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  • Benefits of a Memento

    This past Wednesday was our regular HoE game and I decided to run "For Whom the Air Horn Blows" out of The Worm's Turn. While they were trying to decide how to handle these strange movements in the darkness the Nosferatu go close enough to actually melee the party. They did decide the best option was to 'go for the heart' quickly but with a TN 7 at -6 they were having some issues. One of the players got hit and the damage exploded all over the place. He decided to save his last bennie for his death roll. His first attempt netted a -1, the bennie roll netted a 0. I rolled on the injury table and described how the attack ripped his stomach open and spilled his guts all over the ground.

    He was upset but not devastated so he started looking over options for his next character as we continued the combat. Suddenly he yells "Wait, my memento!" Everyone stopped and I said ok, you can make one more roll for dying. He netted a 13. I looked at him and said: "As you are lying there feeling the darkness close in your hand falls on the pendant you found that reminded you of your mother. Suddenly a fierce drive over comes you and your eyes snap open. You groan out 'NO! I will not end here!' as you start gathering in your intestines you realize most of what fell to the ground was actually your shredded shirt and armor and all you will need is a little surgery to sew things back together."

    I then looked at the party. "And you were all upset that a Joker scrounging ONLY got a memento."
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    Originally posted by Erolat View Post realize most of what fell to the ground was actually your shredded shirt and armor..."

    Nicely covered there.