Need encounter help

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Need encounter help

#1 Postby greyseerco » Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:00 pm

So my players are in a Post Apoc world where nukes and subsequent global warming has flooded the ruins.
Originally I had planned for them to hire a guy with a slow boat that was very knowledgeable about the ruins and have a cool tribals-jumping-from-the-ruins-ambush encounter.

But instead they went with the rash kid with the speedboat and want to run up the "river" daring the raiders/toll collectors and river pirates along the way.

So, I have been a bit stymied to write an encounter of this sort. I have some thoughts down, but could really use some creative input from the community to make this better.

I do mention terrain pieces I have available but do not let that limit your thoughts.


Dash's Boat: (Yacht + PT Boat stats)- Acc: 3, TS:10, Toughness: 13(2), Crew: 1+5

So blue felt for the base.

Use Hill sides (if you left them there, I think you might have taken them home) to form river banks, but none touch the bridge.

Use Overpass terrain piece for bridge (4" off the "ground"). Use something to prop up the ends to indicate they are not in the water. (Fence?) just don't put any terrain on those "weak" ends.

Place cars on side to make walls for car fort effect. Mirror it, so if the fight takes past the bridge it is the same set up, just the boat is going away. (So say that what they see is just HALF of the bridge width).

Can't go around, Dash will say too much debris under the water could hull the boat.

Bridge is at GM's edge.

Have lengths of chain with wicked hooks and barbs hanging from the bridge, and a section of chain link fence that can be raised in the middle for toll booth, with a series of 4 stop signs on it. Terrain wise, use your fences to indicate where the chains are and barricades to indicate where the chain link fence is (yeah, that is confusing, but it will work). This "barricade" system is on both sides of the fence. Have murder holes in the bridge (warn the PCs of that through shafts of light seen beneath the bridge.)

Chain Rules: Running under the chains at anything other than a crawl requires an Agility Check -1 per 1" of speed > 6 (so at top speed -4). Failure means taking 1d6 Damage per 5" of movement the boat is going (so 2d6 max) and making an Agility check to remain on the Boat. Success means dodging the chains.

Driver needs to make a Driving check as well (at a -2 for MAP as he is also dodging the chains) to get the boat through, failure means its been snagged and must roll 2d6 vs. the out of control table. Pg xx in core book.

Players will get sight of the bridge at 72", but only one target will be visible (he is throwing rocks into the water). Inside will be 3 raiders/PC armed with hunting rifles and grenades. (Yes, grenades, PCs have to deal with Vertical distance, those on higher ground do not).

Box Text Intro:

"The wind whipping past your face as Dash's boat cuts a mean wake through the polluted water of the Willamette river as you coast by ruins of the once great city of Portland. In the distance you spot your first of several bridges you must deal with to get to your destination of the Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. Dash, pulls back on the throttle, giving you a chance to look at the bridge from here.

Pulling out your scopes and monocular you see someone has turned the cars on their side creating a make-shift fort of wrecked cars and the ends of the bridge hang precariously over the water.

It is noted that there is, in the center section of the river, is a section of chain link fence where four stop signs indicate that you should stop there. At first you have no idea why until you catch a glint of some "things" hanging from the bridge itself. Scores of chains with hooks and barbs hang all around the bridge, to entangle and ensnare toll-runners. And looking past the shadows with shafts of light you see the other side of the bridge is the same situation.

You see only one individual at this point, sitting on the edge of the bridge tossing rocks into the water, he has not seen you, yet.

"No way around," says Dash, "too risky with all the bridge debris. So you wanna pay or play?" he says with a grin and a gleam in his eye.
(Deal initiative)
Expected actions, a sniper shot to kill the sentry, thats fine, his larger splash will alert the others who will take cover and wait for the boat to close to the battlefield edge before opening fire. (So 36"). They will take 1/4 losses before holding back and launching grenades.

Of course PCs what they are may actually pay the toll and this is moot. But I want to have something ready for them.

So thanks in advance for any and all ideas, suggestions and input.

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