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    First, PEG, you guys are much better at organizing campaigns these days. I have as soft spot in my heart for all the classic splat books you put out but the plot point campaign books are far superior to having to go through a dozen different books to put a campaign together.

    I'm running my HOE group through the events up to the Harvest. I'm going to fit the cannon adventures into my campaign as I see fit but I'm not exactly sure which ones lead up the last one, Unity. Can anyone help a brother out?

    Those of you who have run it, please share you tips and suggestions. I'm not sure how I feel about the horrible choice the PCs have to make towards the end of Unity but it might get interesting.

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    Pretty much every Classic adventure happens before Unity, so you can run any or all of them. Those that focus on the Doomsayer church, wormlings, and Combine are all great choices, especially if they give the posse an emotional connection to the Convoy, Law Dogs (notably Cole Ballad), Denver Resistance, and River Watch. Having those connections makes a huge difference.
    It's probably best to run the Destroyer and Boise Horror adventures, explaining why the Templars are mostly busy with some other stuff when the Harvest goes down. Also, Boise Horror sets up the Iron Alliance, so that's kind of important.

    I've played Unity, twice. Haven't run it, yet.
    Depending upon how things go, Unity can be epic or kind of blase. The adventure's scope is larger than the normal HoE tale, but remembering the small details can emphasize just how big a deal it is. There are a lot of "minor" combat encounters with things that are deeply scary but don't have a lot of time for development - some of those can be ignored for pacing and fun, but some have to be remembered and run as written to generate that sense of "wow, that was insanely dangerous".
    The horrible choice has been the clincher, every time. Both times, someone heroically volunteered, so that great evil could be removed from the world. Great stuff.
    Oh, and don't auto-kill everyone during the crash. That didn't go down well with anyone at the table.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      I run the the following adventures in this order leading up to the events of "Unity".
      1) Something about a Sword
      2) The Destroyer- Last Crusaders
      3) Boise Horror
      4) Urban Renewal
      5) Air Force One Down – Denver.
      6) Jihad – City of Sin