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Son of 101 Worlds!

#1 Postby Clint » Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:42 pm

Well, if anyone kept a copy of any of the 101 Worlds thread, let me know. Otherwise, it seems to have been lost to the net. So, let's try again!

Here is the format:

World or Concept Name

Genre: Fantasy, Modern, Horror, Sci-Fi, ect. or "Sci-Fi with Horror elements".

Description: Brief paragraph detailing the world.

And the rule is that this thread is solely for listing your setting idea. There will be another thread for comments, so keep them there. Any comments here will be deleted.

Here is Smokey's first entry...

Smokey wrote:Concept One: Goblin Farm

In a nutshell: The great communist goblin revolution

Genre: Fantasy/Steam-Punk Industrial/Revolutionary/Conspiracy/Social Commentary

Inspiration: Tolkien/DnD, History, Any steampunk novel, George Orwell, Karl Marx

Description: In this world, you play a member of the working class goblinoids, breaking the chains of oppression against the capitalist elite (The humans, dwarves, elves, and other "standard" player races) in a steampunk industrial world reminiscent of early 20th century. The players will begin by spreading the word of an ideal egalitarian society to the other downtrodden goblins, and then be at the forefront of the inevietably bloody revolution. Even if the goblin masses do succeed and bring about social change, the player will have to continue to fight to prevent the new government from spiraling into a corrupt, totalitarian regime (or, join the in the destruction of the revolution's ideals).
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#2 Postby Smokey » Tue Feb 01, 2005 2:28 pm

Wow, you guys really do care. I'm touched. :cry: :wink:

Well since Clint already went to the trouble of getting this thing put together, I just start writing some more.

If my last entry was a little too pinko leftist for you, this next setting has something that embodies western culture: Rock Music!

Concept: A Space Rock Opera

In a Nutshell: Saving the universe with rock!

Genre: Sci-fi/Mystery/Action/Comedy

Inspirations: Black Heaven (I think that's what it was called), Star Wars, Bill and Ted, with maybe a hint of Spinal Tap

Description: In this world, the players are all members of insert ridiculous band name here, a struggling insert made-up rock sub-genre name here band attempting and failing to gain recognition in the local music scene. Then one night after screwing up a big gig, the bandmate are all abducted by aliens. The aliens tell them there from the Galatic Confederation of Planets (GCP), and ask them for a startling favor, "Help us save the galaxy." The GCP is currently losing a war with the Plague, a monster-like race apparently bent on the destruction of all sentient life. There only known weakness, music, more specifically, earth music. From there, the band goes on a planet-hopping adventure/music-tour, encountering action and mystery along with space roadies and alien groupies. What are the Plague? Why are they weak to music? Why did the GCP choose this band over thousands of other bands on Earth? The band will learn this and more in their adventures.
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#3 Postby Shane_Mclean » Tue Feb 01, 2005 4:57 pm

I posted this in the last thread, but it vanished so I'll repost it here.


In a Nutshell: Underground war against psychic aliens.

Genre: Conspiracy / Horror

“They came. No one knows when for sure, but they came. They look like us and sound like us, but it’s a lie. Some of the Underground think they came in ’47 after the Roswell crash. Others think they’ve always been here. We just don’t know. Only the most powerful psychics can see their true face. They are infiltrating governments, corporations, churches and militaries. They are few, but their numbers are growing.

Every week more people go missing, more psychics and ‘rebels’ hunted and taken. No one knows where or why, and only a few come back. Those who do come back are changed – they work with the Enemy against their own kind.

But humanity isn’t defenseless, not yet. There are those of us who oppose them – psychics, freedom fighters, misfits, heroes. Few take up the calling and fewer survive it. But fight we can, and fight we will. There is no choice.”

The heroes of Mindrippers are the valiant few who know the truth, that psychic beings are slowly invading the earth, taking control of our very lives. The Underground is ill equipped and disorganized, fighting an impossible battle against an unyielding foe. They are psychics, private investigators, conspiracy nuts, rogue government agents, lunatics, heroes and normal people exposed to the truth – anyone who will take up arms against the Enemy.

The heroes hunt down the Enemy, uncover information on their evil plans, destroy what they are able to and save who they can. Behind the scenes there are other organizations working for or against the Enemy for their own goals.

The Enemy grows in strength every day. The energy from dying psychics is used to create gates between dimensions to the Enemy’s home. Their world is ruined, their population decimated. They must move carefully, humanity must not learn of them and their plans for the eradication of mankind – their numbers are too few to survive an open conflict.

Mindrippers is a dangerous world of paranoia and fear. Do you have what it takes to fight?

GM info:
The Enemy are a group of psychic aliens from a parallel dimension who seek to subjugate for their own (undecided by me - whatever works for your own campaign) nefarious aims.

The aliens can only cross dimensions through the use of a psychically-powered device that kills the psychic using it. Needless to say the ruling-class minority of powerful psychics isn't too keen on this, so when they ran out of criminals from their class and found the latent psionics of the lower classes were insufficient to power the device they began kidnapping psychics on earth and shipping them back to their home dimension to power the machine. This is very inefficient, but the only non-fatal way they can do it. The machine can only transmit a small amount of matter each activation, with even the most powerful allowing only a half-dozen aliens to cross. The aliens have brought with them some advanced technology, but transporting it takes weight so it is a trade-off.

The Enemy are infiltrating governments, corporations, and organizations that will allow them to find a large number of psychics. Their aim is to find enough powerful psychics that they can open a gate between dimensions and bring through an army of battle-armoured soldiers to conquer the earth. Their invasion is years away, but every day brings them closer.[/i]
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#4 Postby Matt DeForrest » Tue Feb 01, 2005 8:49 pm

Well, since d20 didn't want it, I figure I'll offer it to you guys here.

Northern Winds
Genre: High Fantasy

For over 1,000 years the ice inexorably flowed south, covering the settled lands. Most cities and towns were ground under the glaciers. A handful of settlements fortified mountaintops and moved above the ice. A few are rumored to have gone underground. The most powerful cities struggled against the ice, employing magicians to hurl magical fire against the glaciers or weave protective barriers over their homes. The former have carved valleys in the glacial sea while the latter exist in twilight world beneath icy domes. Turnas Fri employs an alchemical lighthouse that intensifies and redirects sunlight using prisms and mirrors, melting the ice and lighting some fields. Both types of communities trade water and ice with the cities of the Southlands for food (Much of the world’s water is trapped in the ice pack.). The Elven Kingdom, secure in its enchanted valley, remains warm but is continually besieged by humanoids.
While it is possible to travel on top of the ice, frost giant raiders and barbaric humanoids make such journeys very dangerous. A safer route is through the Labyrinth – a maze of shifting tunnels cut through the glaciers. Although patrolled and maintained by the Ice Clan (A diverse group loyal to one another rather than a race, religion, or city.), the Labyrinth hosts its own dangers. Foremost among these are the Ice Reavers – bandits who prey upon the caravans of food coming up from the Southlands.

South of the ice pack, the tundra stretches for miles before reaching the cultivatable Southlands. Here, water carried from the icebound cities is used to irrigate the ever-encroaching desert. These cities, once on the shoreline, are now connected to the distant sea via canals cut through the salt flats and marshes left by the receding ocean.

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#5 Postby MadTinkerer » Tue Feb 01, 2005 10:04 pm

Grim Tidings

In a Nutshell: The Undead Hordes must be stopped by the servants of the Grim Reaper... or it will be Christmas forever!

Genre: Action/Post-Apocalyptic/Spoof/Christmas

Inspirations: It's a Wonderful Life, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, A Christmas Carol, Army of Darkness, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Groundhog Day. (EDIT: Oh, and The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIV, the one where Homer becomes the Grim Reaper.)

Description: It's Christmas morning and the undead have taken over the city. But that's not the weird part: for some reason, it's been Christmas morning for at least a week now. It's also kind of odd that you and all of your freinds have been drafted by Clarence The Angel of Death (filling in for the Grim Reaper) to clean up all of the zombies, ghouls, vampires and other assorted nasties that are threatening the populace. Of course, being a Reaper has it's benefits: limited immortality, creepy powers and of course just the sheer coolness of kicking undead ass and knowing you and your pals are the best hope for putting the world right again. If only they'd turn up the thermostat, you'd be happy. It's frickin' freezing!

Then there's the other weird stuff. Like the Ghost of Saint Nickolas (that's how he gets the presents to everyone in one night: spook powers!), Occulticarolers that summon monsters with their horrible singing and the question of what exactly happened to the Grim Reaper in the first place. Werewolf-Reindeer? That's just wrong!

"Ask Not For Whom The Christmas Bell Tolls..."
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#6 Postby Bill » Wed Feb 02, 2005 9:22 am

Setting Title: The Void in Heaven – The War for Hell
Genre: Modern/Sci-Fi/X-Files
The nine houses of the Overlords have ruled heavenly galaxy from the safety of their home-worlds for as long as anyone can remember. Equal in power, each yearned to become the one true ruling house and fill the Void in Heaven. Though few in number they possess enormous psychic powers and are almost immune to any weapon known other than their own powers and the occasional horrific accident. They are not prolific; the numbers of births are few and many of the young die trying to carve out their own power base from their ageless brethren. Now house Limbo has stumbled upon a world near the rim full of life, and danger. This world, called Earth by the locals, can not match the technological might of the Overlords, but it does have an untapped and dangerous power, psychics! Untrained and unskilled, housed in very vulnerable bodies yes, but if awakened they could form a power capable of challenging the Overlords themselves. If somehow controlled they could make that Overlord family the undisputed rulers of the heavens! These Earthmen would need to be studied, their psychic powers examined and catalogued, and methods to control them researched and exploited. The normal launch of psychic controlled armies would be too dangerous. Instead, trusted agents would be sent to recruit the naive and power-blind, allowing gates to be built and direct access for the cataloguing and research into the humans to progress.

The Omega agency was created by the ancient Greeks to guard humanity from perils beyond the normal workings of the human mind. A society of psychically aware humans, they had worked behind the scenes for ages to protect the world from the occasional renegade psychic and the treats from beyond the normal keen. Thus when subtle signs appeared demonstrating that someone, or something, had begun infiltrating the human race and bringing in things from beyond the world the agency mustered for its first true test. Your team has been trained to investigate the strange directions some terrorist groups and companies have started to go. Find out what is going on, stop it if you can but report back!

All characters start with AB:Psionics or an additional edge of their choice for free. The agency takes care of basic supplies with each advance allowing a character to requisition (as a favor) something not normally supplied (a successful persuasion roll per item, modified by the GM for appropriateness). Favors do accumulate from advance to advance. Players can’t swap favors. Each item successfully requested represents one favor used. A failure does not use up the favor but does count against the number of requests the player can make before and during this advance. If a critical failure is rolled no more favors from that person can be called in before and during this advance.

Opposition includes human cultists, mercenaries, corporate suits, criminals, and corrupt politicians and police. Agents are aliens with some shape-change abilities, monstrous powers and sci-fi technology with the ability to call other monsters through gates to aid them. The gates are connected to Limbo and allow confrontations with the psychically dominated guardians of the house of Limbo and the Limboians themselves. The Limboiand are legendary foes with all the psychic powers and effectively unlimited power points. There are only a dozen or less in any house however. If Limbo is taken the other houses will be shaken. Gates to each of the other eight houses (Lustare, Glutton, Prodigol, Styx, Dis, Abyss, Sidmoi, and Cain) are here and can lead to further adventures. Killing the Overlords of a house frees all their dominated subjects who will flock to defend their liberators. And the War for Hell begins.
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#7 Postby Bill » Wed Feb 02, 2005 1:31 pm

Title: Undersea Kingdom!
Genre: 1930s Pulp Sci-Fi (based on an old Serial of the same name)
Earthquakes have been devastating the cities of the world. The Professor has discovered a way of detecting the start of an earthquake and a machine to stop it. He gathers a team together to try and stop these devastating effects before they happen again. Using the professor’s rocket powered experimental submarine the team, consisting of the three man sub crew, the intrepid female reporter, the professor, the young kid and the heroic navy captain, arrive in time to stop the next earthquake before it starts! Then they are drawn by a magnetic grapple down and into an undersea cave which leads to a lake in the underwater domed land of Atlantis! For equipment they have a portable camera and a revolver with 6 shots. Any other weapons must be improvised.

Two forces, the white robed citizen army of old White City of Atlantis and the Black robed villains of the Iron Tower of the Han, are locked in a struggle over who should control Atlantis. Thanks to the Mad Science of the Han and his servant Sorcerer, the army of the black robes is winning. While both sides have bows, spears, leather armor, horses and a few four horse chariots, the black army has Voltrons: mechanical men controlled remotely by commands from the Sorcerer’s black box that have disintegrator rifles. The black robes also have the Armored Tank, a car like machine with sloped armor in the front and forward firing disintegrator rifles. The Tower has two fliers capable of dropping bombs, remote black box guided rockets, and a seeing screen capable of both voice and sight transmission and remote viewing when dramatically (GM decision) important. The White city has the city walls and gate, both immune to the disintegrator rifle effects.

The Han has a gas chamber that has a mind altering gas allowing him to control those exposed to the gas for at least ten minutes. In the tower is his machine for causing and directing earthquakes against the world above. His Tower has an energy screen that is impenetrable to anything attempting to enter it except through designated areas such as the garage/stables, the support cable to the mountain and the emergency entrance. His plans are to capture the Professor, turn him to his will using his gas, and then have him create rockets that will lift his tower through the dome (destroying Atlantis) and allow him to take over the world with his army of dedicated minions and robots.
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#8 Postby Bill » Wed Feb 02, 2005 3:42 pm

Title: Dying Mars
Genre: Fantasy Mars of the distant past.
The world is slowly dying. The great atmosphere plants are struggling to provide enough oxygen for the shrinking population, dying due to the slow eradication of the seas. Even the great canals can no longer supply the water needed to convert enough to atmosphere to counter the slow loss to space. Now only the wild bands of raiders and the fortified city-states surrounding the last of the atmosphere plants are left. Mutations, caused by the lack of a proper ozone layer, are on the upswing as nature attempts to react to the changing conditions. Technology has been forgotten as the trained users fell to disease and lack of enough extra support for their services. The Technologists have become a religious caste, no longer experimenting but only maintaining the failing status quo. Weapons have returned to the powered weapons of the ancient ones, bow, crossbow, ax, sword and spear. Protection is limited to some breastplates and plastic inserts on woolen clothing.

Yet not all have abandoned hope. A small group of rebel Technologists and warriors have banned together to search for the Ark of Worlds, a rumored ambitious project to send a colony from the fourth planet inward to the frozen third planet. The ancients had conceived this project to save humanity but the project was thought lost in the early Time of Troubles when city-state warred on city-state for dwindling resources and ended destroying many of the older centers of learning.

Your group is one of those rebel search groups. You must track down, investigate and survive the horrors of these last days of Dying Mars. You brave the ruins of the elders, still filled with death and machines of unknown purpose, seeking the clues to finding what may be the last hope for the survival of the race.

Does the Ark of Worlds exist? If it does, does it work or can it be fixed? What will the Technologists do if they discover what the rebels are up to? Only your GM knows for sure.
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#9 Postby Bill » Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:15 pm

Title: Orcs in Charge!
Genre: Fantasy
The Orc Stuffed Squirrel Tribe has a new idea. We become best Orc Tribe anywhere. We be in Charge! We rule ‘uman, dwarf and elf with equal size fist. Now, we just gots to do it.

The players play the new leaders of the tiny Stuffed Squirrel Tribe. They are trying to act as a council rather than follow a single leader as many orc heads are better than one headless orc. As such they must find some way of dealing with their vicious neighbors. Luckily the best Orc leaders lead from the middle!

To the North are the smelly Steam-punk Dwarves of Krack-Krumb who claim the Stuffed Squirrel Mines as their own. No Dwarves have ever owned these mines for as long as Orc history flows back – almost 20 years! It is true that the Orc ancestors must have been great stone workers, influenced by the northern dwarves, as many of the columns and markings look much like dwarf runes. Still these iron mines are the Stuffed Squirrel’s best money makers and nothing they can give up with-out a great loss of face.

To the East are the Great Woods of the sneaky Elves. They are constantly ambushing our foresters who are simply trying to practice good forestry by clear cutting the diseased woods. Ungrateful pointy ears!

To the South is the Kingdom of man with the Great Duke of Iron and his cowardly crew of minions hiding in their stone keeps and metal shells whenever we go collecting our taxes from the peasants there. You’d think we took everything instead of just what we could find.

And finally there are the hills to the West with their haunted ruins, snotty sorcerers, monstrous dictators and others trying to recruit the Stuffed Squirrels into poorly paid minions to their latest schemes.

Can Orcs work together to create the first Orc dynasty or will the competing forces destroy the Orcs in Charge!
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#10 Postby Bill » Thu Feb 03, 2005 2:21 pm

Title: Rogue Planet
Genre: Near Future / Sci-Fi / Horror
This far out from the sun the solid black planet was barely large enough to be called a planet. How a hunk of what scanners indicated was solid nickel iron could have been thrown clear out here and still stayed in orbit was a scientific abnormality. And that is what the crew of the “Questioning Eye” looked for. If it wasn’t for a malfunctioning radar scanner on Titan base this little baby might never have been discovered. Suddenly the sensors indicated a minor power source coming from a deep depression! Quickly they set about landing the shuttle and investigating the source. Once in, the investigation team found a strange silver cap, covered with markings that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs! After taking video of the object the team stepped forward to try and move it…

From the orbiting spacecraft the rest of the crew watched as communications and video with the ground expedition ceased and shortly afterward the planet started to move – toward earth! Based on the course and the current acceleration the planet would intersect the earth in a year, bypassing all other planets and asteroids on its path. If it does impact, the earth is doomed. The survey ship, still in parallel with the planet, has readings which indicate the planet is a maze of corridors going deep inside. The thick nickel iron shell will stop any conventional weapon known to man. The best chance might be a number of backpack nukes set off near the center of the plummeting planet.

The players are part of an emergency team thrown together to investigate the missing exploration team and try and stop the rogue planet from destroying earth. By the time they arrive they have only a few months before it is too late.

Opposition: Is it:
• an ancient civilization now awakened and returning to earth to claim their birth-right?
• A doomsday device from ancient Mu set as the ultimate deterrence to Atlantis but never activated, until now?
• An alien robot ship that had been defeated through trickery long ago but now is active again and, along with its robot guardians, going to destroy the descendents of those who had so long frustrated it?
• The home-world of the Demon race that had plagued mankind until sealed within by Abraham?
• Or the star-gate of a long lost civilization, guarded by genetic “alien” style defenders, now acting out the last orders given to it in the event creatures that were not its maker came into its presence. Destroy itself by shattering into the third world!
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#11 Postby Bill » Thu Feb 03, 2005 3:26 pm

Title: War on the Clone-Masters!
Genre: Post Future Kung Fu
When the world economy collapsed in 2070 not everyone was unhappy. Already a few ultra rich individuals had found a way to clone themselves and live forever. These few had retreated to well-fortified manors scattered throughout the nicer locations of the world. They were able to afford the best protection, from private armies to top automated controls and expert technicians. They had stocked their fortresses to last for years.

The troubled times lead to the collapse of governments and the shrinkage of the human race’s numbers due to war and starvation. The Fortresses, off the main ways, survived and prospered. Locals farming colonies grew up around the Fortresses until the Cloned ones became Lords and Masters of their domains. Small factories, dedicated to the support of the Clone-masters’ minions, were developed and automated as much as possible. Family members of the minions of the Clone-Masters were given the opportunity to earn a living as technicians and support personnel. To ensure the peasants did not rise up against their betters they were stripped of all weapons and forced to till the soil using nothing but primitive methods. Schools were unsupported and later suppressed. The Clone-Masters became the rulers of the land.

Two hundred years later the Clone-Masters have begun to face opposition. Peasants, stripped of all but simple clubs and other peasant weapons, have developed Kung-Fu powers of enormous potential. The players are members of these resistance forces, graced with the special training of the Kung-Fu warrior or the forbidden knowledge of Technology.

They face the rifles, pistols, grenades and lesser trained but dangerous Kung Fu traitors. The Clone-Masters armies include some armored vehicles and helicopters in well protected bases, and some robotic defenses along the walls and halls of the Clone-Masters fortresses. Finally they face the terrible ages old, almost psychic, knowledge of the Clone-Masters themselves.

The lines are drawn. The War on the Clone Masters begins!
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#12 Postby DATI » Thu Feb 03, 2005 5:13 pm

Title: War of the Worlds -- American West

Genre: Sci-Fi / Western / Giant Robot

Description: The Martians landed in 1898 and their War Tripods and Flying Machines quickly swept over the globe. Within months, the invaders destroyed most of human civilization. But Earth is a big place, and the Martians can't be everywhere. Some parts of Earth are relatively untouched -- and the Martians are stretched to the limit in terms of military resources.

One of those regions still under human control is the American West. Filled with an independent and resourceful population and abundant in natural resources, the Americans weather several bad years in comparative isolation. And then they get pissed off and start building giant war machines of their own to take the battle back to the Martians.

The cowboys want their planet back.
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#13 Postby CJ » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:59 pm

Title: Zombie TV Live!
Genre: Survival Horror/Parody

The PC's are contestants on America's favorite bloodsport game show, "Zombie TV Live!" where down on their luck ordinary joes and janes can compete for gifts and big cash prizes! The unarmed contestants are put in the arena where they will face controlled released waves of zombies, the number in each wave getting larger as the contest progresses. Weapons and obstacles are distributed throughout the arena and flashier kills and backstabbing of your fellow contestants are rewarded with prizes and extra cash from the judge. Also cash is rewarded in growing amounts to the surviving contestants after each wave is defeated. After twelve rounds the survivors can choose to either bow out with their winnings or continue on to the final round, the Final Run. In the Final Run the remaining contestants are dropped into a quarantined city with whatever equipment they had on them at the end of the twelfth round. In this special contest the contestants must make their way through this undead infested city, using whatever they can find and destroying whatever they want, and get to the airstrip in the center of the infested city. The first contestant or contestants to get to the airstrip are flown out and given a huge cash prize. However if no one gets to the airstrip by dawn, the chopper will leave and the contestants will be left for dead, perhaps until the next episode's Final Run, if they can survive in the city that long.

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#14 Postby MarshalEric » Fri Feb 04, 2005 3:52 pm

Name: The South will RISE Again!

Genre: Alternate History

Description: The American Civil War (1861-1865) divided two Americans – the United States and the Confederacy. In this game, the South won the war, and conquered America. For over a century, the South had an iron grip on politics, culture and warfare. Now North America is vastly different, with the Confederate States of America controlling most of the continent. Except that everybody is naked.

Name: Gamers!

Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Alternate Reality

Description: Players assume the guises of heroic barbarians, spell-slinging wizards, devious trolls and cunning elves in a high fantasy setting. The players all meet at a local tavern, inn or dungeon and begin to play tabletop role-playing games where they pretend to be geeky college nerds, science fiction aficionados and socially awkward nebbishes in a game world where they collect comic books, watch pirated videotapes of Blake’s 7 and argue about which Star Trek captain was the best – Kirk or Picard.

Name: Ed of the Martians

Genre: Science Fiction/Horror

Description: Players are just ordinary folks living in a trailer park in West Virginia when everybody is abducted by Martians. They are held captive in a secret Martian base on Phobos where they are subjected to humiliating and degrading experiments and repeated probing. Fighting a massive combat, the players finally escape and realize the Martian’s experiments had absolutely no scientific purpose whatsoever – they were conducted because the Martians are twisted and enjoy messing with people.

Name: The Vineland, New Jersey City Ordinance Codes

Genre: Municipal/Legal

Description: Players are given copies of the municipal codes from the city of Vineland, New Jersey. Thrill to parking restrictions and regulations! Find out about zoning and planning! Brave the awesome tentacles of detailed legalese and municipal ordinances passed by the wizened city council!

Name: Dungeons & Dungeons

Genre: Fantasy/Fetish/Abomination to the Lord

Description: Players assume the role of dominatrixes in town for the big Shriner’s convention. Gain points and prestige forcing middle-aged men to kneel and lick your spike-heeled boots! Watch them squirm at the crack of a whip! Now, worm! Yes, you! The little worm reading this! What are you doing, you filthy pervert! Get back to work and stop reading these posts!

Name: Night of the Undead Insurance Salesmen

Genre: Horror/Evil

Description: Players are trapped at an insurance office in Topeka, Kansas when a mysterious comet passes close to the Earth. Somehow the characters are knocked unconscious. When they awake, they’re shocked to discover all of the insurance representatives are walking dead! Frightened, but determined to stay alive, the heroes must listen as the zombies try to sell them home and auto insurance with several options. If the pitch becomes too unbearable, the characters use chainsaws and shotguns to defend themselves against the zombies before they can explain their life insurance and flood policies.

Name: I Can't Believe This Damn Game Cost Me $30!

Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Science Fiction/Fanboys

Description: Players purchase a sourcebook and then gripe about how expensive it cost. They go on the Internet and post complaints on, on the game company's web site and e-mail their friends. They also sit around their local game store and bitch about the price, throwing in some criticisms about the D20 system, and complaining that Farscape is off the air before eating nachos while watching the director's extended cut of Lord of the Rings Return of the King.

Name: Gorgax, Mighty Emperor of the Universe

Genre: Who the Hell Knows?

Description: Your players are a hive-mind creature called Gorgax, the infallible and true leader of the universe, whose mighty tendrils can squash planets, whose booming unearthly commands are obeyed by every sentient life-form, on whose orders a million star destroyers are launched! You preside over the Nexus, a sector of space populated by a billion alien races who construct monuments to your honor, who murder each other for your pleasure, and who dedicate their very lives to serving you. Except that everybody, including you, is naked.

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#15 Postby Mr.Joel » Sat Feb 05, 2005 8:18 am

Alright then, here are some notes I've been keeping to scare players with...

Races: Human (cavemen)
Setting: Stone age tribe

Each player runs a low-point caveman through his entire life in the course of each play session. Lifespan averages 20 years. A year passes every 30 minutes of play, or faster. Points are awarded for advancing within the rigid tribal structure. These points are spent not on improving the caveman – he does not live long enough for that – but on having children. Players can spend points on many children of low point value, or fewer, more advanced offspring. Random events occur to these kids while growing up (to age 12), possibly including crippling injuries, status reduction, or death. For the next play session, the player chooses one surviving offspring to be his character for that session. Goal is to have as many descendants of maximum point value possible.

Races: Human and half-human demons
Setting: Shanghai, 1888

Players each receive a unique Legendary character designed by the GM. Characters are brothers, the half-human offspring of an immortal Chinese spirit master. The brothers, heir to supernatural powers in arts both martial and mystical, administer the vast business and crime empire of their Master. Challenges may include fighting rival gangs, manipulating markets, dealing with the authorities, and preserving face.

Races: Human, Kobold, Goblin
Setting: Large cave complex isolated from outside world

For centuries, the endless tunnels of the Delving have been home to big, mean Goblins and small, sneaky Kobolds. In the past hundred years, a large group of powerful humans entered the caverns of Delving, fleeing a surface disaster the nature of which has been forgotten or supressed. Armed with superior weapons and the powerful magic of their aggressive gods, the humans have imposed a lawful regime on the population of humanoids, in which all three races are legally equal. A great city has been constructed in a central cave, while farms and villages spread ever deeper into the earth. Also known is the ancient Goblin Town and accompanying Goblin Market, a place where anything can happen... There are tensions between the races, between religions, and between the rural and urban populations. And there are always the endless tunnels of the Dark to explore, carrying the light of civilization forward, possibly one day to discover the route back to the surface world.

Races: Giant roaches
Setting: Radioactive earth of the far future

Players take the part of three-foot high mutant female cockroaches, scouring the wreckage of Earth for protein. The females are locked into a pyramidal hierarchy by pheremone control, under a Queen Roach of great antiquity. Males are tiny and unintelligent. The roaches also suffer from a very short lifespan – 60 days – which can be extended by the ingestion of high-quality protein such as that found in the few surviving animals. When such food is not to be found, the roaches eat trash, each other, or nothing, and the clock of lifespan is always running. Also among the ruins of Earth’s various civilizations may be found peculiar tools, substances, and conditions that can change the balance of power, letting successful roaches rise in the hierarchy and possibly unseat the Queen.

Races: Pixies
Setting: Cloud Giant’s castle

Seldom noticed by the family of giants who occupy the enormous Castle, tiny beings flit and scurry in the wainscoting, scrounging bits of food and trash to keep themselves alive. In the attic is a mighty flight of Pixies, lead by the great Stinkerbell. Their bold raids on the pantry and valiant battles with rats and other vermin keep the families of Pixies safe. In the basement, a rival clan of Leprechauns can always be counted on to stir up trouble if given the chance. Players rise in the ranks of the Stingers and make names for themselves, always avoiding the giants and their hideous cat.

A world with no towns... Instead, consumer goods grow on trees, each guarded by vegetable trolls of varying sizes. People have a number of tendrils growing from their heads eqaul to Smarts. You can detach a tendril and plant it and it will grow a new plant with whatever you were concentrating on when you pucked it. They take several montsh to grow back. IE, if you want to have plenty of arrows next year, think "arrows!" and pluck a tendril. The sky is a whirlpool of mercury and orange cotton candy held in place by bulbous force fields Light comes from the hind ends of six enormous fireflies, each a quarter-mile long.

Microorganisms in a cooling cup of tea.

Each player takes the "part" of a different part of the body of a single normal human going about his work day.

The players are individual soldiers in a game of Chinese Checkers.

A single rotating seven-headed turtle four miles in diameter sits in a world-wide ocean, and on its back is the only town. Two of its heads are nice, four are evil, and one is asleep. Parties set out in ships to explore the exotic islands and fight terrible sea battles. When returning to town, you always wonder which head will be facing you... If it's a bad one, you have to fight it. They grow back when killed.

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Maul at the Mall!!

#16 Postby Indivar » Sat Feb 05, 2005 9:12 pm

Ok this is off the top of my head FFF style!

Maul at the Mall (check your local listings)!

Genre: Near future gameshow/fantasy!

Description:Players are part of a local mall sponsored team that competes in monthly deathmatch style televised gladiatorial gameshow that happens at malls across the world. Each weekend, the mall in question is closed down and with great fanfare several of the worlds top teams converge to the mall to engage in a bloody free for all where the last team standing wins.

Teams are sponsored by the local mall that they come from as well as the various stores that are at the malls (Macy's, Mervyns, ect.) and the uniforms are often just billboards.

Players would start out in a regional series where they try to rise to the top against other local malls - by veteran status they would be big enough to be recruited by big market malls. Different sponsors would compete on and off screen to get at thier chief competetors in the name of money and regognition - Pepsi and Coke are amongst the worst of these examples.

Worst of all the lives of the entire planet are caught in a world wide government hell. Religious groups claim its the last days, but hey theres a sale at Penny's! Demons and undead crawl the earth and each episode of Maul at the Mall has the added danger of a band of some foul creatures released into the mall as a danger to all teams. Sometimes an extremely hideous creature is released powerful enough to cause the teams to work together.

Individual groups often are comprised of locals and exmilitary types, as well as convicts during the christmas specials. Players and GM's are encouranged to make each team dynamic ruled by the promises of fame and fortune by the bickering mega sponsors - players are often pitted against each other on thier own teams just to make sure that thier daughter can land the chance at an underwear ad in the sears catalog!
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In a Nutshell: The ghosts of internet users fight viruses and other nasties trying to corrupt or destroy The Net.

Genre: Cyberpunk/VR/Deadlands spinoff

Inspirations: The Matrix, ReBoot, TRON, Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Description: When the bombs fell, thousands of Book and Tech Spirits formed The Net in the Hunting Grounds, a spiritual "parralel universe" to Deadlands Earth. Oh, and lots of humans died too (but that won't come up until later). The spirits of The Net had to fight both computer-virus-spawned nasties as well as manitous and nature spirits for survival. A couple years later, just when The Net seemed a lost cause, the mysterious Hosts showed up and forged an alliance with the spirits of The Net. The Hosts brokered a truce between the Nature spirits and the Tech spirits of The Net (though the truce doesn't extend to Tech spirits on Earth as Junkers well know) and set up Reformatting chambers that allowed human ghosts to be "reformatted" and made compatible with The Net to help safeguard it. After all, The Net contains nearly the sum total of human knowlege pre-apocalypse, and is essential to the continuation of human civilisation (as Librarians know). But that's not important to the heroes.

To the heroes (reformatted ghosts), The Net is home. It needs to be defended from all threats, and there are many. The Viral Legions are (usually) Tech spirits that have been corrupted by Viruses and seek to corrupt and control the entire Net. Spamspawn are insane monsters, the result of all the spam being released into the Hunting Grounds at the same time as the rest. Manitous seek to destroy The Net for their masters, The Reckoners. Bugs are "mistakes" in the system gone rampant.

Non-Arcane heroes include Enforcers (warrior-police), Archivers (information brokers), Virus Slayers (monster hunters) and Maintainers (someone has be the regular joes). The latter folks make up the bulk of the ghost population of The Net.

The arcane types include: The Moderators are officially sponsored and empowered by The Hosts. Hexers use "borrowed" code to work their mojo (which is illegal, but mostly ignored by the Mods as long as the Hexers stay out of the way). Coders are the rare ghosts with the power to create Tech spirits from scratch. Finally, Digimal Shamans have befreinded the outcaste but powerful digimal half-breeds (half Tech, half Nature) that aren't "officially" part of The Net.
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#18 Postby Codexier » Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:40 am


Genre: Historical Fantasy/Mythological


"The Inuit believed that unseen forces governed every aspect of existence from birth to death. All living things and even inanimate objects were possessed by spirits or souls called inua. The word inuk, which is most often translated as man or person, is the possessive singular of inua. The plural form inuit is translated as the people, but, more significantly, an inuk is one possessed by a soul and the Inuit are those who have souls." - The Inuit Imagination

It is a harsh and unforgiving world for the Inuit. Your tribe emerges from thier cozy igloos before dawn and gather around the wolf totem. The ancient and wise leader steps before the totem and offers up words of magic. The tribe repeats the mantra.

The snow begins to whip around the totem and the encircled tribe. Sled dogs howl and cover their ears with their paws. The spirits have awoken.
The wise one continues to speak the prayer, asking for blessing on the coming hunt. He knows that if the prayer is answered, bad will come of it too. That is the way of the spirits.

Players play members of a tribe of Inuits in a land of cold ice. Always one step away from death from starvation, wild animals, icestorms and the raids of other Inuits, the tribe walks on the edge between the physical and spiritual world.

This is a game of survival and cooperation. Hunters face grave danger from the giant bears and wolf packs while they search the wild for fleet deer and prized moose. The tribe must have enough food to sustain it's members or they will start to dwindle and become easier prey for other tribes. Most RPG scenarios don't deal with food much at all, but it plays a huge role (and can become an antagonist on it's own) here. Keep track of amount of food gathered and how much each man, woman and child consumes.

To help survive the odds, the tribe can call on the help of the Inuit spirits, but there is always a price to pay. For every good boon given by the spirits, a toll is extracted either from the individual asking, the tribe or the environment around them. Those who deal in magic are typically frail, cursed individual with physical ailments caused from the tolls extracted by the spirits. It is a magic of deals and payments.

Beyond the day to day survival, the tribe has heard rumors of an invading people with sticks that shoot fire and metal. The spirits cryptically answer that the only help is for them to pass beyond the river of glass into the golden mountain, but whether this is a phyiscal journey or a spiritual one, no one knows.

Character Types
Hunters - Strong, with spears and crude knives.
Magicians - Deal in magic. Often duel with enemy magicians, each calling on the spirits and offering sacrifice.
Healers - Only interested in the healing of the tribe and the land.
Trackers - Fast and lithe. Can read the signs of any creature's passage on the ice and forest.
Others - Artisans, Builders, Gatherers, etc.

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#19 Postby solabusca » Thu Feb 10, 2005 4:10 am


Genre: Modern Urban Supernatural

Description: In the center of London, you can find the dark heart of the city - twenty square miles of twisting alleyways, upscale clubs, low-life dives, and the worst things that the world has to offer. Every vice can be found here, every dark impulse is the norm, and no matter what time it is in the World, it's always 3 AM in Nightside.

Daemons, dead-things, conjurors and junkies rub shoulders with the jaded tourists who visit just long enough to get a fix of something that makes them feel alive again.

You're part and parcel of the Nightside - whether you're one of the things that goes bump, a spell-slinger, a street-fighter, or one of the poor souls who manages to get lost in the cracks only to wind up here - and you know that the best thing to do is to make a profit while keeping your head down - to try and make it through the night.

Too bad the night doesn't end in the Nightside.

[Note: Take Simon Green's Nightside series, Vertigo's Hellblazer, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, Lisa Goldstien's Dark Cities Underground, Gareth Michael Skarka's Underground, and Clive Barker's Books of Blood, throw them in a blender, and hit the puree button.]

A great way to mix and match arcane backgrounds and other things - dead-things, boogey-men, demons, sorcerers, time-slips, deviants, street-thugs, warlocks, gun-bunnies, lost souls and Big Bads.
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#20 Postby charliebananas » Thu Feb 10, 2005 4:54 am

Rocket rangers and the warlords of mars.

Genre: Pulp / Sci-Fi

Description: In 1934 an un-manned alien rocket ship crashed in Germany’s Black forest region, the craft was of a design far in advance of anything this planet had ever seen before, it was quickly transported to the Harz Mountains, where an underground research base had been constructed. For three months Narzi scientist worked on unlocking the secrets of the downed craft to no avail, then on 13/12/1934 one of the S4 team noticed a turbine arrangement that looked startlingly familiar, he had seen something similar on a patent he had recently censored, the author was one Viktor Schoenberg. Schoenberg was rushed to the underground facility and began work immediately, two weeks later the rockets vortex implosion engine was back in action, and the only other piece of equipment that had survived unscathed sparked into life…
…In the centre of the ship’s command deck stood a cylindrical control station, full of dials and levers, as soon as power was restored the whole thing lit up and with a whirring hum, a large screen appeared, and after a few moments, our history was changed for ever.
The face that flickered and resonated across the screen was that of a pale skinned alien, he had fine chiseled features similar, but not wholly the same as an earthman of Asian heritage, his ears had a sharp point to them, and his mouth was cruel and tight.

The Nazi's make a pact with the martians who begin shipping low grade technology to earth, they also talk with the leaders of germany, and tell them that they are in fact the descendants of a long lost martian colony, with this lie in place, the warlords start in motion the beginning of a new world war. They will then sit back and let earth destroy itself, then when we are at our weakest, they will strike. Schoenberg gets wind of this and sends plans for rocket pack and ray gun technology to the allied powers, the Rocket Rangers are born, mission number one - to rescue Dr Schoenberg.
meanwhile deep in the earth's bowels, the lizard men of Thule watch and wait....

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