The Monsters take Nec. Evil

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The Monsters take Nec. Evil

#1 Postby sirdrasco » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:11 pm

Just started a game of Nec. Evil, and wow what a group.

Since there were only two other players I decided to create a Supervillans so the others would get the idea and play him along side of the group. He started out as Undead man, but basically was Frankenstein (Boris as names by Skinwalker), I was not yet alive but being captured by a mad scientist I was being transported for research.

The others liked it and then it was downhill. LOL We got Joe playing Skinwalker (Werewolf) a native American who’d been picked on when young and sought to show he was the ruler of all. Now Randy playing Vlad (Dracula) seeking to feed and extend his domain.

The first part went well with the escape from the prision transport, when it was hit and thrown end over end, Boris was flung into the power supply and came to life amid a shower of sparks. Once stopped Dr. Destruction came in and freed them and off we went to freedom, but at a cost having to break out a henchmen form a prison.

The players crashed into the roof top, with me crashing thru the roof top. Skin walker attacked and was killing things left and right, Vlad mind controlled some drones and had things attacking each other. Boris, as I came to be called tore up the guards, and took two wounds in a single round. So Berserk me started tearing the prison cells apart.

Once we freed the prisoners the good Dr. showed up and things became interesting. He could only take about ½ of the group we freed and us. We would have to choose who went. Skinwalker began and asked what a man could do for us. He said nothing (random roll), so Kkinwalker took his head off. He then asked Boris to judge, and being only just awaken and still trying to figure where he was and why people were trying to hurt him, he just reached out and snapped a man’s neck. Well from that point some ran, or were released, while others praised the skills they had and pledged to serve the Dr. We departed fully loaded, others running for the hills.

The Dr. dropped us in a slum and said he’d contact us. An hour latter a cell leader met us and got us to a temporary shelter and medical care. Boris being undead and down 2 wounds was stitched together. Skinwalker made his regeneration role.

Then we were told to lay low. Skinwalker then scouted for a hold up, and a rolled a one on his notice die. So what he picked out was a gang hold up. Well the long and short of it was we took them out, kept a terrified on for a servant. Now we have a drug lab, money, and a temporary place to stay.

The Villains were very villainous, except Vlad who showed some compassion. Skin walker has food in the form of human flesh; Vlad has to concubines to feed on. Boris kept one of the Ladies of the night, and no one wants to know why.

Skinwalker chose a name for the group, we are the Universals, oh my. So if all goes good, maybe another adventure in a week or two.
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#2 Postby Cutter XXIII » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:08 pm

Maybe it's just me, but that sounds... AWESOME. :-D

"The Universals." Genius!
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#3 Postby TheLoremaster » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:42 pm

You, sir .... are my new hero.

Sounds A-MAY-ZING!!!
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#4 Postby Kertain » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:44 pm

I give it a thumbs up! Some groups get brutal quick..but what did you expect with the monster mashup :D

I am just kicking off an NE campaign, but with much more vanilla super villains..I hope we can get some crazy hijinks going quickly.

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#5 Postby Virgobrown72 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:46 pm

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#6 Postby LegendaryBard » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:51 pm

That's freaking wonderful. Please do tell us of further developments.
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#7 Postby sirdrasco » Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:51 am

Episode 2

Well last we left the Universals they were holed up in their captured tenement. Several cars pulled up and they sold their drugs till the supply was gone. Bellicose and Skinwalker sat around talking while making Boris watch old monster movies. The Boris sent his hooker out for supplies. Soon Show tunes were coming from upstairs followed by Berry Manilow. What the heck is going on up there?

Dr. Destruction needed them to go underground and find a lost power source. The power relay weighted in at 600 Lbs. so Boris and Skinwalker had to carry it. After wandering around for 5 hours they met up with the underground resistance group. It turned out the leader was one they broke out in their initial mission. While not endeared to the group she was willing to talk. They reached an understanding that they would guide them to the power source in exchange for putting them in contact with Dr. D, they wanted to join the resistance, but were sorely in need of supply and big weapons. They spent the night as guests and Bellicose talked the leader in to providing a ‘Blood Donner’.

Once there they made Bellicose scouted in Mist form and spotted the Robot. SKinwalker snuck in and then ambushed as Boris stormed in. The initial attack did nothing, but then Boris did exploding damage and put two wounds on it, and the Skinwalker took its head off. The Undergrounders then assisted installing the power unit and then were done. They were interrupted by some Sewer lizards that the Undergrounders M-16’s shrugged off. Bellicose controlled one, Skinwalker killed the other. Once done they buried the entrance and retreated and left the Underground.
Once back they were visited by one of the locals who thanked them for getting rid of the local druggies, and wanted them to warn them of a local group working for the aliens. So warned they wanted to get rid of this scum and hit the streets. They found out the local ‘Family’ were at odds with them and dicided to contact them. Splitting up the went looking for contacts. Bellicose found a contact. Boris rolling a d4, exploded and found a contact. And our dear Skinwalker critically failed and made contact with the gang. So Skinwalker meets them in a Chinese restaurant and in the ensuing fight killed one and took out the other two. Everyone in the restaurant ran but the owners mother who was pleased he’d taken out the scum and offered him food and a place for contact for his help ridding her place of freeloading scum.The gang had used Vibro swords and Bellicose took those.

Brutal questioning got information on the gang. Once back they set up a meeting with the family and meet the leader. While not overly friendly they agreed the Aliens were the problem and this enhanced gang. Since they had a stooge under Bellicose’s control, the ‘Family’ would provide evidence that the gage was double dealing the Aliens.

Again Dr. D contacted the Universals to look for a lab making enhanced dogs that could track Supers. Orders were find and destroy it, no survivors. It took a while until a bag lady sent them on the path to find the factory cause they took her dog.

Once they found it they discussed how to sneak in when Boris’s over confidence hindrance kicked in. Here took of sneaking, again a D4 that exploded and then super leaped in for a brutal sweep attack that took out two drones with one attack. Bellicose flew in and mind controlled the other drone to attack the other patrol. Skin walker then looked and sneaked in to the warehouse spotted the reasearchers so he leaped in to their midst on the operating table and “cleaned house”. Bellicose went after the dogs and found three had been modified, the three sensing him went into attack mode. Boris charged into the Barracks his dice exploded again wasting a ‘Fin’ (Sharkman) alien.

Skinwalker wasted the three researchers and put the half modified dog out of its misery, then advanced to support Boris. Bellicose was having a bad time as one dog savaged him, but killed one and mind controlled another that he sent to help Boris.

The Fins were having a bad time, unable to wound Boris they were getting decimated. Then Skinwalker came in and then the mind controlled dog, so 2 rounds latter no more Fins. Bellicose finally finishes off the last dog and spots the last two researchers and their Drone guards retreating. So warned the others, who with the dog finished them all off. Skinwalker was not nice to the researchers for what they did to the animals.
So with the factory burning nicely they retreated back to the hideout after dropping the dog off at the bag lady.

Reflecting back on what had happened. The groups kind of felt good about what they did and were wondering about their life choices. Lol

So far so good…

At this point they got their fifth Experiance point. I use an inherited power so they started with 30 PP to build their powers. And when they got more power points it had to be used within their concept.

Skinwalker beefed up his Spirit, and took super speed so can run iin were form some 200 mph, he'd already bought the fast edge for a 10 movement.

Bellicose bought up some stats and took up skills.

Boris bought one level of toughness (Now 17!) and two new d4 skills that were unlocked form his patch quilted brain.
"I say Mr. Chesterson, is that a giant ether squid following us?"

"Why yes it is Mrs. Monns."

"Well guess we should get ready to receive it."

"Blast I hate squid for dinner."

"But the cook has a new recipe.."

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