retreating from combat

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retreating from combat

#1 Postby shockvalue » Wed Sep 03, 2003 9:35 pm

I put this up on General Chat, but couldn't get a definitive answer. I'm not the only one a little confused. Could we get an official answer (so at least we'll all know which rule we're ignoring? :lol:

How is "withdrawing from combat" or "retreating from melee" defined? In the example, Buck flat-out runs away from his three attackers. But what if he just wanted to side-step 5' or so away from one to get a little breathing room or a better tactical position?

He's still adjacent to the other two attackers, and the other attacker won't even lose an attack because he'll be able to step up to Buck next turn.

Does the one Buck moved away from get a free attack? Or, in the interest of FFF, does the free attack only apply if Buck tries to get out of the entire combat altogether?

What if a Buck is dueling in a knife fight against a single opponent and just wants to keep backing up, luring his opponent away from Virginia, who is trying to sneak into the Temple of Morose Apathy? Does he draw an extra attack each time he backs up?
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