[Shaintar] Multiple Questions and a Suggestion

Discussion of products from third-party companies licensed to produce SW products. Company specific threads should be marked with their name in brackets.

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[Shaintar] Multiple Questions and a Suggestion

#1 Postby nmoody » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:37 am

Cavalier Armor- I know what it DOES, but the text doean't say if it's studded leather, scale armor, or lightweight chain? I envision it as form-fitting leather with cleverly arranged and concealed metal bars and plates, a hybrid armor that deflects blows via it's smooth surface and expertly-placed metal.

Intestinal Fortitude - Does it work for Shaken results, or only Fear and Intimidation?

Chuktar (an editorial suggestion) - Is there a way to describe it that doesn't refer to Kilingons (they are never mentioned, by name, but the implication is there)? I ask, mostly because calling out that similarity distracts from the mood (you got pop culture scifi in my high fantasy). Afterall, there are real-world (albeit, rae) weapons that could be referenced, a cuts-the-water-knife, a qian kun ri yue dao, etc. I just feel the wink-n-nod klingon reference is too conversational for a non-sidebar section.

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