Thinking of Savage Uresia

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Thinking of Savage Uresia

#1 Postby MPHopcroft » Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:03 pm

I'm eclectic when it comes to rule systems. I have a lot of them and have tried to use several. Prepared settings not quite so much. But when I found that the new edition of S. John Ross's wonderfully eccentric Uresia: Grave of Heaven fantasy setting is now available in a system-free version, I'm trying to decide what I want to run it in. There are innumerable options and I'm trying to find the best fit.

The first version of Uresia was released almost a decade ago for the late, lamented BESM game. It is a fantasy setting where the gods destroyed themselves many years ago in a cataclysmic godwar, leaving humans to their own devices. Humanity (a broad grouping which includes elves, dwarves, animal-folk and Dragon Quest-style Slimes along with many, many others) has settled in the islands left over when the realms of the Gods plummeted earthward and formed their own little kingdoms, like the former Realm of Evil Koval, pleasure-loving Dreed and rough-and-tumble Temphis. Everything in Uresia has some degree of quirk: Dreed's figurehead monarch came to Uresia from our world as a lecherous teenager and even at the age of sixty has steadfastly refused to grow up (or stop chasing skirts), the elves of Laoch are obsessed with railroads, and so forth. The gods are gone, but magic is powerful and, like everything else, eccentric and unpredictable. Many, many religions continue to exist despite the absence of the beings they purport to worship. The world is so kitchen-sink and sandboxy, with an utter lack of anything remotely resembling a meta-plot, that just about anything fantasy will fit in there.

I am exploring several systems for this, like Hero, but I'm also wondering if this can work in SW. The FFF paradigm seems to fit the eccentric nature of the setting pretty well, but I'm wondering how many different alterations to the system need to be thrown into the mix to make room for things like adventuring chefs. Then there are the Slimes, in many different varieties and forms.

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#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:19 pm

Not many alterations to the system. Chef is a background thing - unless cooking a 7 course meal is going to be a big element of most of the sessions, that can be handled with a Common Knowledge roll. The adventuring part is where Savage Worlds really shines, and having an adventuring chef is mostly a matter of building an adventurer with personality and a fall-back career. :)
Mostly, it sounds like you need to create some races. Depending upon the source material you use to generate those, race creation can be very simple or very difficult (mostly it depends upon how much more awesome than humans a given race is).

In my experience, Savage Worlds does kitchen-sink very well. It plays almost as smoothly as HERO system, without requiring a couple hours of generation for each character (monsters in HERO usually take, what, 30 minutes to generate? Savage monster usually take about 10, if there isn't already something created that you can re-skin.).
The core rules include slings, crossbows, black-powder weapons, machine guns, laser machine guns, power armor, and three eras of tanks, all in about ten pages. Most of it even works on the same scale (killing individual guys), so you can directly compare the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon (the more futuristic stuff is usually a lot better :wink: ).

Best of luck, welcome to the boards, and let us know if you have some specific questions or issues.
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