SAVAGE SPACE-wildcard ship by character gen "+ SIZE&

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SAVAGE SPACE-wildcard ship by character gen "+ SIZE&

#1 Postby chadhale » Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:26 am


I was looking at your starship as a character rules again and trying to apply Size categories to it;
* The Basic idea is that each step in size increases strength die size, and adds toughness- but makes it easier to be hit, and harder to maneuver.
* That smaller ships may be harder to hit and much more maneuverable, but if they are hit by a much larger vessel- they are usually toast.
* I wanted to imagine adding slots based with size contributing.
* that past size category 4-5, Ship size multiply cost by powers of ten; Size 6-7 = 10X, size 8-9 = 100x size 10 = 1,000 X cost.
* That under size category 4-5, ship size reduces cost is reduced by powers of ten, but also reasonably reduces available slots and crew required; Size 3-2 = final cost /10. size 1-0 = final cost divided by 100.

Size categories limit ship roles
Size 0, very small craft: (Max 4 person) escape pod, private business shuttle, minor construction/repair pod, prospecting pod, One person fighter, Sport model civilian 2 seat, Racer, courier. Recon. Science probe.
Size 1, typically a 4 person sedan kind of. larger and better equipped versions of the models suggested above.
Size 2-3. Recreational vehicle, Van, Construction ship, Miner ship, Ambulance, mini-fire truck, company limo, small passenger transport.
Size 4-5. Standard workhorse space craft. private bunk/rooms for crew, separate rooms for specialized functions: kitchen, cargo, engineering, Bridge: captain-helm-nav-commo. Like the above ships but capable of extended journeys away from ports and greater features for the specific task.
Size 6-7. bigger vessels that typically spend most of their time in space "on the job". This might include: A space refinery for mined ore, a luxury yacht, a cargo/trade hub, a science installation, a repair facility for smaller space craft, a large transport- colony ship, pharmacutical producer, a law enforcement installation, a heavy military space craft.
Size 8-9. MUCH bigger space craft that usually contract smaller vessels to provide it with services/materials. A space hospital, a space farm, a large trade hub, construction site for ships equal to or smaller.
Size 10. a MILITARY Dreadnought/super carrier, MEGA YACHT, the equivalent of a company skyscraper, a Huge space station for trading cargo, A colony ship. (there generally isn't a player use for ships of this size or greater, except to visit or call home)

Please consider opening up the Edges and hindrances a bit more for Savage space space ships: can a ship be "Noble" yes, attractive "yes", "Brawny" yes.

Combat rules can be broadened for space ships in almost every way available to people. I do not believe a space ship can "go prone", but I do think a small fast ship can "duck behind cover".
You can "get the drop" on a ship with an inattentive crew.
(*The avengers movie, Tony stark, "THAT MAN IS PLAYING GALAGA"!) etc.

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