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Doomtown Peacekeeper Organized Play Series: Fall 2019


  • Doomtown Peacekeeper Organized Play Series: Fall 2019

    Listen up, pardners

    The calendar for the next Organized Play Series is now LIVE, and participants will once again impact the Doomtown storyline! Applications are still being accepted over at Pine Box Entertainment, where you can check out the current list of round-ups!

    The kit contains:

    The Quaterman PRIME playmat featuring art by Charles Urbach for the event victor! If you’re not familiar with ol’ Quaterman, be sure to check out the original story here as well as the tale of Quaterman PRIME!

    Promos for participation:
    • Bottom Dealin’
    • Pinned Down
    • Gomorra Gaming Commission
    • Pair O’ Six Shooters

    Wooden Nickel: Law Dogs/Rangers Shooter Designation tokens

    As with the Hunting Ground Series affecting Twilight Protocol Act I, players will be voting on Law Dogs that will be the heroes and fallen of the conflict from Twilight Protocol Act II! The fiction for that event, presented by Saving Throw WildCards, can be viewed here.

    Be sure to let your friendly local game store know about the Peacekeeper Series and encourage them to contact Studio 2 Publishing to stock Too Tough to Die and all other Doomtown products!

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