines. there is a bounty on my head. Yes my character is a hexslinger. he is a little ah nuts, and he is a little paranoid, his worst nightmare is going back into the mines. the man also has an unalienable idea that a real law dog would notice the discrepancy in the time he was sentenced and the length of time after which he escaped from the mines. might be nuts but doesn't mean he's an idiot. besides he just might be someone who can... well... be honest judge...