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Pinnacle Forums
Welcome to the Pinnacle Forum!
The Forum Rules and Contacting Pinnacle (rules questions go in the appropriate topic below).
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149 562
The Break Room
The place for off-topic conversations and friendly chatter.
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108 504
The Con Suite
The place to discuss conventions. What's coming up, what's going on, and what happened afterward.
Topics: 57 Posts: 214
57 214
by Jim1701
Players Seeking Players
For Players & GM's looking for other Players & GM's in their area.
Topics: 179 Posts: 381
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179 381
by EltonJ
Test Forum
Test your sigs and avatars here (topics will be pruned as needed).
Topics: 13 Posts: 32
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13 32
by PEGMike
Savage Worlds
Official Answers on Core Rules
If you have a question on how any rule works in the core book for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, ask here.
Topics: 925 Posts: 1,790
925 1,790
Official Answers on Rules in Pinnacle's Settings or Companions (Post-SWADE)
Ask questions on how the rules officially work in any Pinnacle published Savage Worlds Companion or Setting not covered by its own category below (Deadlands & Rifts®).
Topics: 159 Posts: 230
159 230
General Chat
Discussions of the Core Rules, Companions, and the essentials of playing & running Savage Worlds.
Topics: 2,159 Posts: 19,571
2,159 19,571
Pinnacle's Savage Settings
Discussion of Pinnacle's settings for Savage Worlds (other than Deadlands and Rifts® which are in their own categorie). Third Party Licensee settings are discussed below.
Topics: 468 Posts: 2,425
468 2,425
Third Party Licensees
Discussions of products and settings by Third Party Licensees of the Savage Worlds RPG. Please note your post with [ACE] or [SWAG] for ease of reference.
Topics: 416 Posts: 1,864
416 1,864
by Nate
Homebrew & Conversions Discussion
Discussion of fan-created settings and conversions of other existing settings (**note the rules for posting converted material on the forums in the first thread**).
Topics: 379 Posts: 3,956
379 3,956
Official Answers on Deadlands Rules
If you have a question on how the rules officially work in any Deadlands setting book published by Pinnacle, ask here. If the question pertains to the Classic system, please put "[Classic]" in the subject.
Topics: 230 Posts: 416
230 416
The Tombstone Epitaph
Discussion of the Weird West setting of Deadlands. If referring to the Classic system and books, add [Classic] at the beginning of the subject line.
Topics: 526 Posts: 3,249
526 3,249
The Shamus's Notebook
Discussions of the Deadlands: Noir setting.
Topics: 22 Posts: 132
22 132
The Chipped Data Slug
Discussion of the post-apocalyptic Hell on Earth setting for Deadlands. If referring to the Classic system, add [Classic] at the beginning of the subject line.
Topics: 82 Posts: 301
82 301
by PeroLok
The Ship's Databank
Discussion of the outer space Lost Colony setting for Deadlands. If referring to the Classic system, add [Classic] at the beginning of the subject line.
Topics: 80 Posts: 279
80 279
Pathfinder for Savage Worlds
New Release Feedback
If you find any apparent errata, typos, or layout issues in the newest release of Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, post it here. Note: this is just for that specific feedback, see the top post for details.
Topics: 12 Posts: 38
12 38
Official Answers on Pathfinder for Savage Worlds
If you have a question on how any rule works in any Pathfinder for Savage Worlds book, ask here.
Topics: 244 Posts: 384
244 384
The Rusty Dragon Tavern
Open discussion on Pathfinder for Savage Worlds! [All Forum Rules apply]
Topics: 508 Posts: 3,854
508 3,854
Savage Rifts®
Official Answers on Rifts® for Savage Worlds Rules
For official answers on how the rules in any Rifts® product published by Pinnacle work.
Topics: 863 Posts: 1,702
863 1,702
Castle Refuge
Discussion of the Rifts® setting for Savage Worlds.
Topics: 592 Posts: 5,141
592 5,141
New Release Feedback
Spot to post and discuss initial feedback on new and updated releases.
Topics: 925 Posts: 9,883
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925 9,883
Donald Schepis
Other Pinnacle Products
Discuss other games released by Pinnacle such as Savage Worlds Showdown, The Great Rail Wars, or the Doomtown Card Game.
Topics: 27 Posts: 79
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27 79
Mike Morbid
Discuss fiction by Pinnacle or featuring its settings such as the Wendigo Tales line, comics, and novels.
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