Science Fantasy Pregens for new group?

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Science Fantasy Pregens for new group?

#1 Postby Noble Pigeon » Mon May 20, 2013 3:52 am

So I'm about to introduce Savage Worlds to a group of friends who, while are experienced with tabletop RPGs, have never heard of the system before. I'm going to do a one shot with pregenerated characters, and they said they're open to anything really.

So I've decided to create pregens based in a science fantasy setting, namely that of Numenera. The problem is that Numenera isn't even out yet and I know so little about the setting beyond its awesome artwork. So I need to think of five pregen characters set in a science fantasy setting. Again, this is just a one shot, so thankfully I don't have to do any heavy lifting converting or fill in too many details beyond the pregens.

I already have two: the first is a Corgyn swashbuckler, basically an uplifted Corgi. This is mostly done since one of my players loves Corgis, but loves Fey Corgis even more. This guy basically has a rapier and a short sword and reinforced Explosive Singularity Armor (or, in plain English, Reinforced Leather Armor).

The second is a "wizard" who masters hypertech like nanomachines and gravity manipulation, who's otherwise known as a "Nano". To show that Savage Worlds wizards can still wear some pretty decent armor and have some good weaponry as opposed to d20 wizards being piss poor with physical stuff, the guy has a diamond-encrusted axe and "Smart skin", basically a liquid that covers the body until it detects a projectile, where it hardens in that area to deflect it. This Nano looks like the dude on the right

I'm planning to do something like this as a third, but for a fourth and fifth I have no idea. That's where I need your guys' help! Toss some ideas you think would be cool for pregens in a science fantasy setting, but nothing too absurd since I don't want to overburden these guys too much despite their experience.

Note: I am aware that pregens for existing Savage Worlds settings exists like Deadlands or Space 1889, and those settings definitely score cool points for me, but I'd rather do my own little thing for this one shot, and turn to those settings later.

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#2 Postby VonDan » Mon May 20, 2013 4:07 am

Xuzora, Artic Jungle Girl
RACE: Terran / Venusian Hybrid
XP: ?
ATTRIBUTES: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strength d8, Vigor d8
SKILLS: Fighting d8, Notice d6, Throwing d10, Tracking d6
CHARISMA: 0 (+2 to human males) (-2 to Human Females) + (-2 to civilized society)

HINDRANCES: Outsider Charisma –2 to Civilized society, Clueless, Vow (to find her Half human/Reptilian hybrid Mate)

EDGES: Dodge; First Strike, Jungle Girl: (works just like woodsman except no buckskin pants allowed), ExoExotic (Alien beauty fascinates human males Charisma +2 to human males, -2 to Human Females), Saurian senses (+2 to notice rolls and always active when consulting the stealth table)

GEAR: Leather Jungle outfit, Frost Worm Fur Cloak, Lazar Spear Str + d6 +8 (reach),
4 Ten bladed round throwing things made from a hover bikes turbine fan Str + d6

NOTES: She appears as a healthy young lady who is green with black hair about 5' 10" tall with green reptilian eyes

Years before the current game time

There was a massive battle between the Terran and Venusian fleets high above Pluto. As far as any one knows both fleets were totally destroyed and this pyrrhic encounter left both races too exhausted to continue the war for the time being

Unknown to the rest of the Solar system

A male human technician and a female Venusian warrior had there respective ships crash on Pluto and were lost and abandoned and never rescued as they were the only survivors of the battle. Together they learned to survive this hostel world of highland glaciers and steamy jungle caverns and even had a daughter the solar systems first Human/Venusian hybrid green skinned artic jungle girl. The father built her weapons out of wreckage from the ships and her mother taught her the ancient reptilian martial art of Fang Foo

While exploring the Plutoian highlands she fell into an ice chasm and was frozen solid but thanks to the high levels of glycerol in her blood (from her mother’s reptilian ancestry and her dad’s untreated diabetes) that acted like natural anti freeze she was put into a state of suspended hibernation

Centuries later she is found by the player characters.. She will be sought by many factions who either want to destroy her as an abomination, possess her or use her for a symbol of unification for the two races


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#3 Postby wort » Mon May 20, 2013 3:14 pm

VonDan wrote:Xuzora, Artic Jungle Girl

This is great! No, it's excellent! W.

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