Question on Hucksters Shadow Walk Rulings

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Question on Hucksters Shadow Walk Rulings

#1 Postby Scyclone » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:10 pm

Hello Everyone,

I have a few questions regarding the huckster shadow walk ability. Does it require enough darkness to be worthy of a dim vision penalty in order to use it, or do you simply need shadows to accomplish your teleport generally.

For example, lets assume the sun is still out, there are some small shadows overhanging a building or two. Am I able to walk in a big trees shadow, meaning that I am in view of people and generally still lit up but the trees whole shadow is over me. And then teleport to one of these buildings.

The reason I ask is I am trying to find a proper way to utilize this power. If it is too available it may seem overpowered which I want to avoid, but in the same sense, I feel it is extremely restrictive when you have to be in dim lighting (Warranting a vision penalty of -2) in order to use shadow walk. Nevermind the usage of casting obscure, when it comes to action economy having to use two powers to have a chance at using one just seems too inefficient.

I wanted to try to gather other players, marshals thoughts and such as to how they typically play and utilize Shadow Walk. A big focus is this could be a big ability for me as I am making a melee huckster, but one thing with that sort of setup is I need to be careful with what I pick since I am limited moreso than a standard caster huckster when it comes to edges.

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#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:52 pm

In my games, any large shadow is enough. So, your example Huckster could go from the tree to the building with Shadow Walk. However, an alert observer could realize what happened and potentially whip up a lynch mob / witch burning.

And for Reloaded, Dim Lighting is only a -1 (it's unclear which rules you're using).
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