[SPC] Building GUNDAM-style mecha, weapons and ammo

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[SPC] Building GUNDAM-style mecha, weapons and ammo

#1 Postby doc-zock » Tue May 13, 2014 1:58 am

I recently thought about playing a Jovian Chronicles campaign with SW. I toyed a bit with building the mecha via the SPC and it seems to work with (rather short-ranged) beam-weapons and melee-weapons with basically no/unlimited ammo. But i´m uncertain how to handle ammunition-dependent weapons like gatlings, machine-cannons and missiles. Atm i favor two possible solutions:

1.) Design the weapon as attack(ranged) power and wing in the available ammount of ammo via the "requires material" modifier (-1 Clip/belt, decide on # of shots; -2 single shot)

2.) Take the weapons out of the SFC, add the mod-cost to the powers cost (or just replace it) and slap on any power modifiers you desire (with their attached costs). Non-missile weapons could add a reload at the cost of 1 pp/reload (clip, belt, energy cell...).

Handheld or mounted should be a trapping, no need to overdo it :mrgreen:

I personally tend towards the 2nd solution because it fits my construction-kit approach more, but i would appreciate any comment, improvement or criticism.

I´m still unsure how to handle the flight power. It has a fixed pace value which is ok for ground movement, but how to translate it properly to an Acc/TS value? The simplest solution seems to be comparing the mechas size with the closest match in the starship size table of the SFC (maybe going up one or two size categories and rise the climb-value accordingly since mecha tend to be slower than fighters but more maneuverable.

P.S. Please excuse my possibly bad grammar, english is not my native language.

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