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#41 Postby JackAce » Fri Sep 15, 2006 5:58 pm

MadTinkerer wrote:Mage Warrior (Not "Mage Knight". That would be silly.)

On a similar note:
I had this idea while making some plans for a Warhammer conversion. In WH, many lores of magic include spells that turn the mage into a more capable melee fighter (boosts to Weapon Skill, Strength, Initiative and/or Attacks). For the Savage version, I fused all these spells together intop the following power:

Arcane Warrior
Rank: Veteran
Power Points: 4
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (2/round)
Trappings: Claws, burning hands, summoned weapons.
This power was developed by mages who found that, from time to time, they required the ability to deal with foes who had already come within melee range. What it does is chanelling raw magic power into the mage's hands and strike at the opponent with it.
As long as the power is active, the mage substitutes his Arcane Skill die for both his Fighting skill (this also affects his Parry) and his Strength (for damage purposes only). If the Mage scored a raise on the casting roll, he also gains a +2 bonus to Fighting and Damage.
Since Arcane Warrior affects the mage's hands, he can not use any physical weapons while the power is active. He can, however, add the benefits of Smite and/or Boost Trait.
As long as Arcane Worrior is active, the mage does not count as unarmed.
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#42 Postby MadTinkerer » Tue Apr 22, 2008 10:58 am

It's been FAR too long since I've posted something new here. So here's a little something I suggested in another thread:

Here's something I came up with for a homebrew Pulp Supers setting I'm hoping to eventually run:

Super Trait
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Trappings: Muscle Growth, Heightened Reflexes, Super-Coffee
When you take this Power, choose a Trait (Attribute or Skill). This Trait gets a +1 bonus to all rolls while this power is in effect. The bonus increases to +2 on a raise.
Boosting Vigor does add to Toughness, but boosting Fighting does not add to Parry.

Hyper Trait
Requirements: Veteran, Arcane Background (Super Powers), super trait
For an extra 2 Power Points, you may have your super trait Power grant a +2 bonus on a success and +4 on a raise.

Ultra Trait
Requirements: Legendary, Arcane Background (Super Powers), super trait, Hyper Trait
For an extra 4 Power Points, you may have your super trait Power grant a +3 bonus on a success and +6 on a raise.

It's balanced with boost trait because it's limited to Self and you have to choose one Trait that it boosts when you take it.
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#43 Postby Lord Lance » Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:49 am

MadTinkerer wrote:Here's a quickie: a simple Power Edge that all Arcane Backgrounds can have. An Edge with the identical name has already appeared in my Savage Fu article in Shark Bytes. This is the revised version.

Focused Mind (Power Edge)
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background, Spirit d8
Your hero gains +4 bonus to Arcane Skill rolls for the purpose of maintaining concentration.

Hallo Madtinkerer!
I saw this version in the savagepedia:

Focused Mind
Requirements:Novice, ArcaneBackground,Smarts
d8+, Spirit d8+
Your hero is able to stay focused and alert even un-
derthemoststressfulofsituations.Whenever he
makes an Arcane Skill or Smarts roll to avoid having
his powers disrupted, he may apply a +2 bonus.

Do you think this one is an underpowered edge?
Should I go with the +4 version??

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