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  • Moving from Classic to Reloaded

    Hey everybody,

    after a long hiatus (over two years, iirc) we finally picked up our long-running Hell on Earth campaign again a few days ago.
    As I had acquired the Reloaded rulebooks in the meantime, I decided this was a good time to change systems.
    Everybody wanted to keep their original characters and those had of course accumulated quite some bounty and skills over the years.
    I knew that a direct conversion would not be quite feasible, so instead I let everyone recreate their character from scratch and advance them to 50 XP.
    This worked quite well for those heros that started without an Arcane Background: gunslinger, tale-teller (no such AB in Classic) and road warrior.
    But the Syker and Templar lost a lot of their starting Powers, which left them a bit disappointed.

    Has anyone been in a similar position? Would like to hear some thoughts on this
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    Not really a similar experience, no. When I switched to HOE Reloaded I didn't try to carry things over from another campaign. Some players had some trouble adjusting to the differences between the original rules and Savage Worlds but it didn't take too long. All of my players pretty much prefer HOE Reloaded to the original.


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      I don't have experience with this kind of direct conversion, but I'l say that Savage Worlds Templars and Sykers with 50 XP are quite powerful and versatile characters. My suggestion is to let them play as they are, because Savage Worlds plays different from Deadlands Classic, and it's possible that they find the new experience different but also fun, and their "new" characters might result "better than expected". Anyway, as 50 XP are a lot of XP, you can let them play a pair of sessions, then allow them to re-distribute their advances if they feel they might prefer another configuration now that they have a grasp on the characters.