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Worms Turn suggestions (Possible Spoilers)

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  • Worms Turn suggestions (Possible Spoilers)

    This Wednesday I will be running PP2: A Blast From the Past and am looking for some ideas. The party has made it into Carson City and talked with Alexander Taylor. Knowing my group they will likely attack the convoy where it sits, fighting every mutant they can find. If for some reason they don't (we do have a new player and maybe he can talk them out of suicide) and go for the hijack how have you run this? I was planing on combining the chase rules with a dramatic task (get more chase successes then they get escape successes) but am still shaky on details. Maybe an outside perspective can see something I am missing. Any suggestions?
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    One thing they may realize (because my posse did) is that there are only so many routes the convoy can take to get where they are going. So, they may lay an ambush along the road, rather than chasing the vehicles in a dramatic Mad Max fashion.

    It sounds like your posse will take one of three approaches: direct assault, steal it before it leaves, and chase it down.
    Direct assault will be dangerous but doable, depending upon their skills and armament. The defenders include two Wild Card doomies, a dozen convoy guards, a score of mutants that are ready to chase a stolen convoy, and as many trogs, guards, and wandering doomsayers as you want to make them deal with. That said, the Cult has a limited number of personnel, especially in Carson City. Figure that if they kill their way through 100+ foes then the guards stop showing up ("I ain't going into that meat grinder. I'll look for infiltrators over there.") and if they kill their way through 200+ then they've basically cleared the town and can take their time about leaving. More likely, they'll kill the folks immediately around the convoy and then drive off while under fire, and being chased by the score of angry mutants pursuing the stolen religious object.
    Theft requires some decent Stealth rolls and a thoughtful approach. Remember the effects of lighting and cover on Stealth checks (you can say it is heavy overcast and Dim for a +1). It's like a level from Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, or Deus Ex, where use of cover allows the character to sneak around guards to either get things done like a ghost or to take out guards covertly. Heck, they may be really creative and disguise themselves as part of the escort force, and then murder the real guards while on the road and driving away - if they can set this up then you should just give them the final betrayal (barring a Critical Failure on the token roll to turn on the escort force).
    Angry pursuit will put them into direct conflict with the convoy guards, and may draw in the pursuers from Carson City (depends upon when they start the chase). I'd run this one like a Dog Fight, lasting for at least 10 rounds. If they can't do it in that time, figure something changes (something collapses, something explodes, something falls, or basically anything from Mad Max Fury Road) and pursuit isn't possible for thirty minutes or an hour. Then they can resume the pursuit with a new Chase.

    Good luck!
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Not much use to you but in our game the PC's decided that a direct assault in Carson City would be too difficult, too many enemies around. So they hid up in Carson City and observed for a bit, saw that the mutants were preparing to leave and followed the convoy. Realising that it was heading towards Junkyard, they sent the biker PC speeding on ahead to Junkyard with a warning and the Nauvoo Legion ended up capturing the nuke whilst the PC's went off scavenging around Logan. Bit of an anti-climax really...

      Valhalla's suggestions are all good. Play it by ear.


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        So, they decide to do the most complex thing they could think of. They were trying to figure out how to just detonate the bomb right now. It kills all the mutants and removes the threat to Junktown completely. They convinced the only mutant in the party to go explore the area and see what was happening. Through some good role-play, and a little violence, he convinced them to allow him to drive one of the escort cars. He kept asking if he could ram the bomb or crash into the semi and make it all blow up. Finally convinced him to go back to the rest of the party to see what they would advise. After a bit of debate it was decided that the mutant would "capture" the Junker demolitionist to get him in close. Then the rest of the party would attack to create a diversion while he disabled the bomb.

        One of the attackers jumped the gun and it took two rounds for the Junker to get into position to start his dramatic task. (Failure would have detonated the bomb, success got enough critical parts to render it useless.) The distraction crew was failing at killing anything so were starting to get overwhelmed when the Junker got some amazing raises and took the parts. The problem was they never set up a "time to go" signal or how to get out of the fight. The Junker threw together a jet pack (Fly) and took off. I allowed that this was obvious enough that everyone knew to break off contact. The Templar however was well surrounded by trogs and suffered too many wounds. The mutant PC jumped into one of the escort vehicles, ran over the trogs and rescued him picking up the rest of the crew as he got to them.

        We had to stop for the night but I plan on starting next week with a chase as the remaining Doom cultists try to run them down and get the parts back. They will have a decent vehicle to make the run in but the Templar is down and both Toxic Shamans are almost out of PP. The Junker would have been able to build something but spent his last parts on that jet pack and I doubt his Cone of Cold (Burst, Fatigue) will be a lot of use. At least they have a decent shootist to put on the gun and the mutant is an ok driver.
        I have way too much time but do not always edit myself properly. Please do not take offense.