D&D coversion

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D&D coversion

#1 Postby JPCannon » Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:53 am

Do enybody know some realy good coversion D&D to Savage Worlds?

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Re: D&D coversion

#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:39 pm

JPCannon wrote:Do enybody know some realy good coversion D&D to Savage Worlds?

Which D&D? There are at least four editions out, plus a couple dozen settings that each need their own setting rules.
There are a couple of conversions on Savage Heroes.

For 2nd Edition, there is Advanced Dungeons & Savages. This one is very much converting the mechanics for "flavor" - it's got bleeping classes.
There are a couple of Eberron conversions around for a 3rd Edition feel.
There's a fancy Greyhawk game DirtyErnie has going. You can ask him for his conversion notes.
Then there is the Savage Old School Fantasy product line.
For a 4E feel, you can run a fantasy game using the Super Powers Companion. Street Level environment and Natural Power should combine to give you a very 4E feeling, with Super Karma a great potential story-hook.

Good luck. :blam: [/url]
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Bringing Advanced D&D feel into Savage Worlds

#3 Postby Utgardloki » Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:41 pm

I've come up with a few ideas. The goal is not to duplicate D&D, but to bring in some of the flavor from 1st Edition without encumbering the game with rules that don't make sense or don't fit.


I would have it that they can not cast spells while wearing armor, unless they have a special edge that allows them to do so. I would not call this a Hindrance, it is just the way that Arcane magic works, just like the way you can't swim in metal armor.

As for Vancian magic, for a homebrew fantasy setting I'm working on, I'm considering the idea of spell preparation: a character with the Read Magic Grimore edge can cast a spell from a magic book, but not have it go off until later, i.e. prepare a spell. The spell ties up power points in the meantime until it is discharged.

As a side note, I have resolved to call "Power Points" "Manna" in my own game. Manna works exactly like Power Points, but I like the term Manna better.

Another thing I would do for World of Greyhawk is make a series of nine edges which allow access to arcane spells, each edge having the previous ones as a prerequisite and offering more powerful spells. This would mean that characters able to cast 1st and 2nd level spells would be common, but very very few characters would be able to cast 9th level spells. PCs would also be similarly restricted, having to devote 9 advances to gaining full 9th level spell capability.

Clerical and Druidic magic would work in a similar way, except that Clerics are able to wear armor, while Druids are limited to armor made of natural materials.


An idea I am considering for my fantasy homebrew is to have those with the Warrior background use a D8 for a wild die when fighting. Those with a Hunter background use a D8 for wilderness skills. Those with a Skald background use a D8 for social skills. Et cetera. The idea is to give Wild Cards an edge in the area for which they have been trained.

If you look at the 1st edition PLayers Handbook, you'll see that the first 10 levels of each class have special names assigned. I might take some of these and convert them to edges that grant special bonuses and recognition, such as the Hero edge that allows characters to make an extra attack every other round, or an Initiate of the Fifth Circle edge that allows characters to take the form of animals.


If you want to get the 1st Edition feeling, then only members of a few races would have wild card characters: the "demi-human" races, and perhaps a few of the monster types in the Monster Manual, plus all the unique monsters such as Demogorgon and Tiamat.

For my homebrew, I've been considering a third type of character, the "Court Card" characters, who have some of the advantages of Wild Cards, but not all. A Bugbear shaman, for example, might require three wounds to go down, but does not got the other advantages of Wild Card characters.

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