[WOTD] - Players left stunned after the end to Chapter Two..

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[WOTD] - Players left stunned after the end to Chapter Two..

#1 Postby blakemj » Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:07 pm

Its been a while since I last posted how my running of War of The Dead had been progressing.

Last week did completed Week 13 of Chapter Two, which involved completely caught out the Players, and was so effective in its storyline that they have decided to take a break until January before we start Chapter Three - in short the writer(s) of WOTD did their job well.

When they heard the two gunshots, it was just after they had been debating what to do with the Richard, and given the number of times Caitlin had killed raiders etc who had surrendered previously, everyone immediately assumed she had killed Richard.
They found Richard still under guard, and then one of the players said "oh no!" as the penny dropped for all of them, and the relentlessness of the storyline came full force with the letter.

I had kept an underlying hint that Samantha was unwell and did not appear to be recovering, plus I upped the erratic nature of Caitlin as it got closer to Week 13.

We will play some light-hearted stuff for the rest of this year, and then they will be ready for Chapter Three, which doesn't appear quite so heavy on the personal loss as Chapter Two was.

Out of interest, contrary to expectations in the book, we do have one long-term surviving NPC from Chapter One (week 8), namely Corporal Hauser, who they have brought along for various missions, and so was not at Dalesbury when it fell.

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#2 Postby Lee_Szczepanik » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:16 pm

Wow! That's great to hear.

The end of Chapter Two was, personally, one of my favorite points of the first half of the series. I really liked Caitlin. That ending was hard to write, and harder to GM in play test for me. One of my players actually cried at the end of that chapter, having become emotionally invested in Samantha.
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