HOE conversion

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HOE conversion

#1 Postby Banjo » Sun Sep 21, 2003 6:16 pm

I take it there is not much chance of us seeing an "official" quick HOE to SW conversion similar to the Deadlands SW conversion before the Reloaded books come out in the new year ??

I was just asking because, my group is just finishing up our current Deadlands campaign and has decided to return to HOE (on the way to LC) and I thought it might be a good time to introduce them to SW :twisted:

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dr evil
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#2 Postby dr evil » Mon Sep 22, 2003 12:05 pm

I'll be honest, but after playing a few games of HOE (Which is about all the HOE i have played) it seems like converting using the DL Reloaded guide should do the trick if the answer is no. I mean after all the biggest thing would be the Psi system (which is pretty well laid out in SW) and the Radiation rules (which are obviously a Fatigue drain situation) Monsters from DLHOE to SW should be a breeze, not to mention that there are plenty of good examples of how they should look converted.
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