[MTE] Ultimate Mass Battle Guide

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[MTE] Ultimate Mass Battle Guide

#1 Postby mte-aaron » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:05 am

Extracted from the pages of Savage Insider Premium, the Ultimate Mass Battle Guide is now available as a standalone product with an added Character Options section. The PDF is available now and the Print-on-Demand version will be available later this month.


The Ultimate Mass Battle Guide for Savage Worlds is your handbook for expanding on the Mass Battle mechanics presented in the core rulebook. New options are presented to offer greater control over the battlefield and new options to better represent your armies and their abilities. With these new mechanics, you can now take into account the skill level of your armies and the design of the battlefield. It’s time to for war and now you can even the odds.

Ultimate Mass Battle Guide is an alternate and expanded version of the Mass Battle mechanics for Savage Worlds and includes the following:

Composition: Rate you armies according to their abilities and weaponry, not just their size.
Range: Battlefields are a dynamic place and armies are designed to compensate for ranged and melee confrontations. These mechanics allow you to use range to your advantage.
Heroic Intervention: Heroes aren’t going to sit idle and with these mechanics, the PCs can have a bigger impact on the entire battle.
Character Options: To further your character designs, here is a new set of character options that embrace Mass Battle and the mechanics presented herein.

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