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#41 Postby Bill » Tue Mar 29, 2005 9:11 am

Title: Net Runners

Genre: Sci-Fi

When information hidden in the World Net is treasure, you will always have treasure hunters seeking the gold. Computer programs can react in nanoseconds to intrusions and the guardian programs are proliferate and endlessly being created. In fact, no virus or intrusion Program can react fast enough to reach the information. Only a Net Runner, someone willing to risk their own mind can react fast enough to the changing situations to find and loot the World Net information blocks.

The world is a vast warren of underground cities, connected by high-speed gravity trains and wired to everything. The surface is a wasteland of poisonous air, fouled water and ruined cities. Except for the domed farms built over every underground city, no sign of life remains on the surface. Deep mines, long abandoned, honeycomb the mountains and polluted seas. City Core-taps supply power for the few billions of people left alive. Recycling of all materials allow new things to be manufactured as all other sources of raw materials are gone. The hope of humanity lies in discovering a way to reach new worlds in the sky. The World Business Bureau, a council of the last big companies on the world, control all commerce, electronic and otherwise and live like kings in the palaces deepest under the cities. As you go toward the surface the air gets worse and the conditions deteriorate. Each company would like to be the final company and work to steal information from one another. All commerce and research is done via the World Net and the omni-present World Information Police (WIP). However, the laws are very strict, forcing the companies to go outside themselves for independents to do the dirty work. Thus net runners, independent “research” companies, are hired to find out what a rival is doing and get that information from them. The net-runners usually have some cutting edge technology for Virtual Reality Net-runs, the only way to penetrate the maze of protections surrounding the core of any company’s research program.

In the Net you can lose yourself, for the net operates as a city in a city. The layout has mass transit lines connecting the company’s locations and then security programs protecting and checking access. The minds of the programmers are reflected in the types of protection, from fantastic creatures of fantasy to metallic robots to alien constructs, whatever the programmer felt would be most intimidating and difficult to defeat. Inside are trap programs, illusionary rooms, and other safeguards. Patrolling the neural pathways are the WIP representatives, operatives in black suits and dark glasses, possessed with reaction speeds and power enough to end most programs lives, and punish any net-runner they catch.

Net runners are wildcards who use their special status to create whatever they need when they need it. This may be a weapon, transportation, code-breaking devices, whatever. They may even download a “skill” they do not possess at a skill level equal to a d6. Each time they attempt to alter their reality they must make a Spirit check to stay “anchored”. If they succeed they get the item (or skill) they wanted. If they fail they must burn a Benny or take a wound. Each time they alter reality there is a -1 (cumulative) penalty on the next check. If they alter reality with a raise they reduce this penalty by one (but never less than zero). Created items do not last past the area (electronic room) they were created in. If they run out of bennies they take a wound. If they die in the virtual world, they die in the real world.

There is a public “joint” project being worked on to create a spacecraft to ferry the population to a new “green” world. Of course this may just be propaganda to keep the masses working at their meaningless jobs, or a project really meant to take just the corporate executives, or truly a project that is being hamstrung by the corporation executives who don’t really want to lose their positions of power. Any, or all, of these could be reality. Only the Net-Runners can find out the truth, and cash in on it!
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#42 Postby MarshalEric » Tue Mar 29, 2005 9:42 pm

The Prisoner

Genre: Spy/Espionage/Sci-Fi

It's the classic British 1960s television show Savaged! Your characters are former secret agents who've been captured by a mysterious shadow organization and taken to The Village, where there is no escape! Who is Number One? Why is Number Two different each gaming session? And what's with those balloon-like things that pop up when I'm trying to escape?
"Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure."
- William Saroyan

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#43 Postby palehorse » Wed Mar 30, 2005 3:00 am

Dust to Dust

The 20th century is upon us. Some feel it is the dawn of a new age. Others know better. The writing is on the wall: the end is very, very nigh.

I will show you fear in a handful of dust
1931, United States: The heartland has begun to wither and die on the vine, as the first 'black blizzards' strike. They mark the beginning of the worst drought in American history.

A heap of broken images
1906, United States: The city of San Francisco is shattered by a massive earthquake. 2500 are killed; 300,000 are left homeless.
1931, Nicaragua: An earthquake destroys the city of Managua. 2000 are left dead.

Fear death by water
1912, the Atlantic Ocean: The Titanic sinks, killing nearly 1500 people.

And the dead tree gives no shelter
1918, the United States: World War I is in full swing. A soldier stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, contracts the flu. It spreads to other soldiers, who take the flu with them to Europe. It spreads out across the globe. In the course of one year, 30 million are left dead; strangely, most are between the ages of 20 and 40, an age group typically more likely to survive the flu than others.
1921, Russia: Crop failures from drought result in a terrible famine. Some claim that the peasants try to survive by eating grass and bark - and, even worse, each other. Aid from America was finally asked for and recieved, but it was too late to save the estimated 5 million dead.

The lady of situations
1931, Germany: Adolph Hitler's niece and lover, Geli Raubal, commits suicide. It's presumed she could no long stand her uncle's domineering control of every facet of her life. Rumors to the contrary abound, and are mercilessly quashed.




A series of ritual murders in the Whitechapel district of London: five brutal deaths at five key locations. These are the final strokes of a dark magic working underway for over a year. Those responsible believe that the spell will banish death from the earth. Instead, it seals the doorway to the afterlife. From this day onward, the dead will know no peace.



If souls can be said to have weight, then a critical mass is about to be reached. The narrow gap between the living world and the Barrier sealing in the souls of the dead is filled to capacity. With nowhere to go, the dead will soon walk the earth.

The Opposition

The Spirits of the Damned
Where the dead men lost their bones

Not all the spirits trapped by the Barrier are anxious to tear it down. Some have nothing to look forward to but eternal damnation; an eternity trapped on earth would seem to be paradise in comparison. Those who've learned how to influence the living world - directly and indirectly - will use that influence to make certain that nothing disturbs the Barrier.

The Restless Dead
Who are those hooded hordes swarming

Yes, zombies. In this case, those who die but find their souls unable to leave their now-lifeless bodies. Most in this situation will believe themselves damned, or go mad; either way, they have nothing left to lose. The first will seem to be aberrations, but as the Reach - the space between the Living World and the Barrier - is filled, more and more of the Restless will appear. Their bodies can be rendered useless (attacks which would kill them accomplish this) but only moving the body to an area where there is still room in the Reach will stop them permanently.

As the Restless become more numerous, they go mad and kill... and with no room in the Reach, those they kill will also become Restless Dead. And on and on, until there are no living souls left on Earth.

The Campaign

The players begin at the end, either before or after.

he Restless Dead are just beginning to appear. Most consider them to be only rumors, but when the players encounter one themselves, all doubt will be removed. From there, they can go on to learn the facts of the situation. (Most likely, they'll work backwards: learning that the Restless Dead are spiritual in nature, that they're trapped on Earth because they can't move on, that no one is moving on, that no one has moved on since the late 1800's, that the Barrier exists, and finally who created it.)

In this case, they'll have a couple of options for ending the plague of the Restless. Either they can find a way to remove the Barrier... or destroy all the souls in the Reach. The latter will not solve the problem forever, but will act as a stopgap until someone can breach the Barrier. Of course, since this is a pretty horrifying act in and of itself, it will present itself as a far easier solution than removing the Barrier permanently.

A campaign using this version should feature a nightmarish trek across the Dust Bowl, with the physical devestation around them mirroring the spiritual destruction of the world. Encounters with carnival psychics, conversations with insane defrocked priests, and sojourns into terrifying haunted houses are the order of the day.


Of course, you can use Dust to Dust to prop up a 1930's themed zombie apocalypse game. Weighty concerns like freeing a few billion trapped souls are tossed aside in favor of some zombie-whooping action.

Strange Events

The horrible events listed in the opening are - for the most part - true. (The only fabrication among them is the bit about rumors surrounding the death of Hitler's niece.) At it's heart, Dust to Dust is a story of dark conspiracies, so use this as an opportunity to crack open the history books and look for strange events in the early 20th century and include them in the backstory or use them as adventure seeds.

Unanswered Questions

I've left some portions of the story wide open. It's up to you to decide how, or even if, they should be answered.

Who was responsible for the Barrier?
Why did Hitler's niece kill herself?
How can the Barrier be breached?

A Note

If you're wondering, the oddball quotes used above are from T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, which can be mined for chapter titles for your adventures as well. Here are just a few:

What are the roots that clutch?
Looking into the heart of light
Withered stumps of time
Those are pearls that were his eyes
Sweet Thames, run softly
At the violet hour
The agony in stony places
Dry bones can harm no one

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#44 Postby Billybuck Dancer » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:24 pm

Mechs vs. Hobbits

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi

Lord of the Rings, Return of the Jedi, lunch table bickering, Grunts! By Mary Gentle, Warhammer 40k

The Moot was a peaceful region full of hobbits much like you or me. They laughed, cried, had their arguments, and loved. It was perfectly normal, even idyllic. They enjoyed the simple pleasures of life, living vicariously through the stories of adventure brought to them by their aberrant crop of black-sheep adventuring types. Stories entertained the hobbits, but they never wanted to take part in them. Then The Storm came.

Captain Escarth Kraggien scowled, and crushed a plundered ham in his damaged powerfist. First the Bugs had ambushed the supply hulk that his squad was assigned to protect, and then the emergency beacon that had led him off course in the first place turned out to be nothing more than a strange tower on an uncharted world. It sent off a strange radiation, but nothing that his troops could use. With a copy of the Imperial Edict flowing within his drug-enhanced veins, he ordered his surviving unit of Imperial Armada Troopers to move out. He had the right to seize provisions for his troops from the local xenomorphs, using lethal force if necessary. While it was only a technicality in the books, he was a desperate man. Desperate to get back to the war, desperate to restore his men’s faith in him, desperate to kill.

Kraggien’s Killers were on the march. Their weapons stomped across the countryside, taking whatever they could to survive. The pickings were slim, but scouts had reported a major agricultural center several days to the east. If they could survive until then, they locals certainly wouldn’t be able to resist the strength of technology.

This idea comes from an argument that has been building for a long time in my local gaming group. I have taken it upon myself to solve this question in a novel way: a simulation rather than a debate. The players are invited to play as hobbits/half-folk, but there will also be space-farers who detached from the main unit available. Although planned as a one-shot, it could be expanded in several ways. The quest for heroic weapons able to pierce mechanical armor could appear to certain brash heroes, even when stealth and trappery are more suitable tactics. Hit and run missions could be retooled to focus on singular death machines of Metal Gear caliber, instead of the “blow up the remaining supply trucks” idea that I will be using for conventioning. Perhaps sympathetic humans would rather prosecute the rampaging Armada in a military court than shoot them or acclimate them forcibly to the region.

Hijinx… in Space!

Humorous Sci-fi/Punching

Inspiration: Jabberjaw, Space Channel 5, Polyhedron’s Hijinx, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Description: Hey there, all you swinging spacecats and hyperkittens! This is Quirky Boots O'Rockets, live and on the scene of a space burglary. It appears that a vicious band of criminals has broken into the Europa Chemical Depository again, and they’re itchin’ to make off with a new, ultra-secret formula. Wick, can you pull up some information on that for our viewers at home?

What’s this? Those cads from the Forbidden Planet Nightly News are descending through a skylight from their helicopter to get the scoop? Space Broadcast Team, assemble!

Grab scoops, solve wacky mysteries, and trounce bozos. In space! If fist-fighting and prop-based weaponry aren’t your style, floor your foes with star power. In the not-so-distant future, celebrity news teams have once again reclaimed the bardic mantle of old. Through effective use of sound, light, and raw charisma, they are able to call upon the glorious passions of their fans for strength. You can’t get past that door in the top-secret base of Baron von Diamond? Put on a show for his cafeteria full of jump-suited goons. As the number progresses, celebrating mooks will fill the corridors, and even formerly hostile biker gangs will form elaborate dance numbers. This portion of the game is similar to the Space Rock Opera from page one, but with a different focus. Characters from the two would be fairly interchangeable.

Roles – Cameraman: Back-up, straightman, judge of aesthetical worth
Special Effects: The mage.
Star Reporter: Raw style, the power of narration
Rigger: To drive the newsvan, newschopper, newsblimp, and newsbuggy
Wacky Mascot: Be he shark, robot, or bear, all groups need a unifying symbol. More than that, the wacky mascot is the soul of the group.
Other: Bodyguards, hotshot hackers, Wild West gun showmen, facemen, facewomen, rogue scientists, undercover cops

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#45 Postby Bill » Wed Apr 06, 2005 3:29 pm

Title: Wizard’s Rune

Genre: Fantasy/Post-apocalypse


The first Wizard Rune was discovered and activated in Stonehenge in England. When activated the rune called to seven others like it, one in every hemisphere of the globe, and caused the Earth’s Magic Field to reactivate. When the magic wave hit, all technology, save for the most basic, stopped working. Chemical processes, except for the most basic, worked nothing like they did before, if they worked at all. Planes crashed, cars stalled, elevators froze, and most technology was rendered useless. With food and power networks hopelessly overwhelmed the “civilized” nations collapsed into chaos. Within weeks starvation and plagues swept the lands.

Then the invaders came. With the magic wave came a weakening of the dimensional fabric surrounding our world. From dimensions only hinted at in the dreams of writers came creatures of legend. From the lands beyond came twisted Goblins and Orcs, towering Ogres, Trolls and Giants, haughty Elves, greedy Dwarves, and other creatures of myth and horror. Humans were gathered up like cattle, sorted by health for slaves and the weak slaughtered to feed the most basic creatures needs.

Now is a time for heroes. For some they have been given powers they do not understand and must learn to control those powers to free their fellow man. For others their anachronistic hobbies suddenly have use. Will these few be able to mount a resistance against the flood of evil? Will they chose to hunt down the sources of the magic powers now infusing the land and destroy them, or try to live with these new powers? Time, and magic, will tell.
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#46 Postby Bill » Mon Apr 11, 2005 2:05 pm

Title: “The Gamer Wars!”

Genre: Modern/Sci-Fi/Humor (Credit Slasher for this one!)

The Allusions of Centauri Prime need warriors to fight against the insidious Ho-Paken of Rigel. Having heard Earth broadcasts for years the Allusions were convinced the Earth had all the warriors needed to fight their insidious foe. Using some experimental ships, they appeared over earth and beamed DNA samples from some of the greatest warriors they could find. Unfortunately they chose to beam these from a series of Gaming Conventions throughout the world. When re-constituted, the aliens found themselves with a number of clever but either out-of-shape or socially unbalanced, generally hyper-active, male humans who normally would never hit a fly. Placed in the Allusions Combat Armor and armed with the latest in Allusion “Thought” Weaponry the heroes must face an enemy they know nothing about, or die.

Characters use novice SW creation limits and are placed into “Necessary Evil” style Super Combat Suits with 10 points of “Super Sorcery” to represent the “If you think it, the suit can create it” combat options. Characters should be modeled on the players’ actual experiences and background knowledge. Good Luck in the Gamer Wars!
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The Mythic Hunt Club

#47 Postby Codexier » Tue Apr 19, 2005 1:23 pm

The Mythic Hunt Club

Genre: Modern/Fantasy

"Gentlemen, and Ladies, I appreciate your coming together like this today!" Retired British General Archibald Skitterington took a long smoke from an ivory pipe. The room was dark excepting the wash of a small museum floodlight shining down on a box covered with a thick white sheet. The obscured box sat on a pedestal.
On the walls were mounted the heads of all manner of beasts. Tigers with frozen snarls. A rhino head with a grand horn protruding from it's snout. A pair of identical looking (twins?) elephants with angry eyes. All around the perimeter of the room were similar looking pedestals to the one in front of the old General, each of a different size and all with a thick white cover over them.
"Most of you know each other, even if only by reputation." Various nods and the occasional snort or chuckle from the shadowed figures sitting before Skitterington.
"You have been hand-picked, by me of course, for a grand endeavor! For, you are the best of the best! The most elite hunters of our age! From across the globe I have collected a team that surpasses any Hunt Club in history!" Skitterington's voice blustered about the room, and in the shadows, it was difficult to see many pairs of eyes rolling with sarcasm.
Yet the people in the room knew they were special. Even being in the presence of Archibald Skitterington, who was generally regarded as the greatest hunter was a thing of awe. And they all knew they were sitting with unequaled peers in their sport.
"I have decided to create a new exhibition, and have received grants from a number of key sponsors." At this, the room buzzed and interested was piqued. "No expense is being spared. You will have the best equipment, fantastic research materials, and will be extremely well rewarded for your participation."
The room was quiet now, all attention focused on the old, quite overweight man in front of them.
"Yes." He grinned widely. "Now I have your attention!"
He placed his hand on the thick white sheet on the box in front of him, but he did not yet uncover it.
"My exhibitions have always been well received. I have hunted some of the most ferocious beasts that walk these lands. I don't hunt weak and languid animals, for what is the point? Instead, I take the strongest, most unattainable animals. These haunt you from the walls of the exhibits. They follow you into your dreams where they stalk you waiting to pounce upon you before you awake in a cold sweat."
"But this exhibit will far surpass anything seen before! It will amaze and frighten! It will shake the beliefs of a world founded on reason!"
"Together we will create an exhibit of mythical beasts!" At this, he pulled the white sheet off of the box, uncovering a glass case. In it, a warm yellow glow seemed to dance frantically around the case. It moved so fast it blurred such that it was impossible to discover the nature of the source.
After a time, the glow slowed and then came to rest at the bottom of the glass case in a corner. "Please come see!" Skitterington motioned for the hunters to come up to the glass case.
In it they could see a tiny figure. A female, naked and with gossamer dragonfly-like wings. The glow was emanating from the figure. She huddled in the corner, seemingly confused and frightened.
"It is a sprite. I hunted for many weeks throughout the forests of Germany and finally found her in a sleepy repose within a large lily near a pond."
Someone touched the glass with a finger and in a flash the figure rocketed toward the hand smacking into the thick glass. She frantically tore at the glass and the onlookers could see that she had sharp fangs which chomped fiercely.
"It was not an easy catch, by any means." Skitterington rolled up the sleeve of one arm to show a series of scabbed up gashes, some of which appeared long and deep. He sighed deeply. "I've gotten too old for this sort of business," he said sadly, then brightened, "but that is why you all are here!"
"You will be catching some of the most elusive and dangerous creatures possible. Until now, most of these creatures are so rare that they have been considered mythical and imaginary. We will prove to the world that this is a false belief!"
"Welcome to the Mythic Hunt Club!"

Players play skilled hunters who go give chase to a variety of mythological creatures from around the globe. They research the myths, gain transport to the site, track the creature to their lair and then capture or kill the creature. The creatures gain in complexity and danger, from the relatively harmless, but mischievous leprechaun to the deadly dragon. Yetis, Oni, Tengu, Wyvern, all beware!

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#48 Postby Sadric » Fri Apr 22, 2005 3:36 am

Genre: Worldhopping Horror Military Action

The players are some sort of modern Monster/Ghost Hunter (maybe with weak Psi-powers) and one hunt lead them in a parallel world, once a beatifull world full of peaceloving people (ruins of beatifull buildings, Picture and so on) but are overrunned by a great evil. I think something between the bad boys from Stargate (Goa-uld?) and a Lich (with lots of Zombies and other Undeads).

The way to this world was created by some sort of evil goblins that steal childrens out of their room. The Sc fight with the goblins, discovering some of the History of this world and hear about a hidden outpost or escape route from this world. Then they save the kids but at the gate to earth they are ambushed by more goblins or stronger monster and they must defend the collapsing gate to give the kids enough time to flee trough the gate.

But the SCs are too late and cant return to earth. Their only hope is the hidden escape way they learned about. So they travel trough this tainted world, fight against undead until they reach the hidden outpost where a gate to a other world is. This world are in the middle of a (loosing) war against the great evil, but they could send them back to earth, but tell them that earth is next on the campaign of conquest ov the great evil.

Earth Goverments found a special group to defend earth, the SCs are the
main advisors or soldiers of this group.

*They could search new allys on other worlds.
*help the other world with weapons and troops to defend their world,
so they hold longer out.
*searching for magic weapons or something on overrunned world
*help resistance movements on overrunned worlds
*hunt monster on earths because they could be evil forces spies
*simple explore other worlds

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#49 Postby Sadric » Fri Apr 22, 2005 3:42 am

Against the Empire
genre Worldhopping Steamtech Pulp SF

inspired by GURPS:Steamtech.
A weird inventor (ca. 1880-1900) invent an Airship that could jump trough Ehterspace into other worlds. The Maiden Flight lead into Ehterspace (a large cavelike, glowing space with a lot of "gates" and with flying giant rays that chase the Airship to a other gate) into a steaming jungle world full of Dinosaurs and Cavemen. At arrival rage a very strong storm. The SC could see something like a deserted landing tower and Hangar.
An important cristal of the Etherdrive get lost in the storm.
After the storm the SC search this cristal (The inventor could locate it with a device) and fight Dinosaurs and Cavemen. The Cristal is found in the center of the cavemenvillage on a large pole as sacred piece of the sky . In my Game the SC gets caught by Cavemens and should be offered a T-Rex. They could free them timely to get their Hunting rifle and shoot at the Dinosaur. Wounded the Dinosaurs turned at the Cavemens and in the confusion the Sc could save the cristal and return to their Airship.
There they get caught by the Alien crew of a other, military Airship of a interplanetar Empire.
They are transported to a other world where they are interrogated and put in the mines for slave labor. They start a revolution of the Natives, including building a Hot Air ballon to escape trough the Mining shaft, freeing the Hostage Godkings of the natives, destroying the Power Transmitter Tower that provides the Aeronefs Gunships with Power and leading the natives against the Imperial bastion.
After return to earth I tell them that the British empire feared that they could end as colony of the interplanetar Empire and send them out to search Allys, be a modern Drake against the interplanetar Empire and
find modern Military Airships.

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#50 Postby SlasherEpoch » Tue Apr 26, 2005 4:36 pm

Grammar World

Post-Linguistic Adventure!

In a world where the written word has been abolished, where three consecutive world wars decimated almost everything written anyway, where a new Dark Age has borne an Inquisition to eliminate any other written manuscripts...a small community of heretics is about to discover that sticks and stones can break bones and words can burn someone's flesh off.

The players will consist of mutants (standard race) with physical abilities, linguiphiles (non-mutant humans who can access the magic of writing), and lookers (who scavenge the world for useful stuff).

Along the way, they'll have to fight off other tribes who find them heretical, rabid Libris-Sars (driven to seek out books and hoard them, for reasons unknown, evil Linguiphiles, and the dread Inquisition.

The big twist: The Inquisition is trying to start the world over. They wish to play God, eliminating all traces of what is known and remaking the Earth in their image by fictionalizing history, science, and religious texts.

This one needs work, but I appreciate the titular pun. Bennies are awarded for using forty-eight cent words and puns.

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#51 Postby Matt DeForrest » Tue Apr 26, 2005 11:18 pm


"The time is out of joint; O cursed spite, That ever I was born to set it right!" Hamlet I, v

The first experiment in practical time travel was an unmitigated disaster. When Communist sympathyzers at Cassachunia Institute of Technology decided that the only way to bring about the rise of an international socialist utopia was to go back in time and ensure that Trotski would win the power struggle following the death of Lenin, they believed that their primary concerns were going to be political and linguistic rather than practical. Because of a miscalculation, they only succeeded in tearing a brief hole in the fabric of space-time that opened briefly over the Tunguska River in 1908 -- miles and years away from their intended arrival point.

That anomoly, however, quickly resolved itself and forced them back into the time stream. Their experimental craft, however, was unable to complete the journey back. Even the wildest conspiracy theorists never quite understood what had happened when the young Communists' craft disintegrated over Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Those two anomolies were absorbed by the timestream and became part of history. What could not be resolved, however, was the hole that the researchers opened in order to go back in time. The "present" became strangely fluid around the anomoly -- plastic enough for people to infect it.

A janitor was the first to accidentally discover this when he wished a particularly stubborn stain had never happened. Time-space wrenched and warped at his wish and the stain faded in and out of existence for a moment. The janitor wasn't strong willed enough to hold the new future in place.

Dr. Varnic, one of the initial research team, was. Unlike most of the team, who were idealists, Varnic was less interested in the thought of having Trotski replace Stalin than that he might be able to replace Stalin.

Varnic decided he did not want to share the secret of manipulating the timestream with a janitor (Members of the proletariat, he belived, were meant to be seen but not heard.). He willed him out of existence.

The timestream shuddered inperceptably, twisted, and realigned. Now Varnic has entered the timestream, using only his will to guide him, in order to shape a future in his own interest.

The PCs are the few who can stop him. Perhaps they are, like Varnic, able to sense the eddies of the timestream and navigate it -- bending it to their will (Arcane Background: Timestreamer). Perhaps they are research scientists who, using the notes of the prior team, have kitbashed a barely functioning time machine based on the notes and designs left by the prior team (or have infiltrated Area 51 to get their hands on the ship's wreckage or perhaps been given access to it by President Kerry...or was it Chairman Bush?) and are trying to restabilize the timestream. Perhaps the heroes are from the nightmare future created by Varnic and, because they were close enough to an anomoly, know they have a chance to change things. Perhaps tehy are from a farther future and are charged with preserving history.

Whatever their reason for beginning, the goal is simple: find a way to undo Varnic's manipulations of the timestream in order to restabilize the present.

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#52 Postby Bill » Thu Apr 28, 2005 12:09 pm

DATI offered this on another thread but it should be kept:

Title: Civic Were Agents!

Genre: Modern X-Files/Rippers/Supers Adventures with werewolves!


Initial Character Creation

Player characters were created as per the basic Savage Worlds rules. However, the PCs had to start the game as a group. In my game, the PCs were all college kids enrolled in the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and sharing a large apartment together. As I recall, the players in my group created their characters around broad college stereotypes such as: the jock, the engineer-nerd, the ladies-man, etc.

[If you decide to go with the college kid concept, I suggest that you change the location to somewhere nearer to home for your gaming group.]

Character Transformation:

The PCs will undergo a transformation from human to something that could be best described as "human plus other stuff". Their physical appearance is unchanged. But they now have many characteristics that differ from normal humans.

Raise Agility, Strength, and Vigor by one die type. The maximum die type in those three stats is now d12+4. The players may purchase up to a d12+2 via normal purchases once per rank (note that normal humans can only purchase a stat up to a d12 in that manner). After that, the PCs may purchanse the Professional edge to raise one of those stats to d12+3 and the Expert edge to raise it to d12+4.

Fighting, Initimidation, Guts, Notice, Swimming, and Stealth all increase by one die type, or go up to a d6 (whichever results in a greater skill level).

Survival and Tracking increase by one die type. If the PC doesn't have the skill, it increases to a d4.

[For the skill increases, ignore all questions of stat limitations on a skill. Example: if a PC starts with a Smarts of d6 and a Notice of d6, his Notice skill will go up to a D8.]

The PCs gain the Fleet-Footed edge. If a PC already has Fleet-Footed, then he is Very Fleet-Footed (a 12" pace and he rolls a D12 when running).

Also, the PCs have an Enhanced Fast Healer edge. In addition to the +2 to Vigor healing rolls, they make those rolls every two days instead of every five days. If a PC started with Fast Healer, then he rolls once per day instead of every two days.

The PCs have an enhanced sense of smell, but have lost some visual acuity. Notice rolls in which sight is the dominant sense are made at one die type less. Notice rolls in which smell is the dominant sense are made at one die type higher. Hearing rolls are normal.

When GMing, keep in mind that the players now see in black and white and don't pick out all of the visual details that they once did. On the other hand, their sense of smell is now as important a sense to them as their hearing. They can now smell strong emotions, identify individuals that were in an area recently, detect animal and human threats that are in the near area, etc. As a GM, remember that environmental factors (wind, overpowering odors such as gasoline, individuals wearing other people's clothes, etc.) can effect an acute sense of smell.

The transformation that the PCs have undergone also has a pyschological effect. The PCs have a major hindrance that I called Rage, but is actually much more subtle than the name indicates.

The most obvious effect of Rage is that the PCs are now pretty tempermental. Threats or challenges -- especially from other adult males -- have a pretty good chance of being met by violence instead of loud posturing or a hasty retreat. The PCs will also find themselves having what are best described as 'pack/predator moments'. They have a strong desire to hunt. They like being around others. They tend to think of wherever they are as 'their territory'. And they ferociously defend whatever they think of as 'theirs' (which under the right circumstances that can mean things as diverse as a girlfriend, a family member, the geeky kid who helps them with computer problems, fellow fans of a sports team, the whole country, or the entire human race).

I handled most of this by having the PCs make a Spirit roll whenever a situation arose that might activate their pack/predator instincts. If they succeeded, they kept control of themselves. Otherwise they should play the hindrance. This may sound like trouble waiting to happen, but in my game, thanks to bennies and some smart player moves, the PCs never did anything too ugly.

First Adventure:

[I know that this introductory adventure is pretty heavily scripted. In fact, you could fairly say it does a lot of 'railroading'. In addition, there's no real threat to the PCs in this game -- unless they do something really dumb. But I do think the scenario offers good role-playing opportunities as the players try to deal with the fact that something odd is happening to them. I would award 2 XP if you feel that the players did a good job of role-playing, 1 XP otherwise.]

-- Introduction --

The game starts with the PCs on their way back from a concert in Des Moines, Iowa. That's a reasonably long distance from Lincoln and the PCs got a late start on the drive back home. Somewhere around 3 a.m., it becomes obvious to the PCs that they are going to wreck if they keep driving, so they pull off onto an Interstate rest-area for a snooze.

The rest area is very isolated and there were no other cars and only a few trucks parked in it.

Have the players make a Smarts roll and a Spirit roll. Note which players succeeded at the Smarts roll and which individual player made the Spirit roll by the most (or failed it by the least, if nobody succeeded).

The PCs are awakened an hour-or-so later by a state patrolman fufilling his solemn duty to prevent people from actually resting in the rest area. He orders them to move on.

[Note that the above is presented to the players as actions that they have taken as a part of the adventure introduction. They don't really start playing until the next section.]

-- Back on the Road --

The player who made his Spirit roll by the most will be particularly groggy and also feel a bit disoriented. Tell him that he had a nightmare, but don't get specific unless the player asks for details. If he does ask, tell him that he doesn't remember much about the nightmare except for a bright light, a humming-and-clicking sound, and that he seemed to gasping for breath.

Everbody in the party feels tired, cranky, and has a lot of generic aches and pains. As the players pull back onto the Interstate, tell the players who made their Smarts roles that something about the way they were parked in the rest area seemed odd. They remember parking the car somewhere else in the rest area than where they woke up. On the other hand, the players who failed their Smarts rolls remember parking the car exactly where they woke up.

[What happened? The PCs were abducted and subjected of a genetic transformation while they were 'asleep at the rest area'. Who did this and why? More on that later...]

Tell the players that their car is low on gas and that they're hungry -- in fact, they're starving. The players will probably do the reasonable thing and stop at a gas-station.

As the PCs get out of the car, emphasize the gasoline and engine-exhaust stench of the gas station. Tell the player(s) with the lowest Vigor that their vision looks slightly fuzzy and that they see white spots in front of their eyes.

The guy managing the gas station smells like he hasn't taken a shower for a week. The bathroom looks immaculate, but stinks like an open latrine. The only food the players find themselves interested in buying are meat-products such as beef jerky. If someone insists on purchasing candy or chips, the players will find themselves unable to eat it -- for some reason, it's completely unappetizing.

-- The Hunt --

Have any player(s) who stayed near the care make a normal Notice roll. If they succeed, they see a rabbit near the edge of the gas station's concrete pavement. The rabbit is inoffensively chewing on some tender shoots of grass.

Have the players near the car make a Spirit roll. If they fail, they immediately bound off after the rabbit -- chasing it off into the dark. If any players start chasing the rabbit, then the players who made their roll must roll again. If they fail, they will join the hunt.

Have the players continue the hunt -- making paired Spirit and Agility rolls every now and then.

A succesful Spirit roll means that the player snaps out of his hunting frenzy.

An Agility roll with two raises means that the player has caught the rabbit. He suddenly comes to his senses with a dead rabbit in his hands -- it's neck is broken. The player feels very shaky, but isn't even breathing hard. If the GM is feeling cruel, another Spirit roll is required. If the roll is failed, the player enjoys some very rare rabbit. Otherwise, he has control of himself.

Let the players get back to Lincoln without further incident. They'll be extremely tired and ravenously hungry. So hungry that, despite their exhaustion, they simply won't be able to go to sleep until the get a LOT to eat. Again, only meat seems to appealing.

As soon as they take the edge off of their appetite, the PCs will fall asleep.

-- The Next Day --

When the PCs wake up the next afternoon, they will only be able to see in black-and-white. On the other hand, their sense of smell will be amazingly acute -- even more so than the previous night. The players are now pure carnivores and they'll quickly notice that previous physical ailments (allergies, poor eyesight, asthma, acne, etc.) are all gone. Even scars and minor deformities will have gone away.

[The PCs are fully transformed. See notes below.]

As the PCs try to sort out what has happened to them, they hear a racket from the apartment downstairs.

Amy Paddington, the girl who lives downstairs, is a smart, pretty girl who is a student of physical anthropology at UNL. The PCs know her -- she's very friendly and outgoing. They also know that she has a taste for men who are 'dangerous'. Up until now, that hasn't been a problem.

However, this time it's gone badly wrong. Amy dumped the ex-con gang-member that she was dating, and he's not the kind of guy to take that in a civilized manner. So he's in her apartment, beating Amy senseless in order to 'teach her a lesson about respect'. Meanwhile, his loser buddies stand guard to make sure that nobody interferes.

Tnings should develop nicely from there.

[Give the badguys a d8 for Vigor and Strength and a d6 for everyhing else. Fighting skill should be at d6. One of the guys guarding the door to Amy's apartment is carrying a 9mm automatic pistol and has a d6 Shooting skill. Oh, and the cops will probably show up about the time the players finish with the gang members...]

Where does the government fit into this?

In my campaign the PCs found themselves in situaton after situation that emphasized their new nature and talents. Eventually, they found themselves in San Francisco, taking a vacation. That's when they prevented a terrorist attempt to sneak a container ship tricked up as a floating bomb into the Oakland docks.

The fallout from that incident was when the government found out about the PCs.

Parts of the U.S. Federal government knows that the 'alien abduction' thing is not entirely nonsense -- and is probably something more complex than 'aliens flying light years to rectal-probe rednecks'. In fact the PCs are not the first people to have been modified. And they aren't the wierdest modification that has happened. But the only agency in the government that is eagerly investigating the issue is something called the 'Special Security Directorate' -- the SSD.

The SSD is buried deep in the new Department of Homeland Security. A better name for the SSD might be, "The Department of Troublemakers and Wierdos."

The SSD is made up the Federal government's Fox Mulders and Dirty Harry Callahans. They're people who don't play by the rules, are hated by their bosses, and are always in some kind of trouble with whatever agency they work for. They also have a record for getting results.

After 9-11, someone decided that part of the problem with Federal intelligence and security activities was too much bureaucratic group-think and a strong tendency towards risk aversion. So they quietly created a small agency made up of people who couldn't group-think if they tried and were anything but risk averse.

Staffing the SSD wasn't hard. Agencies like the FBI and CIA were always eager to get rid of their guys who fit the SSD profile.

The SSD has a pretty broad commission. They can show up just about anywhere, dealing with just about any kind of case -- missions are assigned from very high up in the Administration. Other agencies tend to get out of the SSD's way when they show up. They don't want to have to deal with the consequences of the types of things that SSD gets invovled in.

Most importantly, the SSD is just crazy enough to have no problem with recruiting guys like the PCs as operatives.

Why were the PCs transformed? What's going on?

Pick one:

1) A very powerful, xenophobic, and genocidal alien race is steadily expanding out of the galactic core and into this part of the galaxy. Facing them are your standard alien-Grey types (who live 'nearby' in galactic terms). The Greys are experimenting with the human genome in an effort to produce super-soldiers, spies, pilots, and workers -- whatever is needed to fight the oncoming invasion.

The whole project is a rush job and the Greys frequently get sloppy with mind-wipes and specimen cleanup. That's why so many people on Earth are aware of the fact the something strange is going on.

Letting the PCs go was a mistake by the Greys. I wonder if they plan on fixing it?

2) The folks who transformed the PCs aren't aliens. In fact, they've always lived on Earth. To be more precise, they are the beings that -- for want of a better term -- might be best described as 'faerie'.

The Faerie Courts have decided that the human race has become a problem and it's time to change them into something less threatening and more useful. Humans more tightly intertwined with their animal nature would seem to fit the bill.

Hey, it makes sense if you're an elf.

3) From his secret base in Antarctica, a mad-scientist of epic proportions sends his anti-gravity fluid-magnetic drive ships all over the world on horrific missions.

The scientist and his fanatical followers are performing slightly insane experiments in which they use 'wet' nano-technology (50 years in advance of present technology) to bio-transform human beings into animal-hybrid 'slave races'. The transformed slave races will ultimately out-breed and out-compete the baseline humans. But when the time comes, they will bow down to he who created them.

Communism, Fascism, Democracy, and Capitalism have all their chance -- and failed. Hail to the coming New Order of Science! BWA-HAH-HA-HA-HA!!!
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Title: 1860, the 2nd Revolt of the Colonies.

Genre: Alternate American History/Weird Science

The British Empire had been in control of much of the world since Napoleon was defeated in 1812. The British Ministry of Science lead the world in new inventions, and the army’s Armored Steam Wagons were the finest mobile artillery in the world. Modern Steam Frigates kept the seas safe for the powerful British Merchant Fleet. With all the power of the world at her disposal, the British government finally passed the law that would make slavery illegal even in her colonies. The Southern American Colonies revolted, realizing the danger to their livelihood. The Northern American Colonies had embraced the power of the machine, deplored the Southerner’s reliance on slavery but chaffed under the current British Governor’s rule. While refusing to join with the Confederacy of Southern Colonies they prepared to take advantage of any weakness shown by the British government and secretly began supplying the South with arms. The British army, a small but well armed modern force, supported by lesser armed Northern Militia forces ordered into battle against the revolutionaries, planned a lighting campaign to take Virginia and crush the fledgling revolution.

With a background of an alternate American Revolution (mirroring much of the Civil War) the players take the roles of revolutionaries fighting against the higher technology of the British Empire by undertaking missions of sabotage, ambush, information gathering and diplomacy to the other colonies, the Indian Nations, Independent Texas, Mexico, France, Germany, Austro-Hungry, Russia, and even the Ottoman Empire. Inventions, mirroring the Arcane Background: Weird Science, abound with some items, like the Armored Steam Wagons, almost common.

Will the successes of the players build up enough momentum to force the British Empire to the peace table? Or will their failure keep the “Jewel of the West” firmly lodged in the British crown?
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Title: The Seventh Day

Genre: Space Exploration/Cyberpunk/Mystery

Setting: The players are all explorers working for the Outbound Initiative Organization, or OIO, a multi-national concern dedicated to exploration of star systems for evidence of alien life. This has all been made possible via stable-wormhole technology. The computers of the era crunch numbers in time with realtime sensors to find a path to the desired destination, they open the wormhole and the vehicle traverses down the hole to the end. The only drawback is an unknown incredible force that causes decay in organic substances. This decay isn't terminal at first, but it becomes cumulatively debilitating and then ultimately fatal. Wormhole technology could be used for one-way colonization, but not true interstellar travel. Not yet. But advances in other aspects of science have allowed a workaround. The human mind can be encoded into pure electromagnetic energy, essentially creating a sentient program with the experiences, initial instincts and thought processes of a human. These programs can be downloaded into any mechanical device that hosts an Encephalon Processor, thus the ships are crewed by half a dozen experts in their fields, with innumerable artificial bodies each designed for a specific purpose, the perfect compromise of man and machine.

The Adventure: The problems start when the entire team is awakened and brought online inside generic human-interface worker bodies onboard the ship, which is orbiting a small terrestrial planet several hundred light years from Earth that none of them remembers seeing before. The captain gets the crew moving to discover that the ship's internal clock states that seven days have passed since the crew's last memories. They were obviously brought back from regular backups, something happened down on the surface, and they have only the ships logs to prepare them for what caused the entire team to go missing, presumed lost. Is it intelligent life? A glitch in the equipment caused by some background element of this world? Has the ship computer (not a real AI) begun to malfunction and taken inappropriate measures to deal with a problem? Worst of all, did the crew order the ship to take these measures and are still "alive and kicking" somewhere down on the surface? If the crew is still alive, are the PCs any less real now that they too are staffing the ship? The OIO is going to want definitive answers, and it's up to the crew to get them, starting on the Seventh Day.


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Alien Legion

Genre: Sci-fi military. Probably would work well with the showdown rules, too.

Description: Footsloggers and soldiers of fortune, priests and poets, killers and cads — they fight for a future Galarchy, for cash, a cause, for the thrill of adventure. Legionnaires live rough and they die hard, tough as tungsten and loyal to the dirty end.


In a future age when faster-than-light drives and intergalactic travel have become a matter of course, three galaxies — Thermor, Ophides, and Auron — join together to form the TOPHAN Galactic Union, known by acronym as TGU.

The TGU's government is a Galarchy. Three elected Galarchs, one from each galaxy, function as highest leaders, rotating positions as heads of executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Union. The Sidereum Galacticum and Nebular Council are the two legislative houses composed of elected representatives termed Stellar Reps and Planetors. Local leadership on inhabited worlds is by appointment and election and includes, among others, the positions of Governor, Selenel, and Lunar-Consul. Because of the massiveness of the government network, the Galarchy runs often into problems typical of a huge bureaucracy such as conflicts of interest, political corruption, economic inflation, and budgetary waste.

Nonetheless, within its astral boundaries, the TGU's primary goal remains the establishment and maintenance of a "pax galactica," a general peace for all its galaxy kind. Union defense forces form a sprawling system policing the space ways, maintaining vigilance against Xenons (a general term for hostile parties outside the Union), and monitoring treaties, trade agreements, and non-aggression pacts with Kalons (a general term for allied parties outside the immediate Union). It is that body of mercenary troops known as the Alien Legion which is specifically charged with the low status responsibilities of guarding inhospitable Union frontiers, quashing insurgencies within the Union, and serving the Union wherever and whenever the odds stack up deadly and dirty.

Alien Legion ranks are composed of bioforms from countless far-flung Union worlds. Some have joined to serve their government or flee oppression, others seek adventure and fortune, still others are criminals in hiding, wandering poets seeking inspiration, or frontier preachers in search of new souls. Their foes are many, yet despite an ideal of camaraderie and integration a trooper's worst enemy is often a fellow Legionnaire. Racial and cultural tensions lurk always under the surface. Indeed, it takes leaders of extraordinary character and will to mold a motley group of sentient lifeforms into a crack unit of proud fighting troops.

This is based on the series of comics put out under Marvel's Epic line in the 80s and 90s.
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Legions of Steel

Genre: Sci-fi miltary with some horror elements.

Description: At the edge of darkness something stirred. No living eyes witnessed the arrival of the Machines as they emerged from the intergalactic rift. Huge melted hulks of metal slowly advanced to the edge of the Milky Way. The badly damaged ships wandered among the sparse edge of the galaxy searching for a new home.

After they crashed down onto mineral rich planets, moons and other celestial bodies, the rebuilding program had commenced. Any remaining functional machinery was used to help the Machines burrow into the surface and begin the construction of massive production complexes. Years passed before the hordes emerged.

The Machine Empire grew quickly at first. Planets along the outer rim are widely dispersed and the few intelligent life forms that did exist were quickly overwhelmed. By the time other star faring races became aware of the growing threat, the Machines had established their foothold on the galaxy.

When the galactic races fully realized their impending doom, ancient enemies became fast friends in order to repel the invaders. Only the combined might of the various interstellar races stood a chance at resisting the incursion. The eleven most powerful of these, realizing their future was linked, began to negotiate terms of a defense pact. As the terms of the pact solidified, many of the minor races with interstellar military capability were approached to join. Other races flocked to the growing alliance. Qualification for full membership was based on the resources and military capability of the applicant. What ultimately formed was the INTERSTELLAR LEAGUE FOR MUTUAL HOMEWORLD DEFENSE FROM EXTRAGALACTICS.

Eventually, many other weaker planet nations who lay in the path of conquest were recruited by the League. They were informed of the coming threat and given new technology. One such nation was Earth. Initially the Humans were skeptical and wanted proof of the invaders. The League agreed to take two diplomats from each country to witnesses the encroaching Legions of Steel. They were to be returned to Earth as soon as possible.

Although humans had progressed towards a state of world peace, the Earth still consisted of many independent nations. The League of Aliens, as the humans refer to it, had little desire to deal with these on an individual basis. The humans were given an ultimatum: form a central government or forgo any aid from the League. The United Nations had already been in place for some time and it was suggested that it should form the base for the new central government. A lengthy heated debate ensued, with the United States, Japan, Germany and China opposing a central authority. After over a year with much political posturing, the nations of Earth finally had a blueprint for their future government. When the human diplomats returned with warnings of dire consequences should they refuse, the United Nations of Earth (UNE) was formed.

Under the tutelage of the aliens, Earth's technology was quickly upgraded. Initially, the human scientists were too busy reproducing the technology under the League's direction to acquire a full knowledge of the theories behind it. Eventually however, understanding of the principles led them to new breakthroughs and allowed them to develop new applications for the technology. Factories were retooled to manufacture new armaments and interstellar vehicles. Earth mobilized for war.

Initial battles were costly for the humans until they gained experience in space combat and became more familiar with the new technology and tactics. Eventually however, the UNE had an elite fighting force widely recognized for their prowess and aggressiveness in combat. Given mankind's warlike past, this was
not surprising.

Throughout the next three years, it became increasingly apparent that the League was fighting a losing battle. The League's defensive strategy created a war of attrition, with the League and Machines trading losses. Under sustained attack, the League's forces faced eventual depletion, while the Machines quickly produced replacements through their massive production planets. It became painfully obvious that it was time for a change of strategy.

Initially, large, planet destroying drone weapons were launched against the enemy's complexes. These failed to breach the formidable Machine point-defense network. Assault fleets conducted raids to bombard planets from space. Unfortunately, the Machine's screens concealed the full size and depth of the complexes. The assaulting ships' barrages succeeded only in destroying a small portion of the enemy's facilities, leaving all of the lower levels intact. It later became apparent that the Machines were still capable of producing ships from these planets. The attacks had been unsuccessful and cost the lives of over four billion indigenous sentients.

A short time ago, a League assembly was called to decide the fate of many worlds. They devised a bold plan to turn the tide of the war. Operation Planetstorm became one of their last hopes. The League would mount an all out offensive against the Machine blockade and enable the "Storm fleet" to break through. Storm fleet would then break up and proceed to several of the Machine production complexes. These small groups would have to evade any planetary defense and land as many soldiers on the planet as possible. Their final task was to destroy the Machine production facilities.

At present, operation Planetstorm is underway. Earth has several ships in the Storm fleet and has been tasked with the destruction of two Machine planet bases. Experience has paid off. Both human missions successfully land on the planets. While the battle rages on the surface, groups of Commandos make their way into the production facilities. Only the destruction of the complex's Overlord computer will enable them to stop the Machines. Finally, they must completely overpower the Machine forces if they ever expect to leave the planet alive.

This is based on a miniture game put out by Global Games during the 90s. It combines marines in power armor battling machines that, in many cases, take the form of creatures from nightmares.
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Genre: Modern superheroics.

Description: After WWII, both America and Russia snatched up many of the scientists working for the German War Machine. These scientists were brought back to those respective countries and put to work for them. Many of the scientists were from the field of genetic engineering. In America, it was these scientists that were part of the creation of Project: ELF. ELF stands for Engineered Life Form.

The point of Project: ELF was to create mutated humans that would be able to adapt to different environments. Early on, most of this was theoretical as the right technology was not available yet. There was some testing done with chemicals and radiation, though. In an effort to give their soldiers on the battlefield an extra benefit, different serums were created. Most uses of them ended tragically or horrifically. There were a few experiments that were successful, but the effects could not be duplicated faithfully. This is where some of the battle drugs taken by certain elite soldiers today came from.

As technology progressed, so, too, did the experiments. Project: ELF was trying cloning and genetic engineering by the early 70s. Again, there were successes and failures, but they would not get anything stable until the late 70s. Mutations, though, were still hit-or-miss and still made this a somewhat random science. It was impossible to tell what type of abilities each experiment would exhibit, but the process was at least stabilized.

For the last twenty years, Project: ELF has created many experimental life forms. They educated them and watched them grow. Some of them have recently begun to show up in public, working with local police or other authorities. Some have also shown up in other areas like the space program or emergency response teams, like firefighters. The are touted as a new breed of human, here to help us.

Recently, though, there was an uprising at one of the centers that house these “Elves” and a large group of them escaped. What there intentions are, only time will tell?
People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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Chimera Epidemic

Genre: Modern psychological horror/action

Setting: In recent years, the human genome has been mapped out, but we have only recently been able to exploit that information. A secret government project was started with the intention of eventually wiping out all human disease, starting with the various kinds of cancer. Their solution was simple: create a symbiotic organism that is able to integrate with human biology based on a modified set of human DNA that can be implanted in anyone.

They tested it on animals at first, but creating an organism for each test species was too time-consuming. So they created a "universal" symbiote that, in theory, would eventually be capable of preventing all disease in any particular species with a lot of tweaking (as opposed to starting from scratch each time). Then it all went horribly wrong.

Fve years later, a "mysterious disease" has spread across much of the western United States (or your civilisation of choice). Animals infected with this disease change into strange forms, increasing their natural lifespans, size and natural weaponry (teeth get longer, scales get harder). In other words, they become mutants. Futhermore, many of these creatures become Chimeras, taking on one or more traits unlike their own species as the symbiotes mature

Infected humans usually become zombie-like creatures in the initial stages (mindless moaning abominations that attack other humans, but not undead brain-eaters) and develop into Chimeras if they live for long enough. However, a tiny percentage of those infected can control their symbiotes, directing the course of their own mutations and even retaining most of their original minds. These Chimera Agents are recruited by the government to fight the Chimeras that threaten the human populace and normal ecology of the earth itself.

Mutations: Symbiote mutations work much like Rippertech. To attempt to gain a particular mutation, a Chimera Agent consumes the flesh of a Chimera and makes a Self Control roll in place of a Knowlege (Rippertech) roll.

Chimera Agents may also experience a "random mutation" every so often. Their existing mutations may mutate further, or become "redundant" or even dangerous and need removal. Mutated parts can be surgically removed, though there is a chance that they'll grow back anyway.

Then, of course, there's Chimera Psychosis which can be treated with the latest pharmaceuticals and regular psychiatric sessions. Until the symbiote helpfully makes the agent immune to those drugs and the agent needs to be put down with extreme prejudice like a rabid grizzly bear with a scaly hide, poisonous spines and telepathy... But that hardly ever happens, honest.
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Little Green Men From Mars

#59 Postby Savage Jedi » Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:31 am

Little Green Men From Mars

Genre: “Campy” 1950’s Sci-Fi

The Martian Empire has been content to watch mankind destroy itself for thousands of years, but with the end of WWII, Mars is suddenly alarmed. For humanity now possesses two items that pose a serious threat to the red planet… rockets, and atomic weapons.

As Earth is rebuilding from the greatest war in our history Mars attacks, hoping to both eliminate us as an interplanetary threat, and turn us into a race of slaves. Despite their technological edge over us, the Martians are truly incompetent and bumbling (think Tim Burton’s "Mars Attacks"). Eventually things go so bad for the little green men, that not only does earth repulse the invasion, but then mankind invades Mars.
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Mortus Roma

#60 Postby Savage Jedi » Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:35 am

Mortus Roma

Genre: Dark Fantasy Roman Empire

In 48 B.C. as Julius Caesar was pursuing Pompey into Egypt, he met and fell in love with Cleopatra. While securing Egyptian obedience and frolicking about with the Queen of the Nile, Caesar discovered a collection ancient manuscripts that held the secret lost to the Pharaohs for millennia… immortality and the necromantic magic, which granted it.

Keeping the secret, Caesar returns to Rome to consolidate his power, where on the Ides of March 44 B.C. a group of senators attacked Caesar on the steps of the Senate. Plunging their bloody daggers over and over into the body of the tyrant, Cassius, Brutus, and other conspirators believed they were saving their republic.

Imagine their shock and fear when only moments after their duty done, Caesar’s gory body rose with an evil glow in his eyes. While the would be assassins were frozen in fear, Caesar thought of only betrayal and revenge, particularly in regards to Brutus his most trusted of friends. “Et tu, Brute?” Were the words that fell from Caesar’s lips as he unleashed necromantic powers and withered the bodies of his enemies, keeping them alive but in perpetual eternal torment.

Thirteen hundred years later the Empire is ruled from Rome and Luxor. Stretching from the Caribbean to borders of Kubilai Khan’s China, from Scandinavia to the Congo… Julius Caesar along with Octavius, Marcus Antonius, Pontius Pilot, and his other immortal lich governors grip the lives of every man, woman, and child. It is up to the heroes stand against the darkness and the might of Caesar’s undead legions.
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