The Bard Litch Legacy

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The Bard Litch Legacy

#1 Postby VonDan » Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:29 pm

Can any one use this for haloween. And when/if I finish it does this format work for you kids once I add NPC/Creature list/table/cards

Here is the front yard from the Bard Litch Legacy adventure. an oerblown offshoot of a old wizerd map a day adventure contest. Now I have to finish recontructing the 20 rooms in the house and thinking of SW creatures to replace the old 3E creatures


I have lost the digital cover sketch some one did for me. It looked like Skeletor dressed like Shakespeare with a floppy hat and lute

Although this adventure is set in the World of Zonate it can easily be adapted to almost any campaign setting. Introduce this mini adventure when the player characters are in the major city of a kingdom that still has wilderness outlands with a superstitious reputation.

(PC) Information and descriptions for the Player Characters

(GM) Instructions or information for the Game Master

Savage Worlds Edition

Savage Worlds Trait Test.
Easy 4; Moderate 8; Hard 12; Imposable 16

Savage Worlds References Works
The Savage Worlds Explorer Edition (SWEX)
The Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (SWFC)

Creature* (Wildcard) I dont use no smiling jack. Ware I live only filthy hippies with dreads who smell lile Pstinky Oil and crap in peoples yards wear a jesture hat


The royal chamberlain has engaged your services for a most secret and discrete mission. You are to investigate the welfare and whereabouts of the king's favorite bard Jerrik. The jongleur has not been seen in several months, neither he nor his family returned from his summer composing retreat. It is now mid autumn and all at court are worried. A pending war with the Witch Queen is soon to occupy the bulk of the king’s forces and advisors so they must hire adventures for this mission

You were provided provisions for two weeks and Zed the captain of the royal Zebutar scouts instructs you on the way north to the place of Jerrik's summer home near the alpine village of Lavoria.

A week of (insert side quest and random encounters) travel has brought your party to the mountain village of Lavoria. You had planed to stay over night at the village inn and then trek the last 10 miles to Jerrik's summer home in the morning. But the village was practically deserted, the Inn and all the shops were closed, the whole hamlet is in state of decay. The few anxious villagers you questioned about the way to the bards summer chalet nervously pointed north to the mountain path and quickly shuffled away in silence. You decide to make the dismal journey up the mountain as the sun begins to fall.

Around midnight you round a turn on the path and you see a light coming from a two-story house only a few hundred yards ahead up the winding trail.

Area 00 The Front Porch

(PC) As you approach the front gate of the courtyard the sound of music wanders to your ears, you can make out the sound of a Lute, a Flute, a Drum and Tambourine. As you enter the creaking gate you see that the out buildings are in disrepair and the yard is full of weeds.

To the west of the house is a barn and carriage house. To the east is a grounds keepers Cottage with a smoke house and tool shed. Behind the house is an herb garden, beyond that is a pond with a topiary and stone benches

You hitch the horses and the pack mules to the rotting fence and walk up to the door. The main entrance to the house is on the south side thus you are facing north as you near the door. When you knock on the door the music suddenly stops and the lights inside go out. There is a peel of thunder and a flash of lighting and a hard wind and rain begins. The animals strain to break free of the flimsy hitching post.

(GM) All open torches are put out by the wind and rain, all lamps other than Storm Lanterns have a 1 in 4 chance of going out. The animals must make a hard test against fear or with an easy strength test they can break free and flee in terror down the mountain path. The back door is secured from the inside with a stout timber. All the first floor windows look deceptively like nine pain windows with squares of glass set in wood cross members, the cross members are really made of Iron Wood and thus the windows are bard.

Area 00A Barn

(PC) The barn is leaning to one side and the doors are warped in the frame. A loud screech of rusty hinges shatters the darkness when you manage to open the door. On each side of the barn is a row of four stalls. The back wall has a workbench and a rotting horse tack hangs on the wall above the bench. A hayloft looms above first floor. All is silent and you smell musty decomposing straw and dung. Inside each stall you see the skeleton of a horse on the ground

(GM) A hard strength test either single or combined will open the doors. Inside the stalls are four Skeleton Horses. Two are draft horses and two are riding horses. They will stay still unless some one approaches one of the stalls. Any one can try to befriend a skeleton hose by feeding it a rotting carrot from the molding basket

Area 00B Carriage House

(PC) Next to the barn is an equally dilapidated carriage house. The doors have been left carelessly open. Once inside you find a dilapidated horse drawn hearse that was once covered in fancy metal scrollwork.

(GM) All that is found in the back of the hearse is a large silver spoon. The ironwork found on the hearse that looks like snakes are really little Iron Snake Golems.

Area 00C Smoke House

(PC) This small wood hut is built over a stone firebox two feet high. Inside many iron meat hooks hang from the ceiling beams. A large lone ham of indeterminate origin hangs from one hook. The fire is burning and hickory smoke and spices waifs out of the hut

(GM) As the party turns to go the large ham unfolds itself and jumps off the meat hook to become a Smoked Meat Golem that looks like a naked skinless zombie with smoked ham looking flesh

Area 00D Grounds Keeper Cottage

(PC) This is a stone walled hut with a straw thatch roof. No sound or motion comes from the hut, the windows are to dirty to see into the dark interior and the door has no lock

(GM) As the door is opened a large cannibal grounds keeper waits silently. He is dressed in over alls an Iron Mask and carries a pair of hedge clippers. (If no one has died yet make him a wildcard)

Area 00E Tool Shed

(PC) It’s a Tool shed full of rusty tools and stuff

(GM) Noting Yet

Area 00F Garden

(PC) You see an Herb garden gone wild with wolf’s bane, Belladonna and Deadly Nightshade, it is getting to be a bit overgrown

(GM) It is an herb garden gone wild with wolf’s bane, Belladonna and Deadly Nightshade. After a few minutes the party realizes the garden has the stink of death and look down to see the ground is littered with the little corpses of cute little animals who have eaten of the forbidden herbs

Area 00G Topiary

(PC) This was once an idyllic little spot to picnic or read with a pool surrounded by a swath of green and four stone benches in each direction surrounded by topiary of fanciful creatures. In the middle of the pool is a statue of the goddess of fate with a golden staff; the pool appears to be only a few feet deep. It is now over grown and going back to the wild

(GM) A moderate search will find a fresh grave in the grass with a stone set flat to the ground inscribed “innocence”. In the pool lives a Rusulka, any one entering the pool will be assaulted by the Rusulka and dragged underwater, once underwater the pool is much larger and trying to stand up is imposable as long as the is Rusulka is touching them. If the Golden staff is taken the Topiary creatures will come to life.


NPC and Creture List

Area 00A Barn:

Skeleton Horses. Use the horse from SWEX page149 with the undead ability

Area 00B Carriage House:

Little Iron Snake Golems. Use the venomous snake from SWEX page153 with the construct ability. Reduce size to small and replace poison with rust attack (1 in 6 a metal item is destroyed)

Area 00C Smoke House:

Smoked Meat Golem. Use the corpse golem from SWFC page123. Add the following edges, smells delicious. Add the following hindrance, Addiction (Major; Human Flesh). Add weakness Mustard

Area 00D Grounds Keeper Cottage:

Grounds keeper with hedge trimmer and iron mask. Use the orc chief from SWEX page152. Add overalls and an Iron Mask

Area 00E Tool Shed

Noting Yet

Area 00F Garden :

Wolf’s Bane, Belladonna and Deadly Nightshade

Area 00G Topiary:

Rusulka. Use the naiad from SWFC page138 with the undead ability. Add evil trappings to her spells and wet ren fair clothing with a tight bodice

Animated Topiary Creatures. Use the Moss Men From SWFC page126

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#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:21 pm

That looks pretty cool, VonDan. I look forward to reading the rest of it. :)
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#3 Postby VonDan » Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:37 pm

will my form of saying easy, moderate, hard trait test work

and should i make a list of npc refrencing the boks list changes or just make whole npc

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#4 Postby 77IM » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:29 pm

I would say Easy -0, Moderate -2, Hard -4, Impossible -8. That pretty closely matches what's in the core book.

Mmmmmmm, tasty smoked meat golem...

-- 77IM

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#5 Postby ValhallaGH » Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:26 am

I'd go with Easy (-0), Medium (-1), Hard (-2), Impossible (-4).

I know that everyone likes to forget about the humble -1, but it's a danged fine penalty level, and has frustrated hundreds of players of the last few years.
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#6 Postby Merlin_Sylver » Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:36 am

ValhallaGH wrote:I'd go with Easy (-0), Medium (-1), Hard (-2), Impossible (-4).

I know that everyone likes to forget about the humble -1, but it's a danged fine penalty level, and has frustrated hundreds of players of the last few years.

I agree that the -1 is often overlooked... but I would definitely make an 'impossible' task much more than -4. In fact, if its impossible, I don't think I'd even allow a roll. Instead of calling it "Impossible", I think I'd use "Very Hard" or some such.
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#7 Postby ValhallaGH » Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:40 am

Good point.
Foolproof (+2), Very Easy (+1), Routine (+0), Tough (-1), Hard (-2), Very Hard (-4), Incredible (-6), Impossible* (-8), Actually Impossible (no roll allowed).

Anything that requires two raises to do is pretty danged close to impossible.
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#8 Postby VonDan » Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:04 pm

I had almost had this finished covnerted from d20. Since I posted this part in the halloween game idea thread last year I droped a hard drive while rebuilding my PC and lost the full d20 version and the s avage world notes

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#9 Postby VonDan » Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:32 am

I found a bit for inside the house

Area 01: Main Hall
(60 x 10 feet)

(PC) The entry hall runs north from the front door almost to the rear of the building. This house was at one time a well-furnished country manor that would have been the envy of many minor nobles and merchants in the city. Now the building looks like it has been abandoned for many years. The floorboards are warped, the wallpaper is peeling and of plaster and lattice have fallen from the ceiling. Along the wall hang moldering tapestries and oil paintings in tarnished metal frames. Against the west and east wall stand four (two to a side) suits of rusty armor with halberds.

(GM) Yup of course they are animated suits of armor that are activated by ANY acts of vandalism against the manor house.

“With each step the armor clanks and rattles. You can feel the weight of it’s approach though the vibrations of the floor boards

“As the armor raises it’s weapon to attack, an agonizing squeal erupts from the joints” (Roll against temporary shaken damage –2 for those with improved hearing) .

“You look through the empty face plate of the helmet and all you can see is a glowing hellfire and your nostrils feel the stench of brim stone and roses”

The paintings are all portraits of fiendish looking individuals. The tapestries are all bizarre landscapes. Guts check time. Failing on a portrait and the player thinks that person is before them attacking but it is another player. Failing on a landscape with snake eyes and the layer is transported to a bizarre eight color world inside the tapestry

Area 01a: Coat Closet

(PC) Inside the closet you see a wrought iron coat rack with a dusty brown cloak hanging from one hook and a red alpine hat with a feather on another.

(GM) If any one reaches for the cloak or hat a skeleton will emerge from behind the coat rack. The skeleton is armed with a large umbrella. The hook end of the umbrella allows the skeleton to make trip attacks and the when open the umbrella deflects missile attacks

Once the Skeleton is defeated the cloak and hat can be acquired. The cloak is a cloak of anonymity offering a %25 bonus to the wearer when hiding in a crowd. The hat is a hat of yodeling enabling the wearer to communicate with other Yodelers at the 5th level

Once the Skeleton is defeated the coat rack will walk out of the closet at last free of it’s skeleton room mates domineering ways. At any aggressive movement the coat rack will try to flee, even as it is being attacked. After the party destroys the animated coat rack remind them they just killed a loyal follower that had codependent issues and a need to serve

Area 02: The Masters Den

(PC) At one time this was a lugubrious yet manly gentlmans sittle room and office . Behind the hard wood desk is a cigar humidor and two more

this has stuffed chairs and a cabinet with a pipe rack and cigar humidor. one of the pipes is made of carved ivory with 2 glowing ruby eyes, a puff on the pipe will produce an effect like a wand of cone of cold. the pipe has two charges and when a charge is expended one of the eyes will stop glowing. On the top of the cabinet is a silver snuff box full of sneezing powder that acts like the sneeze cantrip.


rats rotting feast chine and silver set

04 Workers Dining hall and work room

05 Butlers room and office

Zombie Butler Conway



Canibal Cook



09 Second floor entry way

10 the young master room
Wear wolf boy with Escermera drum sticks

11 the young ladies room

12 the library
Animated Flesh eating books

13 Linen Closet
Sheet Cake

14 Walk in closet to master bedroom

15 Master bed room

16 Dressing room

16a Water Closet

17 Bathroom

18 Time out room



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